Is ZIN worth it?


Of the emails I receive, 3 topics are the most popular: -health and wellness -military life (dealing with deployments, moving, making friends, etc) and -ZUMBA! Quite a few people have asked about the Zumba licensing process, if ZIN is worth it and what to expect, so I thought it would be a fun post for […]

Sweet potato brownies


Hey! How’s your day going so far? Lots of sweet potatoes in our house lately. For Livi, for Bell and for us. 100% correct: sweet potato brownies. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for vegetables in desserts lately, and as amazing as they look, I couldn’t get behind it. Beans shouldn’t be anywhere near my […]

Calming my fears


While I was pregnant, I tried to keep my worries and stresses to a minimum, because I knew that everything I felt, Liv could feel, too. I wanted her to feel happy and safe, so even when things came up, I did what a could to take deep breaths and take action without getting too […]

Make it happen


Hey! How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? We had an awesome, restful and low-key weekend over here. Yesterday, the Pilot told me to go get a massage (twist my arm, eh?) and it was probably the best I’ve ever  had- my hair is still greasy from the oils, haha. After my experience with prenatal […]

6/24: Pics from the day


Hope you all had an amazing weekend, too <3 Head’s up: Summer Shape Up week 3 workout is here! Tomorrow’s challenge: 30 minutes of HIIT! You choose the intervals, but I’ll recommend 1:30 easy, 30 seconds hard (as fast as you can), repeat for 30 minutes total. If you need to adjust the intervals from […]

Dr. Seuss Hair


I’ve always thought the Pilot and I make a pretty good team, but it’s even more apparent now with a little one in the house. We don’t have to ask or say anything -we just  help each other out. He stays home with Livi on Saturday while I go to work, I’ll get to see […]

The secret ingredient is….


Chillin’ at home for lunch break, eating a chicken burger the Pilot made me (on toast with kale, mustard and ketchup) going over choreography and chiseling away at an eegee nana left in the freezer for us. (thank you, friend!) I’ve had a great morning teaching, and Liv and the Pilot have had quite a […]

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