HallowLEAN Hill Workout

I’m loving every second of October so far- hope you’re having an outstanding month, too. I just feel like from here on out, until January, things just get more fun and exciting with lots to look forward to. The weather is so nice, we haven’t really been paying much attention to the fact that our TV broke last week. It was doing a weird thing on Thursday and Friday where it would just switch on and off for an hour or so before actually staying on, so on Friday, I just turned it off (after the on/off rendezvous was driving me insane) and it’s stayed that way for the remainder of the weekend.


 Last night, the Pilot and I settled down to watch a show while we ate dinner and realized the total silence in the house. We like watching a show together at night, so we were going to YouTube something when I remembered that Amazon Prime membership streams TV and videos. Skidoosh. We watched Brian Regan, and it was awesome.

With the cooler air, I’m doing the usual seasons-are-changing sniffles (I pride myself on being able to fight a cold like a NINJA), hence last night’s soup. It’s just what I was craving all day, and the Pilot and Liv love it, too. Bella just stands idly by, wishing for soup (or any non-dog food) of her own.

Soup 2

Thank you for all of your kind comments on the photo wall! It was a huge step because we usually move so often that it’s not worth the effort to extravagantly decorate the walls – just more to take down, wrap and pack when we move. I eventually convinced myself that a home is a home as long as we’re there, and we might as well take the steps to personalize it and enjoy it as much as possible. I’m really happy with what we’ve done with the house so far, and we still have lots of little fun projects we’d like to do.

The Pilot did an amazing job hanging everything up and even measured the distances between photos. I’m more of an “eyeball it” kinda girl, which works just fine for hanging up the usually art and decor, but my lack of patience would have shown with that project ;) We started it fairly low on the wall so that we can continue to add to it and include photos of everyone in the fam.

For today, I’m pretty excited to enjoy an off day from the gym (my legs are ready for it after yesterday’s trail run!) and have friends over to paint pumpkins.


In the meantime, here’s a little HallowLEAN Hill workout to put some pep in your Monday step ;)

Feel free to modify as you like, and I’d love to see LOTS sweaty workout pics @fitnessista #HereComesHallowLEAN !

Some tips: as you walk on the treadmill, make sure to keep a TIGHT core, take deep breaths and take a look at your hands. Make sure they aren’t clenched into fists. That’s wasted energy you could be using on your legs, your breath, your heart- all of your major muscle groups. Keep your fingertips nice and loose. Also, avoid holding onto the hand rails- you’ll burn 30% LESS calories if you cling to the dreadmill during your workout. Not worth it. Also, challenge yourself- before you know it, it will be OVER and you’ll be sweaty and triumphant.

Have a happy Monday! See ya later on the Fashion page.



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  1. Love the workout! I made a Halloween playlist that would go perfectly with it :) http://deannaferrari.com/2012/10/10/songs-to-run-to-part-ix-halloween-edition/

  2. I’m so saving this workout! When I use the treadmill I love switching things up

  3. A few things…

    I laughed when you described the difference between your picture hanging strategies. That’s about how it went a few weekends ago when we hung our pics.

    The soup looks great, but I didn’t see the recipe on the link attached. Am I a ding-dong?

    I am getting after that treadmill workout today.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Ooh, excited to go try this workout in my hotel room now!

    I love the fall too, I’m so glad you’re giving me healthy fall recipe ideas :D

  5. Thanks for the workout. Will be trying this when I hit the gym.

  6. Shaina Anderson says:

    haha we’re the same exact way! Patrick will measure things down to the millimeter and I eyeball it every time. :-)

  7. I see that your TV is Samsung and ours did the same thing. It’s actually a part that Samsung covers because all of these TV’s have that problem. So just find your local Samsung tech online and they will fix it for free!!

    • Fitnessista says:

      no way!! thank you!

    • Ours is currently doing the SAME thing — Samsung!!! Glad to know this!! :)

      Have fun painting your pumpkins, can’t wait to see how they’re going to turn out!! Can’t wait until I’m not pregnant anymore to do your workouts :) (I don’t feel right running anymore being 5 months pregnant!) Guilty of holding on to the top of the dreadmill – gotta quit that bad habit :)

  8. That workout looks like a fun one! I love the Halloween spin you put on it too. :) Have fun painting pumpkins today – what a great idea!

  9. Thanks for the workout! Definitely going to be saving it for the days where nasty weather forces me back on the treadmill. I get bored so darned easy on that thing, so it’ll be nice to have some intervals to make the time go by quicker :)

  10. That soup looks redonkulous!!!! WANTTTTT :)

  11. Love the hill workout! You can blast so many calories and it feels so different than running!
    :) ali

  12. We have one little tv in our house that’s 12 years old! That’s it and if it breaks, well, it breaks. I DVR my fave E and Bravo shows and watch those on it and other than that, hardly turn the thing on! Good luck with your tv repairs!

  13. At least it worked out with your tv delima that you didn’t really miss it. I love when a day or two passes and I realize that my tv hasn’t been on at all. It usually means we were too busy enjoying life :)

    Also, I am loving the cleaning calendar you posted the other day. I’m just starting the weekly schedule today but I’ve been doing the daily stuff for the past 4 days. It really does make cleaning a little less overwhelming. It’s nice to not feel like I have to clean the WHOLE house in one day while the baby naps. That’s exhausting. When he woke up refreshed and ready to go, Mommy was needing a nap!

  14. I could do without TV for a while but I couldn’t live without Internet for even a DAY. I’m seriously addicted. :) There are a lot of bugs flying around and people at work have been coughing and sniffling for a couple weeks now. I’ve got my fingers cross the germies stay away from me. Here’s hoping!

  15. Awesome bowl + gourds, fabulous centerpiece for fall!

  16. I have a question that might be kind of personal, so feel free not to answer if it is! You talking about packing up and moving made think about the fact that y’all bought a house, and that a few other military families I’ve heard of have bought houses. I was wondering if you sell it when you leave, rent it out for additional income, let it be and use it as a vacation house since you have family in Tucson? I know it doesn’t really matter, I was just suddenly wondering.
    Also, isn’t Brian Regan great?! We just love him. A hilarious comedian who is CLEAN too! I quote him all the time. Especially while I am driving on the moon…

  17. Hi Gina!

    This isn’t related to this post, but I just recently found out that I am pregnant and have been following your blog for a long time, and even more so now that you have your little angel. I have some pregnancy related questions for you and was wondering if you have an email address that I could use to ask you some of those questions?

    Thanks so much!
    Dayna :)

  18. I had NO idea Amazon Prime members could stream TV and Videos, so thank you for that! 2 years later, good to know :)

  19. Thanks for the workout! I’ve just started running outside and love it soo much more than the treadmill but this is one id love to try in the winter!

  20. Ah I am making this soup on Friday to take to fam except I am going to sub the chicken broth for veggie and the chicken for somthing (possibly red beans??? any other suggestins) because they are vegetarians! It looks sooooooo good

  21. Yum that soup looks so yum! You are definitely inspiring me to cook some soup soon :)

  22. painting pumpkins – how fun! maybe it’s the nerdy teacher in me, but i cannot wait to do this with my first graders on Halloween day! hope you enjoyed painting yours today!

  23. Jennifer L says:

    Ooh what are your ninja sniffles fighting tactics? I’ve got a case myself. Just been drinking lots of tea and cutting far down on sugar (a doc once told me every tsp of sugar impairs your immune system for an hour) and of course eating well. :)

  24. I can’t wait to try your workout! I always need new ideas to spice up the dreadmill. I didn’t know the fact about burning 30% less calories if you hold on. Such a good fact to know!

  25. Whoa…just did the workout over my lunch hour. I was sweating more than a turkey the week of Halloween. I was more red-faced than when I was 14 and talked to my 18 year old crush for the first time. I was…well, you get the idea. Thanks for the workout–it something totally different for me!

  26. That happened to both my parents’ and my cousin’s Samsung TVs. Apparently it’s a very common problem, and if you call the number on your manual (or it might be on the back of the TV? I’ve only ever heard it referred to as “the number” — mysterious) a representative will come and replace the malfunctioning part for free. At least that’s what happened to both my parents and my cousin.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’m so happy to hear that! we still haven’t called, but it’s a relief to know it’s not going to be wicked expensive because our tv is fairly new

  27. Such a great workout, thank you for the inspiration! I included this post in my Links You’ll Love round up this week – Keep up the good work!


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