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Dr. Seuss Hair

I’ve always thought the Pilot and I make a pretty good team, but it’s even more apparent now with a little one in the house. We don’t have to ask or say anything -we just  help each other out. He stays home with Livi on Saturday while I go to work, I’ll get to see […]

The secret ingredient is….

Chillin’ at home for lunch break, eating a chicken burger the Pilot made me (on toast with kale, mustard and ketchup) going over choreography and chiseling away at an eegee nana left in the freezer for us. (thank you, friend!) I’ve had a great morning teaching, and Liv and the Pilot have had quite a […]

Smart snacking strategies {interview and giveaway!}-ENDED

Hi friends 🙂 Just now winding down from the day’s events- hope you had a happy Friday! Since tomorrow is a teaching day, I try to plan out (and make) the snacks I’ll need the night before. I try to have lots of little snacks throughout the day to keep my energy up, without being […]

Meg: 3-step Mani

Thank you so much to those of you who participated in the Shabby Apple giveaway! Did you win? Find out here. Shabby Apple is kindly offering Fitnessista readers a 10% coupon code. Just enter thefitnessista10off at checkout 🙂 The coupon code will be good for one month. I know a couple of weeks ago I left […]

6/22: SSU Faves from the week

Weekend: nice to see ya again 🙂 Anything fun going on? We have absolutely nothing on the agenda, except teaching tomorrow. I love it. Congrats to the Summer Shape Up team for rocking out another amazing week- you’re halfway there! I hope you’re already seeing results from your hard work, and thank you again to […]

Nice things

-My friend Katie saving me at work yesterday. When I first started (a little over a year ago), I quickly learned that since our schedules change throughout the day, we need to be prepared for anything. Weight room, teaching, Zumba and pool all have different outfits/shoes. Well, I *thought* pool was my last class yesterday, […]

6/21: Tabata Thursday!

Hi 🙂 Happy almost-weekend! Hope you’re having a great day so far <3 I’m off to teach, but wanted to post this Tabata Thursday video for those who are following the June calendar, or anyone who’d like to get an extra cardio blast in their day. For more info on Tabata training, check out this […]

Gina: Not too shabby {giveaway}-ENDED

In my efforts to make my style more classic, I’ve been inspired by vintage looks, which is one of the many reasons I love Meg’s style so much. While I’ll never totally vintage-ify my closet- I’ll always be a mall girl at heart- I’ve had fun shopping more classic styles. I’ve been eyeing the pieces […]

Wake up slow

After one night of nightmares (which I wrote about), the next night I woke up to a fork in the bed. Not even joking. Bella took my “lunch fork” out of my work gym bag and brought it into our bed. When I rolled over, I thought my leg was on something wet, which was […]

Right [not] on schedule

One of the things I’m frequently asked is how we got Liv on a “schedule.” I remember when she was 3 weeks old and someone asked us if we had her on a schedule yet. I wanted to laugh because I was just proud of myself for getting dressed that day. A schedule was pretty […]

Focus On: The New Nordic Diet

When I first heard of the Nordic Diet, I couldn’t help but think of the Maelstrom ride in Norway at Epcot. It has trolls and scares the life out of me. But that doesn’t say much because we all know I’m a huge chicken.  Never been on it? Here ya go: Random side note: does […]

Taters and applesauce

 The Pilot came home early from work today! He had to fly balls early so he was finished with the day earlier. I was grateful because I forgot to switch the carseat base from his SUV back to my car, so Liv and I just chilled at home with Bell today. Lots of songs were […]