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Focus On: Power Yoga

As you guys know, I’m a HUGE fan of power yoga. It’s one of my all-time favorite workout loves, and something I always come back to, even after a bit of a hiatus. Right now, I’m on a power yoga high as I’ve been recently reunited with the practice. In Tucson, I’ve had a bit of a tougher time finding a studio close to me (AZ Power Yoga is amazing, but really far from pretty much everywhere in Tucson), and finally found one I adore with an amazing teacher (aaaand it’s only $4! Skidoosh.)

I can’t believe I haven’t done a “Focus On” post for power yoga! No time like the present… nothing reminds you to stay in the present like an incredible yoga practice <3


[Please keep in mind that I’m NOT a certified yoga instructor by any means, but am writing this from a participant’s perspective. I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years, regularly for 5, and have taken a variety of classes around the US. Power yoga is by far my favorite, but I also enjoy Bikram and gentle hatha yoga from time to time.]

So what is it?

Heated vinyasa yoga is usually referred to as “power yoga”, in which you flow from one pose to the next using your breath. It’s a very athletic practice with a cardiovascular element, and you’ll also work on core strength and balance. You’ll still hold poses, but often they’re part of a series that you’ll add onto for the duration of the class. Sometimes power yoga can be VERY fast and furious, and the room is usually heated. Some studios are much hotter than others, going from a comfortable warmth to a scorching oven; you have to find the studio/instructor combo you like the most.

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Take it with a grain of salt

I can confidently say that within the almost-5 years I’ve been writing this little thing, I haven’t really experienced much writer’s block. In all fairness, the first two years’ posts were mostly fluff and getting the hang of blogging (there’s some background stuff that goes into it and I’ve never been very tech-y). Since then, […]

A little this and that

I used to dread Mondays and feel apathetic towards Tuesdays, and now I love them. They’re like the extra part of my weekend and I get to stay home with Liv. I thankful to be able to stay home a few days each week, but also work away from home a few- i’s a good […]

Tips for teething

Can we just take a moment for the suckage that is teething? I was going to say something about how teething may be as tough as breastfeeding, but after thinking about it for .2 seconds remembered that’s not the case at all. Teething, though.. wow. It’s still a biotch. It’s unpredictable. Sometimes we’ll go a […]

Nice to matcha

Night and day! After the teething monster took away my baby for a day, the sweet girl is back to herself… smiling, laughing and singing the “merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily” part to my horrible “Row the boat” rendition. (When she says, “merrily!” it sounds a lot like “marry me”) We had an awesome Monday together. […]

PRO meals: Spicy chopped salad

As you guys know, I’ve always been a fan of planning and prepping meals in advance. Sunday, I’ll make and chop as many foods as possible for the upcoming week, and then when we’re hungry, it’s so much easier to grab something, add a few finishing touches and feast. I try to have at least […]

Meg: Store Review DownEast Basics

My friend Emily and I attended a little mixer at DownEast Basics, a spunky little shop in our Tucson Mall. I love DownEast because they sell nice quality clothing for really decent prices! Sometimes shopping at H&M and Forever 21 is really convenient, but I’m often disappointed in the quality of their stock.  At DE, you […]

One man’s treasure

is another man’s trash? Not too much food or fitness to share this morning. I was feeling pretty run down last night -the teething monster strikes again and it’s a fierce bout- and instead of seeing the gym as a refresher, I knew I was too tired to get in a good workout, so I […]

2/24: Pics from the day


2/24: Meals and fitness for the week

I could totally get on board with the weekly date nights that have been happening lately 😉 I think it’s been 3 weekends in a row now? On a roll! Last night we booked a babysitter, and even though we had no official plans, we thought it would be fun to go out and do […]

Weekend stuff

Last night, the Pilot and my brother went up to Phoenix for the Celtics game. So after my girls’ night dessert party, I had a glass of Malbec and decided to spend the rest of the evening being gloriously lazy. I thought I’d watch some TV and actually pay attention instead of catching little snippets […]

2/22: Friday Faves

-This week’s surprise snow. Snow-covered cacti: not something you see very often. -Caroline’s naptime acrobatics taken to an entirely different level. (I took that picture before she fell then proceeded to act like nothing happened.) -Mangoes! They’re not in our usual fruit rotation, but it’s always fun to switch it up and Liv loves them. […]