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A Scientific Test Run of the Mac (and MarsEdit)…

  May your Saturday night be as serious as ours.   Cheers, The Pilot

5/26: Thoughts from the week

-Parents-to-be: blackout curtains are a fantastic investment. We got some for Liv’s nursery in the loft, which I had been wanting to do because from the street at night, you can see into the loft because the windows in the living room are so high. It was a little creepy. Plus, every morning, Liv was […]

Focus On: Nia Technique

Happy weekend to you! Mine started off in the best way possible: a night hanging out with the girls 🙂 I brought a bottle of red from TJs, and stopped to pick up a tostada from Renee’s Organic Oven to eat on the way since I was so hungry from teaching. I also had a […]

Party mode

Purple shoes for Zumba (see the blanket of pollen on the ground? Not so fun) this button on the Pilot’s new wheels (I got scary excited when I saw it. The button transfers the balance to the back part of the SUV, perfection for tailgaiting) and a tamale. Party in my mouth. Our family tamale […]

Sock lopsided

Today was a great day, but I think the fact that I forgot a sock gave it a strange feel. While you’re teaching multiple fitness classes, it’s hard to forget that you’re only wearing one sock with your shoes. Didn’t feel very good. This did, though 😉 (coming home to snuggle my favorite girl) And […]

Hawaiian faves

Aloha! My fiancé and I have been talking major wedding plans this week. One thing we’re super excited for…honeymoon! Though it’s a year away, I can’t help but start thinking about lying on the beach with my husband (!) and swimming in the crystal clear ocean. My online shopping carts are overflowing with tropical inspired […]

Hurts so good {giveaway}

You know the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his Windex? That’s me and the foam roller. It helps with everything, from sore hamstrings to a broken heart. I tell everyone that it “hurts so good” – that is, if you like a little pain. So I wouldn’t recommend it in every possible […]

What’s cookin’?

2 hour kitchen blitz: Greek-style quinoa salad (lentils instead of chickpeas) stuffed chicken (the same I made for the last baby meal) and my favorite chocolate chip cookies, which ended up looking like pancakes. Still taste good, though 😉 I’ve had a few kitchen fails lately, including the brownies … I guess it’s bound to […]

Indian food dreams

Sometimes you have to count on someone else to help out with the meals. Like Joe the Trader. Something about swimming –or bopping around holding a heavy baby- makes me so hungry. The Pilot was also starving when we got back home, so he did the bedtime routine with Liv while I whipped up a […]

The sweet things

Sweet: -Being greeted by a bird booty every time we walk outside. Mama bird is protecting her eggs, and I’m so excited to hear baby birds chirping eventually 🙂 -Going grocery shopping for the baby meal at Basha’s –I usually go to Trader Joe’s or Sunflower Market because the prices are better- and being greeted […]

‘Cado love

Brought back something I haven’t had consistently in quite a while: the morning cup o’ Joe. Since I’ve been breastfeeding, I was worried that caffeine would give Liv an extra dose of energy -a scary thought when you’re already partying all night and sleep-deprived- but when I found out that it’s processed the same as […]

5/20: Pics from the day