Baby turkey lentil muffins


I’m always excited to try out new recipes for Liv, especially when they’re protein-dense. She loves beans, chicken, fish and egg yolks, but I love looking for new ways to serve them, since most of the time, she’ll just have them plain with maybe some olive or coconut oil and herbs. A major thing we’re […]

Thinking outside the “box”


You may have seen CrossFit on my tentative workout schedule every week for the past, ummm, couple of months? Well, even with the best intentions, I still haven’t made it back. There are so many different class options, but no early morning beginner classes. I really want to learn all of the lifts/techniques and the […]

Gina: my first StitchFix


When Jenna first blogged about StitchFix about a month ago, I knew it was something I would love.  It’s kind of funny because I used to spend a lot more time in workout clothes and pajamas, but now when I leave the house with Liv, it’s kind of fun to wear “real” clothes since she’s […]

Merrier, brighter


Whew! Woke up feeling a little sore from yesterday’s long run. I’m definitely still breaking in the new Brooks, and while I like them so far, they don’t have the same mold-to-my-feet feel that the beloved Asics had. (Which is to be expected since I’d been working out in the same Asics for almost a […]

11/25: Pics from the day



11/25: Meals and Fitness for the week


Is anyone else ready to eat a vegetable after last week’s holiday pie-stravaganza? I definitely am. At the same time, I still keep going back to the pie trifecta to steal the innards. Did you know pecan pie is the least healthy option when it comes to pie innards? It’s also the most delicious…. This […]

Both sides of the spectrum (+ a giveaway!)- ENDED!


My oven has seen both sides of the spectrum today.  When I was home for my lunch break, my brothers were here hanging out with the Pilot and Oliv, and Kyle asked me if I’d help him make something for a Bacon Party he was headed to tonight with Meg. (For anyone lacking theme ideas […]

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