Tech detox, quickies and faves


2 weeks later, and we are still without a working downstairs TV… and not really missing it. Even though I’ve never been a huge TV person, the past couple of weeks made me realize a few things: -it was a huge waste of energy to have the TV on for background noise -the absence of […]

Meg: DIY Glitter Cup


There are few things in the world prettier than glitter. My coworker came to work one day with one of those Starbucks cups (the double walled kind), and it was a sparkly purple. I was so smitten, I had to try it myself and share it with you all! What you’ll need: -A double-walled cup […]

It’s a celebration


(lyrics to one of the songs that was on the “banned from the wedding” list along with “Electric Slide”) Indeed it was When the Pilot got home from work, the entire family was here and dinner was hot and waiting. Madre grilled steaks, and I made twice-baked potatoes (with turkey bacon, chives, veggie broth to […]

Supporting themselves, or selling out?


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes for the Pilot <3 He’s been enjoying reading them throughout the day- I’m excited to celebrate when he’s home from work.   (It was my first time doing streamers… using medical tape to hang them up. Don’t even ask. Liv got a kick out […]

Happy Birthday, Pilot


I can’t help but think of birthdays a little differently now. Sure, it’s a great day to celebrate the people you’re close to, but at the same time, I find myself thinking of the nervous anticipation and excitement their parents must have felt. I now know what that feels like, and it’s incredible. So today, […]

Homemade Almond Milk + flavor variations


I’ve never been a huge fan of drinking milk plain. Even when I was younger, if it wasn’t colored and flavored with the Cocoa Puffs I was eating, I wasn’t a huge fan. I’ve remained that way with milk, until I met almond variety. To me, it tastes so much lighter and milder than the […]

Spicy almond butter kale chips


Not really, but 8 was my limit for the day. I had all of the odds in my favor (beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, woke up on my own before the alarm went off), but it was a tough run. Sabino kills me every time, and I had to add an extra little loop at the […]

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