Favorite Glee Workout Songs

Hi friends :) How’s your week been treating you so far?

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Ours has been kind of lazy, but really wonderful. Lots of time at the pool, hanging out/reading at home, homemade dinners,

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(spice-rubbed salmon, potatoes, balsamic mushrooms and zucchini)

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fresh juices and smoothies


(hooray farm box!)

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and a lovely yoga class with a friend. There’s a Monday night class that we LOVE because the instructor sings during savasana. The first time she did it, I had to give myself the “don’t cry” pep talk because it was beyond gorgeous — like a yoga angel came down to serenade us. Now that I know what to expect, I don’t get quite as emotional, but absolutely love listening while relaxing at the end of our practice. During savasana, I tend to be a little bit of a “monkey mind” and even though my body is still, I’m thinking about a thousand things. When there’s an amazing song playing (it helps if it’s in another language), it’s so much easier for me to focus and meditate.

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Of course, my mind still wandered a little bit: sending gratitude for blessings, to-dos, wondering about a potential move, and some current events. I’m sure many of you can relate, but I was really upset to hear about Cory Monteith’s passing last week. When the Pilot told me about it, we were in California and I tried to brush it out of my brain so I wouldn’t think about it on vacation. He knows that I always had a little bit of a crush on Finn, and it’s always heartbreaking when someone young is gone too song.

I’ve used a ton of Glee music for classes (and my own workouts!) over the years, especially in the first few seasons. I was really into the show for a few years, but then fell out of it. I rekindled my love just recently when I started using “Don’t Stop Believin'” for Aqua Zumba.

My favorite Glee workout songs:

Glee workout mix

What’s your favorite Glee song? Mine is definitely “Faithfully,” even though there are so many good ones. The show will never be the same without Cory Monteith and I’ll keep sending love to those who knew him well <3

Something your yoga teacher does that you love? I especially love hands-on adjustments, even though it seems to be more rare in Tucson studios I’ve tried.

Hope you have a wonderful night <3



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  1. Genna Fulber says:

    I’m from Victoria, BC Canada, Cory’s home town. It hit me harder than I expected it to, mostly I think because we are the same age and it’s just so tragic. “Marry Me” preformed by Finn and Rachel came on my ipod this weekend while I was cleaning the house, I lost it. I can’t wait to see the Glee tribute when the season starts again, I am sure it will be done very tastefully and might help to ease some sadness.
    Thanks for your posts, they are always great :)

    • Fitnessista says:

      oh my gosh, i forgot about that one. so beautiful <3
      sending love to you and your home town. it was truly a tragic loss of such a talented man.

  2. I can think of lots of things my yoga teachers do that I DON’T love (blaring musics, constant talking, running over the class time when you have somewhere to be afterwards). But focusing on the positive, I love when teachers give you just the right amount of time and silence, not so much that you get bored or your mind starts racing, yet just enough to ‘settle in.’ I also love hands on adjustments.

  3. anytime i actually get to TAKE a class, i love when teachers use essential oils and give you a little temple/neck massage during savasana… pure BLISS!

  4. ‘Thriller/Heads Will Roll’ is probably my favorite.

    I still can’t bring myself to listen to Glee music yet. I heard ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay on the radio and I lost it in my car thinking about Cory singing it. Thinking about his passing still simply breaks my heart.

    I don’t know how I will watch the tribute they do for him. I just know I will have a few boxes of Kleenex on standby for sure!

  5. Whenever I need a laugh I watch the video of when Finn sang “You’re Having My Baby” to Quinn during Season 1. lol! The perfect mix of sweet and awkward.

  6. I definitely caught myself crying the morning I heard about Cory. Like you, I haven’t followed the show as closely as I used to, but I’m a sucker for any dance/musical based show. I can’t imagine how Lea is feeling or his family. Everyone has their own demons, but drugs are on another level….such ugly things happen to people who use. Love & light to Cory, his family, friends and his love, Lea.

  7. Gonna have to share this blog with my friend who is a huge Glee fan! That salmon dinner looks DELICIOUS!

  8. “Faithfully” is my favourite too. I used to blast it in the car but now I can’t even listen to it. Cory’s death hit me a lot harder than I could have expected.

    This video of “The Scientist” performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaILnVZFjTU made me so sad — the way it fades to black with just Finn on stage is so haunting and prophetic.

  9. I love Glee. I feel so bad for Cory’s family and Lea. I heard they were planning on getting married, and as someone who just got married, I’m devastated for her.

  10. i’ve never watched an actual episode of glee (i might be the only one left who hasn’t!), but i get so excited whenever a song from the glee cast pops up on the pitch perfect pandora station. the cast is so talented and their music always puts a smile on my face, so i was saddened to hear about cory’s passing. sending love to his loved ones, as well. <3

  11. RachelG says:

    During my yoga teacher training I learned that it a lot of states only medical professionals and massage therspists are allowed to put their hands on you. Obviously many yoga teachers offer assists and adjustments anyway, as it’s part of the training, but that could be why you haven’t had many.

  12. I have lots of Glee songs in my mix! Raise Your Glass, When I Get You Alone, Telephone, Dog Days Are Over, River Deep Mountain High. it won’t be the same without Cory.

  13. Thank you for this Gina! I too was heartbroken when I heard about Cory Monteith, and I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one…. and I have since been listening to Glee songs non-stop while working out, driving, etc. P.S. I created a “Glee” station on Pandora and it’s coming up with some great stuff… not only Glee cast songs, but also a lot of Michael Buble, Adele, Pitch Perfect, Rent and Wicked soundtracks, etc…

  14. I’m also a gleek and was verry saddened to hear about Cory Monteith. (I wrote a post about it and created a workout playlist too) My fave glee song will always be “Don’t Stop Believin.”

  15. Wow, that salmon looks amazing!

    Those are all great Glee songs. I also like, “Love you Like a Love Song”

  16. I also have a glee station on my Pandora…I can’t bare to listen to it right now. :(

  17. I had one yoga teacher that would come around during savasana and (if you wanted), would drip a drop of lavender essential oil on your palms to rub together and inhale. Sooooo relaxing!!!

    I’m in Tucson – do you mind saying the studio you are talking about? That sounds like an awesome class!!! My favorite person in Tucson BY FAR is Annie from Yoga Oasis. She only does 1 class per week (Sundays at the central location), and I literally plan my day around her class so I can make it (and it’s always PACKED!!!) She also sings – in another language – during savasana and its a magical experience!

  18. Glee is something so universal. I live in the Philippines but I still felt the same sadness and loss that everyone felt when Corey died. It also affected me because we are the same age. To see someone so young, pass away is truly heart breaking. I’ve watched the series and listened to their songs since the show began. Actually, the majority of my songs on my Ipod are Glee songs. I love running to Time Warp. I also love Some Nights.

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work!

    Sending my love all the way from Manila. :D

  19. Going through that list of Glee songs made me so sad :( The first season of that show was so amazing — great songs, a solid story line — and while I can’t say the rest of the show was as good as the first season, you can’t ignore how great some of those song covers were. My favorite was “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Darren Criss and Matt Bomer. So good!

  20. My prenatal yoga class always begins with us going around the room and everyone saying one thing that surprised them about pregnancy. It is not really part of the yoga practice, but it is a nice way for everyone in the room to bond and commiserate. It usually leads to a lot of laughter before we start which I find a really nice way to begin the class relaxed and in a good mood :-)

  21. The Thriller/Heads Will Roll mashup was one of my favorites, as well as Teenage Dream and Candles (I love Blaine!)

    I’m with you on the Finn crush and was kinda surprised when my hubby told me the sad news.

  22. I love it when yoga instructors give hands on modifications, too! It always feels like a mini massage!! :) I also love it when they come around and give scalp and neck massages during savasana. Holy crap I am in heaven then! :)

  23. I’m so sad about Cory Monteith. Glee definitely won’t be the same without him.

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite Glee song, I love so many of them! Favorites are: Lean on Me, The Scientist, Against All Odds, Sing, Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio mashup…all so good.

  24. LOVE their time warp version….makes me sad thinking about this now =(
    On another note, my yoga teacher brings organic essential oils/lotions to massage on our foreheads at the end of class and I love it!!

  25. I LOVE that you have Glee on your workout mix….I do too!

    I like “What Makes You Beautiful” for working out, but “Faithfully” and “Here’s to Us” might be my other top two faves. Plus, I just love the mashups…My Glee playlist is what got me up a really big mountain on a hiking trip.

    Funny how celebrities joys/tragedies affect us all whether or not we intend for them to do so. Cory’s death and the royal baby are the perfect examples (in my life, anyway).

  26. Hands down, “Pure Imagination” from after Sue Sylvester’s sweet sister passed away.

  27. haha, i’ve been on a total glee kick lately for workout music. my favorite is “bills bills bills.” idk why. haha.

  28. Brittany says:

    My all time favorite song is Cory Montieth’s cover of I’ll stand by you. I nearly cry every time I hear it because it reminds me of how I feel about a lot of people in my life. My mother used to sing it to me when I was a baby. I can’t wait to sing it to my baby, If i ever get lucky enough to have one! But my niece and nephew hear it a billion times!

  29. Me too. I feel bad about Cory Monteith’s passing. His like the perfect partner for Lea Michelle’s character. She must be very devastated about losing a loved one. I’m a big fan of the show and I’ve seen Cory grow in it. It’s so sad he had to die that way. Those are wonderful glee songs for workout sessions! My favorite is “Don’t Stop Believing”. Love the fruit juice and salmon by the way! I’ve been living healthy for the past two weeks because I was inspired by your blog and I also keep track of your YouTube videos and follow the exercises that you teach. That zumba video is my fave. Keep up the great work and hope to see and read more of you!

  30. I love yoga and am so happy I have been indulging in yoga classes lately! My instructor is amazing and plays rasta music which puts me in that peaceful happy mood, thanks for sharing :-) love + shine Courtstar

  31. Oo Mi Gosh that salmon – if that isn’t the most beautiful food ever!!! And the baby carrots are the cutest – I miss my farm box. Sadly had to cancel it due to supply difficulties (similar to yours) and they don’t have a storehouse nearby where I can get it.

  32. I love Rumour has it. One of my favortie!
    And one thing my Yoga teacher does is to losen up legs and shoulders of every single participant during savasana. It’s like a mini massage and feels SO GOOD!

  33. I love it when teachers make adjustments in savasana with essential oils rubbed on their hands! Last night, the teacher used some orange-scented oil….yum!

  34. I have been working with addicts for years so it always hits me hard when I hear of anyone losing their life to addiction. I find myself thinking about Cory more than I expected and really feel sad for all of his friends and family. I love so many Glee songs but haven’t listened to any since hearing about him.

  35. I love Glee and especially Glee covers! Thanks for posting this list, I’ll have to add a few of those to my workout playlist.

  36. It’s crazy because I just started watching Glee in the past couple of months on Netflix…I never got the hype before and honestly made fun of those for watching it. It’s a very dramatic and emotional show though and you do find yourself super attached to the characters…I can’t even imagine being an actor/actress in that type of show! It is so so sad that Cory is gone now…and at such a young age! I think my favorite song is Don’t Stop Believing which is one of those that just gives me chills! Although watching the videos of Cory singing gives me the chills too…so stinkin’ heartbreaking!

  37. Hands on adjustments for sure!!! I went to a “pop-up” yoga class last night .. two teachers and 8 students … plus both teachers know me. It was so amazing – just about every third pose, if not sooner, I was adjustment. There was so much space in my body <3

  38. One of my favorite yoga instructors once put a smear of lavender oil on my forehead during shavasana and it was INCREDIBLE! Now I carry a small bottle of the oil with me to every yoga class and it makes all the difference for my meditation.

  39. Love hands-on adjustments! I also love when our teacher presses gently on my shoulders during savasana to encourage me to relax….

  40. Marisol B says:

    I am a huge Glee fan. When everyone dissed the show, I continued to watch. I never took to one character over another but when I heard the news of Cory’s passing, my heart ached so much. For reasons I myself can’t even explain, I was literally in mourning. I read every news article I could get my hands on, watched his performances. I don’t know if it’s because he was the glue of the show or because he suffered from such a horrible disease, or if it was just because I loved the show so, but I was truly in pain from his loss.

    My heart goes out to the family and his love, Lea.

  41. If you don’t have River Deep Mountain High on your workout playlist, you’re missing out! It’s a great cardio song (I like it on the elliptical), and it’s so peppy that despite the (ever increasing?) speed I can’t help but smile while I’m dying to keep up!

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