Happy Halloween!!

Halloween 7

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or hump day, we hope it’s a safe, healthy and happy one <3

Halloween 9

Be sure to check back in the morning for a fun November challenge!


Gina, the Pilot, Oliv (my sweet little sushi roll!) and Bella (the Halloween sassafras)



  October, you’ve been pretty good to us. It’s (almost) time to say goodbye and who knows? Maybe next month I’ll get some temps that make my moccasins seem seasonally appropriate. For now, I’ll be rocking them in 90*. Tis the season.  -I started making Liv’s Halloween costume in standard Gina fashion: two nights before […]

Quinoa Trail Mix Muffins


Sometimes I pretend to know things that I do not… but only when I’m talking to the Pilot. “Turn left here!” “Are you sure?”  “YES! Ok… no, not really.” This is partially because I like to mess with him, and also partially because when I tell him things that are indeed fact, he asks me […]

Baby protein


When I first started breastfeeding/bottles, getting to feed Livi solid food sounded like a dream and the days of no bottles seemed so far ahead of us. Now, solid foods are a fun part of everyday life, and only 2 months left to go until no bottles! It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at […]

Healthy Halloween Treats


One of my favorite things about Halloween weekend is lurking Facebook for all of the costume and party pics. Some of my favorite costumes were from friends that live far away (like my college-days downstairs apartment neighbor who was Honey Boo Boo). With Liv, our weekend was pretty low key (even though we had a […]

10/28: Meals and Fitness for the week

zoo halloween-7.jpg

Spent our Saturday night with Harry Potter. NBD. (Random: does anyone say “Harry Potter” in a high-pitched voice with a British accent? Me too) When I got home from work, the Pilot had so kindly made dinner for the family: (he called Renee’s Organic Oven and went to pick it up. Their gluten-free slice and […]

Take it slow


After last weekend’s frenzy, it feels good to have a weekend without too much going on. A fun Friday with just Liv and myself, a girls’ night, short Saturday at work, getting to see my favorite people on my lunch break, and not sure what we’re up to tonight and tomorrow. We have some things […]

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