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Homemade Almond Milk + flavor variations

I’ve never been a huge fan of drinking milk plain. Even when I was younger, if it wasn’t colored and flavored with the Cocoa Puffs I was eating, I wasn’t a huge fan. I’ve remained that way with milk, until I met almond variety. To me, it tastes so much lighter and milder than the […]

Spicy almond butter kale chips

Not really, but 8 was my limit for the day. I had all of the odds in my favor (beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, woke up on my own before the alarm went off), but it was a tough run. Sabino kills me every time, and I had to add an extra little loop at the […]

See ya, cloth

After what-if-ing and maybe-ing, I finally just gave the cloth diapers to a friend to see if she wants them. She has a little boy and has been really wanting to try it out, so when they came over to play on Friday, I asked her to take the diapers and detergent with her. I […]

Jump Rope HIIT Workout

Hi! Thank you for all of your amazing comments on the pics from the day- I always love sharing them on Sundays. We have a new favorite brunch spot in Tucson, if there are any locals reading or planning to visit. Loew’s Ventana Canyon is LEGENDARY- a wonderful way to kick off the Pilot’s birthday […]

10/21: Pics from the day

All things that are pumpkin

We’re all about pumpkin parties at our house. On Monday, we had the cutest little group of babies over to pumpkin paint, and last night, we actually carved some. The night was appropriately filled with all things that are pumpkin: Nana brought over pumpkin loaf and pie, and we also enjoyed pumpkin chili, pumpkin beer and […]

Gina: Navy finds

Besides department stores, which will always be staples that I love, I’ll go through store phases. I think it’s just that I like knowing I can go into a certain store, find something I like, and then leave. First it was Express (gotta love those mailer coupons) then Banana and J Crew  currently LOFT and […]

New shoes + Friday Faves

Is it just me, or did this week fly by?? Not that I have a prob with it.. love the weekend so much. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we were super busy. We had something going on every day, also have a lot of fun stuff to […]

Vegan stuffed pattypan squash

There are a lot of things I love about my husband. He takes such great care of Liv and myself (just when I thought I couldn’t be crazier about him, he became a daddy), works extremely hard, looks verrrrryyyy nice in a flight suit… and so many other things that I could go on and […]

Meg: A Guide to Boots

I truly don’t remember what I wore on my feet during the winter months before I owned boots.  They have been a solid staple in my closet for the past 5 years or so and I can’t imagine bearing the cold weather without them. Last year Tucson dipped into the low 20 degree range (which is […]

What I’ve learned in 4 years

The other night, I was signing into my WordPress account and said to the Pilot: “I’ve written almost 3,000 posts.” 4 years. It’s like I’ve gone through undergrad all over again writing this little blog, and on the many pages, you’ll find stories about things that have happened in the past four years. Deployments, moving, […]

The weekly bounty

It finally happened.  I woke up early and got in a workout while everyone was still sleeping. For all of my new friends out there (hi!!), this is a huge accomplishment because: I hate the morning. I’ll embrace sweet, glorious slumber until the last possible second (which is usually when the tiny opera star lets […]