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At-home Cardio and Weights Workout

Hi friends! Catching up from the weekend? My ZOOMA 10k race was Saturday, and now I’m relaxing and enjoying the sights at Canyon Ranch in Lenox (why I’m here, food pics and pics from the day). This morning, I’m off for a run, then getting ready to head to the airport. I’ll see ya this […]

9/23: Pics from the day

9/23: Meals and Fitness for the week

This week is going to be a little different than usual, since I’m staying out-of-town for another day +. Unlike traditional vacations, where I have to get creative to find healthy options, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by them. Breakfast this morning: Gluten-free cornmeal waffles (I salivate just looking at the picture) smoked salmon, more […]

Here at the Ranch

So, I’m in Massachusetts… still… and again. This whole time I was thinking I’d be going to New York because one of the two possible places I could be picked up was New York. Since I was being picked up in Hartford, we were going to New York. <– see the illogical leap my brain […]

ZOOMA Cape Cod 10k Race Re-cap

If this isn’t motivation to finish a race, I’m not sure what is…. Wine and massages? I’ll run for that 🙂 The morning started off nice and early (3:30 AM Tucson time!) and I quickly grabbed some food: ‘Bucks, banana and almond butter. I was SO hungry when I woke up, I really wanted to […]

Let’s do this thang

It was a crazy, long day, even longer with a travel snafu + 3 hours of driving on top of flying all day. But, I made it! 🙂 After an awesome dinner with the ZOOMA girls (thanks for letting me crash the party!) FaceTime with my loves, getting my clothes set out   and my […]

Turn over a new leaf

It’s been quite the whirlwind Friday so far! It started nice and early: (the other alarm is from one Christmas morning when I woke up at 7 and Liv was still sleeping) For the past 8 months, I’ve had a tiny human alarm clock. She sings beautiful songs and does funny things to wake up- […]

Away from my beeb for the first time

When I first had Liv, as coincidence would have it, I suddenly started to get invited for more and more out-of-town blog events, all expenses covered. As tempting as it sounded, especially the ability to sleep peacefully on an airplane, I couldn’t do it. I knew if I went away she would be absolutely fine […]


At-home Beauty Mask

If you could Photoshop yourself on a daily basis, would you? The truth is, many of us have skin issues. We have things we don’t like. But we have what we have, we should rock what got, and fix what we can. (source) I have always been diligent about taking care of my skin, as […]

NEW 5-minute Ab Workout

Lots of the usual suspects…. Standard breakfast: Work clothes ready to go,  and getting things together for the morning.  I leave tomorrow for my race -plus a special short trip that’s been included on top of that, more details to come- and I haven’t done anything to get ready. In standard Gina fashion, I’ll be […]

Lose some, win some

I’m kind of crazy about Bella’s new haircut. We took her to a new groomer, which can always be a little nerve-racking but she came highly recommended by a friend, and were so happy with everything about it. The place was clean, the employees were extremely kind, Bell was happy (and playing with their pet […]