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10 ways to make August Astonishing

Are we really heading into August?! As much as I’d like to say that I’m so excited for boots and sweaters, that’s still a few months away from us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even so, August has an almost-fall feel as students head back to school, Halloween decorations start to adorn store shelves (let’s be real, Hobby Lobby is on the Christmas bandwagon ALREADY) and we head into football season. (Roll tide!)

Here are some ways to make August an even more astonishing month:

Fruit salad

1) Have an apple a day, or a bowl of fresh fruit, in lieu of your usual snacks or before a meal. It’s a great chance to enjoy summer produce while it’s still here while getting a nutrient and energy boost. I’ll be enjoying my share of local peaches until the supply is long time.

2) Get next year’s swimsuits on super sale. I usually shop for swimsuits in the early fall because everything is marked down. Victoria’s Secret also has a habit of selling the same swimsuits year after year, so the ones I get from semi-annual sale don’t feel dated when I bring them out the following summer. When I went to Dillard’s last weekend, all the suits were marked down plus an additional 40% off. I definitely need to go back!

Pool  1 of 1

3) Make a spa date with your partner or girlfriends. Couples massages are so romantic, and it’s also fun to plan a relaxing spa day with the girls. I’ve always been a massage fan, but I’m loving facials lately. I think I’ll treat myself to one this month ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo 57 1

4) Streamline something that’s been cluttering your life. I’m always frantically leaving for work in the morning, since I make Livi’s breakfast, my breakfast to-go, and pack up my 1476 work outfits and coffee before heading out the door. Something that has helped a lot is packing everything I possible can the night before. My Zumba, teaching, pool, and weight room uniforms are ready to go along with shower stuff and any lunch foods/snacks.I’ll get dressed and start making breakfast before noodle wakes up. With how much I do to be “kinda prepared,” there are some things I can do to be more efficient with my time, streamlining my to-dos.

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Just say “spa”

Hi friends! Happy humpday! I woke up feeling super sore this morning. I couldn’t decide if it was the squat clean and jerks or the bowling. Yep, definitely the bowling. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner last night:   (lavender and honey salmon, sauteed eggplant and zucchini with basil and rosemary, and smashed potatoes)

Where we ate and stayed in Disneyland

Since we’ve been home for two weeks, I was wondering if I should even write this post or if this ship has already sailed, but figured it may be worth it. Many of you might be planning upcoming Disney trips, and I always love hearing about other bloggers’ experiences with dining and hotels. So even […]

Chicken tortilla soup for the soul + a Reebok giveaway- ENDED

  Little lovebug woke up coughing yesterday. Thankfully, as of now, it sounds fairly superficial -like a little summer cold/ick- but I’ve been trying to think of ways to soothe her throat and stop the coughing. She had some warm mint tea in her sippy cup yesterday morning (loved it!), and for dinner, it was […]

Summer Workout Playlist

I wrote this post earlier but somehow missed the critical “press publish” step. Derp. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since I’m off work on Mondays, it always feels like a nice relaxing day, but this week is even more fun because the Pilot took some leave. He has 90-something days, and while he obviously can’t use them all -how […]

Recent shopping finds

I tend to go through major shopping droughts. I think our wallet enjoys it because I live in workout clothes and get my monthly StitchFix box -which doesn’t feel like “real” shopping, haha- but then all of a sudden, there will be an avalanche of awesome deals andโ€ฆ things happen. Sinceย I always love when fellow […]

Quick No-bake Grain-free Cookie Dough

It always blows my mind when people say they don’t like chocolate. It’s ok, we can still be friends. More for me, right? I live for chocolate. Livi is quickly learning the ways, too. My nana bought me a cupcake magnet years ago and when you press the cupcake it says, “I loooooooooove chocolate.” Guess […]

7/28: Some weekend pics

7/28: Meals and fitness for the week

Hi! Happy Sunday <3 This morning I FINALLY got my booty out of bed and ran. I went to Sabino, where many of the small streams were flowing from the recent monsoons. I ran through the water, and am pretty sure my shoes weighed 10 lbs when I was finished ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today’s run was a […]

7/26: Friday Faves

Hi friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Friday! I had a What I Ate Thursday post in progress for you, but taught 4 classes yesterday and it became impossible to remember to take photos of all my bites. In fun news, I got to team-teach a super sweaty Zumba class with Sasha at BreakOut Studios here in Tucson. […]

Plank burner

I’m not sure if you guys remember the plank fail video of 2013. If you don’t remember, that’s probably a good thing haha. It was for Winter Shape Up, and I really wanted to make a plank ab burner. I went to my usual filming spot -a private studio at work- and saw that they […]

Time for time out

You know that post-vacation slump? It came to our house with a vengeance after our amazing Disneyland trip. I’m not sure if Liv was just sad that we couldn’t go to “Minnie Mouse House” anymore, or if the “twos” are really here, but we started “time out” last week. I’m not sure if time out […]