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The best of 2012

Happy old year! Hope you’re spending the last of 2012 with those you love and have something fun planned tonight 🙂

I’ll meet you back here next year with an inspiration board challenge, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my favorite posts and moments from 2012!

Baby food 8

Top posts according to traffic:

1 month of baby food, 1 hour, $20 (my most-visited and pinned post of all time! Thank you so much to those of you who have helped spread the word)

The perfect protein pancake

Original breakfast cookie (went in and changed the pics a few months ago, since the old grainy ones were horrendous)

1 month of baby food, 1 hour, $20- round 2


Summer Shape Up 2012

B-fast cookie cereal

Focus On: Tracy Anderson

Focus On: The Tone It Up plan


Pumpkin Amazeballs

Livi is here!

The birth story part 1 and 2

My post-delivery body

Me and liv 5

Some of my favorite posts/recipes from 2012:

Livi’s birth, birth story (parts 1 and 2), coming home from the hospital

Liv playing peekaboo

All of her monthly updates

Adopting Caroline

Dogs  1 of 1 3

What I’ve Learned in 4 Years

Pilot becomes Dad (I always love when the Pilot guest posts)

With dad  1 of 1

Confessions of a personal trainer

9 months on, 9 months off

Best research-based HIIT methods


Turkey lentil loaf (this is a staple now)

Cranberry avocado salad (another new staple)

Quinoa trail mix muffins

Muffins 2

Jump rope HIIT workout

Tucson Half Marathon Re-cap


I have so many fun things planned and in store for 2013- including Winter Shape Up! Hope you’re as excited as I am.


What’s one of your favorite posts from 2012 (it can be from any blog, including your own)? Anything you’d like to see here in 2013? As always, I love to hear and appreciate your feedback.

See ya in the new year!



If you’re out partying tonight, here’s my mama hen advice to please be safe <3 Make a plan to get home safely before you go out and know what options are available for you if you find yourself without a ride. Don’t forget to stash a few coconut waters for tomorrow, too 😉


It’s Day 6 of 12 days of Fitness! 

6 pullups (at home? Do 6 deadlifts or resistance band rows instead)

frog crunches

toe touches (each side)

3 mountain climbers (each side)

2 pushups

1-minute plank (can be 6 rounds of 10 seconds up, rest for 3 seconds)

Leave a comment here when you’ve finished! 🙂 

12/30: Some pics from the day

12/30: Meals and Fitness for the Week

Is anyone else excited to get back in the swing of things this week? I’ve been on sugar overload since Halloween and am ready to get more fruits and veggies in my life. It’s not to say sugar won’t sneak its way in there (it will), but there were quite a few days over the […]

From my iPhone


Out with a bang + party apps, cocktails

Can you believe that Monday is New Years eve?! What do you have planned? I think we’re going to spend the day relaxing and then head to a family/friend party later that night. Since little miss will be a pumpkin by about 8pm or so (even though she stayed awake until 9 on Christmas Eve), […]

Meg: Winter Lip Care DIY

Perpetually chapped lips are something I have always dealt with. Even armed with a medicated chap stick, I can’t seem to achieve the soft and supple pout I’ve been dying for! Recently a friend suggested I try a daily lip scrub. I wanted something that would give my lips an extra boost of moisture during […]

Dinner and a movie

Tonight, I did something I haven’t done in over a year: went to the movies! We’ve become huge fans of the red box and Netflix over the past year, and I’ve been fully convinced that if you put me in a dark theatre, I’d be asleep faster than you can say “narcoleptic.” But, I stayed […]

The switcheroo

We’re most likely going to be switching Liv into her big girl room. It’s sooner than planned and maybe can picture the excitement on my face. (It looks like a sad face.) Of course this is a “problem” that’s not really a problem, but it’s on my mind lately so I thought I’d share. Since […]

First Christmas with Liv

I’m pretty sure nothing in the world makes me happier than A house filled with the people I love so much, warm food waiting in the kitchen, (+ egg casserole, ham, tamales, oatmeal, mimosas and the necessary nog) and moments that are so beautifully imprinted in my mind. After the Pilot, Liv, MIL and I […]

Red and green and plaid all over

Before setting off for Christmas Eve dinner and festivities, we took a family hike at Sabino Canyon. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the streams were running from the recent rain, and it felt nice to shake our legs out while enjoying beautiful scenery. After our adventure, we met up with the cousins for our annual […]

Meg: I’m Obsessed- Beauty Boxes

Every time I see that Gina received another Stitch-Fix box, I can’t WAIT to see what they picked for her! I’ve been pretty obsessed with the idea of Stitch-Fix and will, without a doubt, be purchasing a subscription soon! I know everyone will be busy soon opening gifts and playing with new presents, but after […]

12 Days of Fitness

 Hi friends <3 How are you? We’ve had such an amazing time the past couple of days. I have a ton of pics to edit and share, but in the meantime, how about a fun little challenge? I was pretty excited to do a 12 Days of Fitness leading up to December 25th, but after […]