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Easter eve

Our Friday was the perfect mix of productivity

Flowers  1 of 1 3

and fun,

Me and liv

finished off by an amazing family dinner,


a date night with the Pilot,

and a visit with this little queen.


[Viesa!! It was so good to see her furry face.]

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Wild cat + BSC giveaway

As you can probably imagine (or if you live here, you know!) in Arizona, we have some pretty interesting creatures. My favorite are the javelinas, my least favorite are the coyotes (sorry coyotes, but no love for you when you attack my family’s dog) cougars, snakes, scorpions, road runners to name a few… and feral cats. […]

Hello, Matzo

[I’ll either be doing the Wildcat victory dance or playing the sad trombone later today, so figured I’d post this now!] Some random photos from this week: Appetizers for Liv and myself (cereal and almond milk) Caro, ever so proficient in the art of relaxation   work snacks   (a lovely salad with leftover turkey […]

Healthy Easter (without eating like a rabbit)

It’s always a nice surprise when I can hit up a yoga class. Usually, I’ll just do a few poses at home if I get a chance, but it’s a treat to be able to take a class at a live studio. I hit up the $4 hot class with some friends and it was […]

Taking a hike + NEW Stretch Playlist

Sometimes it just feels good to get outside. More night flights for the Pilot, and Liv was hit with a bug plus the teething monster. One morning, after spending 4 hours snuggling and trying to comfort the inconsolable, the Pilot woke up, came downstairs, and I asked him if he’d watch Livi while I took […]

PRO meal: Greek chopped salad

So far, this week has been a definite change-up from last week’s vacation and restaurant extravaganza. We’ve had three nights of at-home dinners and I prepped some food for the week, including my current favorite bread amazeballs a couple of leftover turkey burgers, courtesy of the Pilot’s mad grilling skills and chopped veggies for salads. […]

2,4,6,8,10 Workout

One of my favorite ways to switch up a usual weights routine is to play with reps; often pyramid-style workouts. It makes the workout fly by, and something about getting to the last round feels so triumphant. Here’s something fun I recently tried. “Fun.” As Tina says: “It doesn’t have to be ‘fun’ to be […]

And the angel [food cake] sings

We’re on a roll with at-home dinners- two in a row! I *tried* to make a version of my uncle’s famous bolognese sauce. Needless to say, it was not the same, but still really good: (Maybe he’ll help me with a video when he’s in town?) zucchini: and the best part of all: dessert, of […]

What to eat before and after a workout

The biggest conundrum about teaching multiple classes in a row: you want to and need to eat, but there’s no feeling like Zumba body-pumping with a food baby. It’s frightening, really. Trying to figure out pre and post workout fuel was something took a while; learning how to best fuel my body is also something […]

3/24: Some pics from lately

3/24: Meals and fitness for the week

Every time we get back from vacation, I’m ready for some home-cooked eats again. It’s fun to dine out, but I often feel like I could make the same things at home, with a much smaller toll on the ol’ wallet. When we got back from La Jolla, I was READY to start making some […]

March check-in

Thank you so much for your awesome feedback on my last post– I always love to hear your thoughts and experiences. It’s critical to remember that with everything in life (including cardio, weights, working out), it’s about finding a balance and method that works best for you <3 Now, can we all just take a […]