Hasta luego, night weeks

We’re just finishing up 6 weeks of night weeks! So nice to see them go.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you already know I don’t love night weeks- even more so with a little one. The Pilot has to call me when he comes home in the middle of the night so I can let him in -Bell goes CRAZY if she hears someone open the door from upstairs- and I can never fully fall asleep until he’s home, since I worry about him.

Lots of coffee to keep me going:


I always feel bad complaining about anything, since it’s all relative; one person’s challenge is someone else’s piece of cake. But, hey: night weeks, you stiiiiiiiink.

Even with the craziness, I’ve felt great this past week because I changed up my schedule a little. I felt inspired by Emily’s life in a day post and decided that I could start waking up before Liv, especially since she’s snoozing until 7:30 most mornings. I set my alarm for 6:45, come downstairs to let the dogs out, drink coffee and finish my morning blog post, and I’m fully awake when Oliv’s ready to start the day. I’m not an early bird by any means, but I can definitely do 6:45 ;) By waking up a little earlier, I’ve been able to keep the computer closed at night and try to study…or watch Downton Abbey ;)

Wear more pants

Some recent happenings:

Dinner for the week was mostly just Liv and myself, so I kept it pretty simple. We loved this slow cooker Mediterranean chicken with sautéed spinach and brown rice:

Slow cooker chicken  1 of 1

Liv and I ran into our cousins at Chipotle and crashed their dinner party. It was a blast :)

Chipotle  1 of 1

(burrito bowl with chicken, brown rice, lettuce, hot and pico salsa, guacamole)

An AMAZING shout out in the German Shape Magazine

Shape mag feature

(thank you again Christin for letting me know!)

A new scarf, which was in my latest StitchFix box:


(Caro called dibs on it as soon as I took it off. She has excellent taste)

Caro  1 of 1 3

and these Samoa cookies. I think I may be making some tonight….

Samoras 2 0051

[photo source]

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun fitness events or races? I have a couple of new classes on the menu for this week- pretty excited about it! My fitness and food plan will be up in the am.

Have a happy Saturday! <3



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  1. Congrats on the shout out!! That’s amazing!
    Ah, I can’t imagine those night weeks, especially with a little one now, it must be tough to sleep throughout the night…I don’t blame your for the extra caffeine;) I totally rely on that stuff with a bad night sleep too.
    I hope Caro’s stomach is feeling better now.
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Congrats on the shout out in German Shape – how cool! Caro is such a cutie. And I’m sure things will be much happier for you now that night weeks are coming to a close. Have a great Saturday!

  3. Congrats on the shout out in Shape!! Caro is a cutie and I’m soo glad your done with night weeks!

  4. What are you studying for?

    I also hate ‘night weeks’. My boyfriend recently opened up a restaurant so he’ll close a few days out of the week and sometimes doesn’t get home til 3-4 in the morning. I can sleep because I have no dogs, but it’s weird without someone on the otherwise of the bed.

  5. How awesome that you were in the German Shape? Congrats! Did you see Elanas pantry had thin mints and tagalongs too? Mmmm…..yeah they all look dangerous! I think that almond butter would be amazing inside the tagalongs ones in lieu of peanut butter. :)

    Love the scarf!

  6. Ah those samoas look amazing. I went without cookies this year and it is definitely a struggle. I’m in the beginning stages of planning a kids camp this summer to educate on nutrition and give time to run around outside while learning about exercise. I’m so excited to get things started but its very overwhelming already. Yay for health!

  7. That picture of Caro – I die.

    Seeing as we’re currently dealing with reappearance of winter, I’m not really feeling up for much celebrating this weekend. Instead, I think I’ll hole up in my nice warm kitchen and devote the next couple of days to baking up some treats. Nothing like cookies and muffins to shake these winter blues :)

  8. I ran a snowy, wet 5k this morning!

  9. Congrats on the shout out in GERMAN Shape- that is so way cool on multiple levels!! :-)
    I’m sorry you guys are on “night weeks”- I know how much they suck, they make “regular life” a lot harder. :-( They’ve happened to both of us in this house, and I know what you mean. I’m glad they’re over for you for awhile!! YAY for back to actually sleeping!! :-)
    I too am NOT a morning person… at all… but I’ve started starting the morning a little earlier too, just so things go a little smoother and I feel actually awake.
    Oh and the scarf is SO PRETTY- btw I got my first stitch fix last week and OMGOSH I love it!!
    Have a great Saturday Gina! :-)

  10. That picture of Caro is so cute! Dogs are adorable… and so is that scarf! I’m running a makeshift 5k at the gym tomorrow since it will most likely be raining here in Seattle (surprised? ;))

  11. Gina! I have been following you for forever, always a lurker though lol. However, today is my first race, a 10k! I’m super excited! Your dedication for fitness has really been an inspiration to me. Thanks for everything! P.S. love that pic of Caro, and I hope with the Pilot home at night you can get a good nights rest : )

  12. hoping that this weekend I feel good enough to get to the gym for a run *fingers crossed* No races or anything yet!
    we had mexican food last night, but i could really go for a burrito bowl this morning for breakfast!

  13. Hey, congrats on the shout out in the German Shape!! I need to run and get it!! We have our first barbecue this year tonight together with the reappearance of winter….:-) well I guess, the guys will stand outside taking care of the meat while us girls will warm up inside with some champagne :-)

  14. Oooh! I love the scarf! I hope you show us the rest of this month’s box!

    p.s. Love your red lipstick, too!

  15. That chicken and the samoas look ah-mazing. I need to get myself a slow cooker. The only thing is it’s just me, and a lot of the slow cookers are meant for families of 200 (obvious exaggeration). I’ve been trying to find one that would be suitable for me, myself, and I.

  16. That is so awesome about the shout out! Congratulations!

  17. Yay for being done night weeks!! I love getting up early- I get up at 4 to work out before work. There is something so serene about the early morning hours and I love having that time to myself before everyone else is up and bopping around :)

    Those cookies look ah-mazing!

    Happy Saturday!

  18. Congrats on the shout out, that is awesome!! I love wearing scarfs because they dress up an outfit so quickly. I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone by wearing more bright colors. I tend to stick with the dark color family.

  19. Congrats on being featured in the German issue of Shape – awesome!!
    Glad you made it through night weeks (never fun especially when you have a little one).
    No races but I ran 22 miles this morning.

  20. I don’t speak German but I got a kick out of “schwester”. A cross between sweaty and the Alec Baldwin SNL “schweaty balls” skit kinda :)

  21. I love that scarf! So pretty! Does it have a brand on it so we might be able to find it elsewhere??

    Also, I just did my Pinterest craft for the month, since you inspired us with your post a couple weeks ago. My puppy thanks you :)

  22. Congrats on the shoutout! Definitely exciting.
    I think it’s going to be a fairly low-key weekend around here…going out for dinner tonight, and doing some homework and some baking tomorrow – Irish soda bread, for the first time.

  23. Sorry this has nothing to do with today’s post – BUT I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the awesome circuits you have posted.

    I printed them out, laminated them and keep them in my gym bag. They are absolute burners but so effective! I love the way they are so well set out with pictures and reps. It is just so easy to follow, that is until my eyes burn from sweat HAHA

    Have a great day!

  24. Congrats on the shout out girl! Pretty awesome ;)

    Happy weekend! If you do bake those cookies, send some to Baby G and I :) hehe!

  25. Congrats on German Shape! I’ve decided to take on a 5K! We’re moving next Saturday and three weeks later there’s a 5K. We will most likely walk most of it since my ankle hasn’t fully healed but we’re going to give it a shot and see what we can do.

  26. Ran a St. Patty’s Day 5K this morning. 20 degrees and windy but it made me run faster!

  27. Shaina Anderson says:

    giiirrrrrrl, didn’t you know you were a celebrity?! Congratulations on Shape Mag – I see a cover in your future. :-)

  28. Congratulations on the shout out! Well deserved!

  29. That’s too cool that you were in the German SHAPE magazine! It’s so surreal to have followers all over the world like that.

    Glad night weeks are done for you! Relative problems or not, not sleeping well sucks!

  30. Love your new scarf! And Caro is really too cute! Tried your lean mean leg workout yesteday (twitted you about it) and this morning I had some trouble waking up and walking normally lol that was killer and tonight your mexican stuffed sweet potato is happening :D can’t wait to try it and to cook it for my mum and bro :)

  31. Christin says:

    My pleasure! I was so happy to see you in there! <3

  32. This weekend is 13.2 (crossfit open wod) and hopefully a hike with a shelter pup depending on the unpredictable Nova Scotia weather.

  33. How cool! fitnessista in german!

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