10 Fave Sweet Potato Recipes


It felt so good to enjoy dinner at home with the fam last night, and bust out the pots and pans again. Even if it was a simple meal (roasted veggies and Pilot-grilled chicken), it was perfect,   especially with some vino (which sadly, they do not have at CR). There are a few things […]

Curried Chicken Salad


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on this morning’s post. It’s not too often that I’ll go out on a limb, but it always warms my heart when you join me out there- thanks for not leaving me dangling So things are pretty much “back to normal.” It feels good. It was a […]

Halloween Costumes with a Baby


For a while, I had a hard time coming up with a themed Halloween costume for our family. I really wanted Liv to be a mermaid, but then I found something totally different- I’m pretty excited about it (and hope she thinks it’s cool when she sees pictures later). We’re actually making the costumes instead […]

What I’m taking back home with me

bead tree.jpg

This past weekend, I traveled alone. As much as I missed my family -I had a couple of rough moments being away from Liv- I know it was good for me. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and all that stuff, right? I knew she was having a blast with her daddy and that I […]

CR Cuisine and Amenities

cr lenox.jpg

After  a weekend of picturesque views, healthy culinary delights, being pampered and learning (new fitness and health techniques, and also about myself) it’s time to head back to the land of cacti. Before I get back in the swing of life, I wanted to take a post to talk about all of the amazing food […]

At-home Cardio and Weights Workout


Hi friends! Catching up from the weekend? My ZOOMA 10k race was Saturday, and now I’m relaxing and enjoying the sights at Canyon Ranch in Lenox (why I’m here, food pics and pics from the day). This morning, I’m off for a run, then getting ready to head to the airport. I’ll see ya this […]

9/23: Pics from the day

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