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11/25: Meals and Fitness for the week

Is anyone else ready to eat a vegetable after last week’s holiday pie-stravaganza? I definitely am. At the same time, I still keep going back to the pie trifecta to steal the innards. Did you know pecan pie is the least healthy option when it comes to pie innards? It’s also the most delicious…. This […]

Both sides of the spectrum (+ a giveaway!)- ENDED!

My oven has seen both sides of the spectrum today.  When I was home for my lunch break, my brothers were here hanging out with the Pilot and Oliv, and Kyle asked me if I’d help him make something for a Bacon Party he was headed to tonight with Meg. (For anyone lacking theme ideas […]

Meg: Holiday Wishlist

Details: 1.       Kate Spade Thermos 2.       Swedish Dream Soap-Sea Salt 3.       “Heart and Sol” print from Modcloth 4.       Volcano Candle (sold at Anthroplogie) 5.       Target thermal PJ set 6.       Maybelline Babylips  lip balm 7.       Blowfish Shoes-Caden Booties What’s on your holiday wish list this year??

My kinda turkey trot

Hi friends- hope you’re enjoyed the weekend so far and had a safe, healthy holiday! It was a great Thanksgiving. (Hands in the air if you agree pies should be sold like that haha) Wednesday night, I decided to go to a Zumbathon “Turkey Trot” at the park. I always love to check out other […]

2012 New mom and baby gift guide

Here are some fun ideas for any new moms or babies this holiday season <3 New mom: Zumba Exhilarate or any fitness DVDs they’d like to do at home Treat outing + offering to watch the kiddo(s) For Two Fitness shirt (enter the code “fitnessista” at checkout for 20% off!) Baby carrier (my favorites are the Moby, […]

2012 Holiday Gift Guide with Cyber Monday Deals

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with those you love. I’m off fighting the masses on the fine Black Friday (or who knows, we could all still be sleeping haha), but in the meantime, thought it would be fun to post my annual gift guide for those who are planning their […]


The holiday seasons are such an amazing and magical time- I’m especially thankful to have been able to be here in Tucson with my family for 3 years in a row (3 years!!! Lucky girl). While I always enjoy the seasonal delights, time spent with family and friends, and of course, the fantastic holiday feasts, […]

Meg: V*dazzled Jewelry

 It’s no secret that I love accessorizing. I enjoy accessorizing myself and I LOVE gifting a special piece of jewelry to the lovely ladies in my life. Hopefully you aren’t getting sick of gift ideas, because here’s another one for you: V*Dazzled Jewelry. This adorable little Etsy shop is run by the talented Victoria Ruhl—a […]

Holiday HIIT workout

With all of the holiday gatherings, traveling and extra to-dos right around the corner, finding time to workout can be a little more scarce than usual. One of the things to remember is to focus on the quality of your training, use it as a time to destress and take a moment for yourself, choosing […]

Spirit of flubs

Oh friends. In the spirit of starting off the day talking about flubs, the pattern just continued from there. I dropped a glass plate while Liv was napping -which, shockingly didn’t shatter but managed to clank and bounce all over the kitchen floor before my butterfingers could grab it- and then later this morning, we […]

Avoiding the tantrum land

Confession: I have a touch of the hoarding disease when it comes to memory cards. If I have a picture of Liv or someone else in the family, I refuse to delete it in case something happens with my computer. Same goes for my phone. This leads to the fact that in order to take […]

Fitness Instructor Flubs

Hi friends! Thank you so much for the fantastic Camelbak cleaning ideas. I rinsed it with a little vinegar and water, whipped the tube around in a circle to get the water out and it’s hanging to dry. It’s hoping it stays funk-free. I’m also happy to hear you liked the recipe round-up! As much […]