Fave Gliding Moves

One of the things that intimated me when I first started teaching where I currently work, is that we have to be able to teach 90% of the classes that are offered (minus specialty certs like Spin, Yoga and Pilates). This was horrifying to me because it’s a lot of classes, and since our schedule is tentative and usually changes at least once a day, we need to be ready for anything. I could think I’m teaching a treadmill class and find out I’m actually in Zumba (which is always a happy surprise). 

Zumba gear

The pool classes were the hardest formats for me to learn (the only thing I could previous instruct was my infamous doggy paddle), but also the newer-to-me strength classes, like glide. I had used the gliding discs at a workshop, but other than that, had no experience with it. Gliding is on my tentative schedule now, and I actually really love teaching it. It’s a great way to change up your strength routine by adding intensity and resistance- it always leaves me sore the next day.

Gliding disk 2Source

I feel like gliding is very deceptive- it looks whimsical and like it’s NDB, but it’s definitely an added challenge! I need to work on pacing my class a little better, because the guests are usually toast after about 20 minutes (even the super fit ones) because the moves are so much harder.  

Since I’m still working on finalizing my class, I thought I’d post a list of my favorite gliding exercises with some links to videos: 

(tip: if you don’t have gliding discs at home, you can use plastic plates instead)

-Crash course

-Clock lunges

-Curtsy lunge


-Plank saw

-Hamstring curl (single leg or both)

-Plie squat jack

like this, minus the hip sways (I had to post the video because… it’s awesome)

(Mindy Mylrea is definitely a fitness inspiration- she’s a little firecracker of energy. I wanted to say hi so badly at the Gatorade party last year but chickened out)

-Burpee into mountain climbers

-Pushups and pushup pike

-Plank jacks

-Traveling plie squats

-Single leg squats

-Crab walk

-Snow angel

Have you tried the gliding discs before? What’s your favorite move? I always love to have as many as possible ready to go in my back pocket ;)

Some other recent adventures:

-I finally used up the spaghetti squash that was in the fridge from last week’s farm box. 

Spaghetti squash 2

Baked it face down (seeds and goo scooped out with a spoon) in a little water at 400* for an hour (needed to add more water about halfway through). Some squashes can be a little tricky (looking at you, pumpkin and acorn), but butternut and spaghetti always do me right. It was perfectly cooked, and I scooped out some for Liv to enjoy with her dinner (egg yolk, broccoli and squash), and sautéed the rest with marainara, leftover grilled chicken and topped with goat cheese and micro basil.

Spaghetti squash 3

(the beautiful basil was a little bruised up, but I figured I could get one more use out of it)

As delicious as everything was, the best part was the dessert: this pumpkin liqueur (<–Amazon Affiliate link) mixed with almond milk. Outta.Control.

Pumpkin drinkie

This morning, I already got in a workout (weights + jump rope!) and am off to “Boo!” a couple of girls from another squadron (have never met them, so I doubt they read the blog). It’s something our squadron is doing to help spread a little cheer, so I thought I’d share the idea if you want to put a smile on someone’s face. I just picked up little containers from the fancy French store (Tar-jay), added a soy Autumn-scented candle, a chocolate bar and a lipgloss. For the surprise, you leave it on their doorstep -in broad daylight, no need to be creeping around at night haha- with a little note saying they’ve been “boo-ed!” 

Boo baskets

We did something similar in Valdosta. You had to add something to a Boo basket and take one thing. By the time it got to my house, it was amazing- Buns of Steel VHS tapes, candy, candles, etc. Just a fun way to share little treats with friends- it’s kind of a Halloween Secret Santa and would be perfect for an office environment, too.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

See ya later tonight with a recipe <3



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  1. Vikki Morgan says:

    Your job is so neat,,may I ask you how you got your job?How did u find out about it,and is there any room for us in other states to get a job like yours? Do you have any information on it? Thanks!

  2. Gina the pumpkin liquor link isn’t going to Amazon. Just thought you’d want to know!

  3. What a fun halloween idea! I’ve never had the opportunity to try gliding discs before, but would love to at some point. Maybe I’ll whip out the plastic plates and give some of these exercises a whirl ;)

  4. I have been wanting to try those. I wish there was a class for them at my gym. I suppose I could learn on my own….

  5. I have these hilarious memories of my mom doing glide exercises with these slippery little booties and a “glide track.” The mishaps were so awesome. :). I would play with the gliders and it really was hard (even when I was a crazy flexible little kid). Looks like a fun class to teach!

  6. What a fun idea! I loved to be “boo-ed” Such a cute idea! That squash looks amazing too btw!

  7. Pumpkin liquor!?! Sounds amazing!

  8. That’s a fun idea! They used to do something like that with sororities at my school.

  9. Elizabeth M. says:

    At the hospital where I work all the departments are “booing” eachother. It’s fun!

  10. I want one of those little halloween boxes. That’s such a cute idea. In my neighborhood they used to go around sticking just a cut out paper ghost on your door. Getting a little treat makes it more thoughtful :)

  11. I love anything pumpkin, I think I am going to have to explore that link!

    I love “booing” people, it’s so fun. We’re in the process of moving so I don’t have time this year but next year I’m all over it again.

    Can’t wait to see what ends up in your goody basket.

    BTW- thanks for the kale recipe the other day- I’m making it this week. :)

  12. I love your Zumba gear! This is such a great site… I had never even heard of the gliding discs before. I usually workout at home, so it’s so neat to see what the rest of the world does for workouts :) It looks pretty intense!

  13. Cathe Friedrich uses the discs quite often as well, you should check out “Slide and Glide” – super fun. :)

  14. If you have any leftovers of the turkey chili, it’s good on spag squash, too. That’s how I’m trying to use my chili up.

  15. gliding looks like it could be pretty intense!

    I like the whole BOO! idea, super fun!

  16. We’ve done the “booing” thing at an old job before. It was a lot of fun! We didn’t do the basket, though. We just left something little on another person’s desk (like a candy bar and a candle) with a note featuring the rules of the game. I may initiate something similar around Thanksgiving this year but calling it something different, of course.

  17. Beverly Aragon says:

    I used to be the proud owner of Denise Austin’s Glide Slide. It came with awesome surgeon booties that you slipped on over your tennis shoes and a slippery mat thingy. My brothers used to make mad fun of me doing that workout, but dang I loved it. I’m sure your class is a lot less nineties and much more baller!

  18. I actually went to a fitness retreat last month with Mindy Mylrea as the Keynote speaker! She also taught a bunch of the sessions, and I immediately bought the gliders, ropeless jump ropes, bender ball, and figure 8 tubing..she was so spunky and awesome…and I couldn’t move the next two days. But the gliders have really worked into my workouts lately and I have nothing but good things to say about them! (except when I am working out there may be a swear here and there;) )

  19. Thanks for this, Gina! I use valslides with my clients, and just kinda stick to my usual 5 moves. This brought some new ones to my attention :)

  20. Ooooh, I love spaghetti squash… and the BOO idea is so cute!

  21. I love the idea of being boo-ed! I wonder if I could try doing something like that with the people who live in my apartment…

  22. Pumpkin booze sounds amazing! And I love the idea of booing each other, so cute!

  23. Thanks for explaining gliding. A while back when you said something like you were trying to blow the pilot’s mind gliding. I was thinking what in the world is that.

    It sounds like a fun way to change things up but I’d probably just bust my head open.

  24. We do boo baskets for kids in the neighborhood but I never though of doing an adult-themed one, great idea! Never tried gliding but it looks fun/hard.

  25. We do something similar here in Kansas City. It’s called “ghosting”. My kids make decorated bags filled with candy and drop them on the neighbors’ and friends’ doorsteps, ring the bell and run (a la ding dong ditch style). This time of year the kids get sooo excited if the doorbell rings at night!!

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