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8/30: Friday Faves

-Being reunited with an old appetizer friend:

Sp rounds  1 of 1

I made these sweet potato rounds for last night’s girls night, and even though it’s been forever since I’ve made them, they used to be my-go snack for parties. Super simple: cut sweet potatoes into rounds, bake 35 minutes at 375, top a mix of feta (I used the goat milk feta), olive oil, chives, salt, garlic and pepper, then bake for 10 more minutes. It’s an awesome sweet and savory combo!

Girl’s night was a blast as usual, and I’m officially obsessed with Ashley’s Mason jar wine glasses:


-Caro’s latest lounge spot in the couch:


I can officially say she’s now a frequent tail-waggler and cuddler… so proud of her.

-Ghee! I’ve never really cooked with ghee, but I’m a huge fan of Kerrygold butter, and when I saw this as a “new item” at Trader Joe’s, I decided to give it a try. It has a lovely light texture and flavor… and to do it right, I think some Indian food might be on the agenda 😉

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In and out workout

Morning friends! How’s your week been? I can’t believe August is almost over! If you’ve been following the August calendar for your workouts this month and would like a similar one for September, please let me know. I can have it ready to go and up by Sunday morning. This week, my workouts have actually […]

Target: Back to school

[This is a sponsored post from Target, one of my all-time favorites. Very few stores have the ability to make me arrive with one thing on the list and leave with an entire cartful. Since we’re heading into “back to school” time, Target is the perfect spot to get everything you need for college, in […]

Polenta Pesto Lasagna

I’m not sure what happened to me this week, but I’ve been extra inspired to try out new recipes. Sometimes I don’t post any recipes because I’ve been living off salad beasts and egg burritos, other times, I have so much I want to cook and share! This is one of those times, so I’m […]

Ben’s Bells

Livi and I have a lot of fun adventures together. We’ll stay at home to have dance parties and read books, swim, meet up with friends for playdates, go to story time or music class, join the family for lunch or dinner, and run errands together. With all of the things that we DO, there […]

Cashew Brownie Batter Bites

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may remember that I went to raw culinary school. I ate raw while I was there, and learned so much about nutrition, plating and knife skills. I also learned what it’s like to lack knife skills. I sliced my hand hacking a coconut, and there […]

PRO meals: salmon cakes

Hi friends! Happy Monday. Anything exciting happening this week? I’m kind of stoked to have a week without official plans. According to our calendar, it’s already Halloween (then the holiday hubbub begins) so it’s refreshing to have a little downtime. We have some fun (and not-so-fun) projects we’ve been working on around the house, and […]

8/25: Some weekend pics

8/25: Meals and fitness for the week

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? Yesterday, I did my first longer run with my running group. We did 7 miles, and it was awesome to have people to chase the entire time 😉 We did a hilly there-and-back route, and even though it was balls early, I didn’t really wake up […]

8/23: Friday Faves

-Hula-ing with these lovely ladies at the dance show last night. We did a hula/Tahitian dance, and the costumes were SO fun. I kind of felt like a rainforest fairy… or something. The pizza and cocktails after the show weren’t too shabby, either 😉 -This LUSH face mask. I’ve tried out quite a few of […]

I joined a running group

and I liked it 🙂   I have PR dreams for my next half marathon, so my friend Monica hooked me up with a training plan, which I’ve been loosely following according to my schedule. This week, I also went to the running store to get fitted for new shoes to last me the fall/winter […]

My baby hates the high chair {video}

and her stroller, and basically any occasion when she isn’t able to move around freely on her own.  Usually, it’s NBD because I’d rather hold her hand and let her walk around. She wants to move and explore instead of being strapped down, and I get that.  However, there are some times when she needs […]