Our moving destiny

Hi friends! How’s your week treating you so far? I apologize for the blog downtime this morning! Hopefully everything is back to normal around here. Thanks again to Ryan for helping out with the crashes.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

I went for a nice easy run, 


we’ve been playing outside with the sand and water table, 

Water table2

and this weekend, the Pilot and I had “the talk” about our fate.

Our moving destiny isn’t in our hands, but it’s nice to know we can put in a bit of preference ;) When you’re set to PCS (change assignment locations), you can turn in a “dream sheet” with your top 5-6 choices. Since the Pilot and I have been married we’ve lived in Fayetteville, NC, Valdosta, GA, and now here in Tucson. I always told him that if we were assigned to Tucson, that was all I really wanted and I wouldn’t care what happened next. I wanted the chance to be by family and we were even fortunate to have a baby here. We got really lucky with our assignment and the time has flown by. I’ve loved and savored every second and will continue to do so until we find out what’s going on and we start to prepare for the next station.

It’s weird, but as a military wife, you get the “itch” to move every couple of years because you’re used to it. While there are some parts of military life that I don’t love, for the most part, I really enjoy it. I’ve been able to visit places I’d never otherwise see, I’ve become more adaptable (3 deployments will do that), and am better at meeting people and making friends than I used to be (which can be tricky when you’re an introvert). I’m fortunate to have girlfriends all over the country that we’ve been stationed with at one time or another, and the squadron provides fun events + a family vibe, especially when you’re at an Ops squadron (we’re at a training squadron now).

I try not to post too much about our military life/stuff because there are rules concerning that sort of thing, but at the same time, I like to give a little glimpse of what it’s like. It’s scary, challenging, exciting and wonderful all at the same time. There’s an article that was recently posted that explains some military wife life emotions especially well. (A notable quote: “There are romantic moments about military life that rival only the most dramatic movies. We’ve been spun around by a man in uniform after he hasn’t seen us in months. We’ve seen our children run toward their daddy with pure glee and excitement.”)

I’m nervous, of course, but excited to hear what we’ll be doing a year from now so we can kinda plan (you can never really have a “plan”).


I’ve also been a meal-prepping machine this week!

Naptime is when I do most of the cooking, and almost always prep dinner during this time, too. This way, I can make sure dinner is going to happen (unless it happens to be hot bar night), and can play with Livi while she’s awake. We also like to be out and about at friends’ houses, play dates, or fun adventures with the fam, so I don’t have to worry about coming home to cook since dinner is already prepped in the fridge.

It’s been a while since I’ve made protein fudge, and it’s such a great snack:

Protein fudge  1 of 1

(Fig jam in the middle!)

Hope you’re enjoying the day <3





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  1. It’s kind of exciting to think where you might get to go next! While I’m sure it’s always sad to leave a place, especially one you love so much, its like an adventure. Thanks for sharing that part of your life with us. It’s something a lot of us don’t have experience with, including me!

  2. Hopefully the move will be as smooth as can be!

  3. Chicago? :)
    Hopefully everything goes well…miss you my friend!

  4. Sherri O. says:

    I have 2 boys in the military (Navy and Air Force). My oldest son in the Navy is expecting his first child in April 2014 and they are stationed in San Diego (a mere 1 1/2 hours drive from me) and they will be living here until the baby is born. He is due to change locations sometime in 2014 and I sent him my “dream list” for vacation destinations of course. My middle son is currently in BMT for the Air Force and I have also given him my “dream list”. Although he doesn’t have a wife yet, I like give my input. I am so excited to live their travel experiences thru them and tell them this is their chance to see the world so take advantage of it.

  5. military life seems equally exciting and scary…definitely an adventure, i’m sure! i’m crossing my fingers that your family gets your top “dream” choice. :)

  6. I am super curious to see where you get sent to next! If I’m like this I can only imagine how you feel…especially now with the little one. So many emotions! Fingers crossed for you that it’s not too far from your family.

  7. I’m a military wife that gets that moving itch badly. We were at El Paso for two years (not my favorite) and now fayetteville. I’m already dreaming about our next adventure even though we have only been here for a little bit. So many amazing choices out there…

  8. Glad to know you get to make a dream sheet. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the next move!

  9. Have they told you yet that you will be moving or are you just assuming you will be within the next year due to how long you’ve been in Tucson? Is it possible they would have you stay there for a few more years?

    • Fitnessista says:

      we’re on the list to move and the pilot told me our chances of staying in tucson are “zero percent”
      so there’s that, haha

      • At least it’s nice to know not to get your hopes up to stay. When will you find out your next location? Do you get a lot of lead time before your move?

  10. Completely understand the itch to move. While I was in the Air Force, I worked in Public Health and could go to any base. Then I married my husband, who worked on the A-10’s also, and my choice of bases went down drastically. We were at Eielson AFB (where my family is and I had the best of both worlds) and Pope AFB, NC. We are both out of the Air Force now (even though my husband still a Government employee) and that itch to move is still here. Currently living in Atlanta, GA. Anyway if I had to do it all over again, I wish I could have been stationed in Europe. I think it is one of the best ways to see that part of the world. Best wishes to you both on your next adventure. Thanks again for both of your service :)

  11. Sounds exciting! I don’t do well with change and am definitely an introvert so I don’t know how I would handle all that, but I’m sure you get used to it like you said.

  12. hmmm…Hawaii? :) My hubby just turned in his dream sheet, and we’re dreaming of paradise! I’m also hoping that some time during his career we’ll have the opportunity to go to Europe…scary/amazing! Good luck to you!

    • We are in Hawaii now and PCS’ing next March. HEARTBROKEN. Seriously, this is the best place ever (even if it meant being farrrr from home while my husband did a 12 month deployment) and if we could stay here his entire career, we totally would! Good luck and I hope you get it!! I’m already scheming to come back again after the next assignment :)

      Gina- we just learned we’re off to Ft Bragg! So your old stomping grounds of Fayetteville. Not excited, but trying to look on the bright side (the closest I’ve lived to home in 10 years! Might be the time to finally settle and have babies…)

      • Alexis, not to be a super creep, but I’m an Army wife stationed in Hawaii, soon to move to Fort Bragg also. It really is awesome out here and I am way bummed to have to leave, but I guess I knew it had to happen one day. :)

        • Breanne T says:

          Katie and Alexis let me be the first to prematurely welcome you to Fort Bragg! My husband and I have been here since February. I was not impressed at first, but have slowly been warming up to the town. We live on post and I really enjoy my house and neighbors. Hope you both have a smooth transition and PCS!

        • Yay, so glad to see another one! All our friends are getting the assignments that we ranked higher (Bragg was #4 on our list… so much for lists!) and we have yet to see any friends going to Bragg. We’ve been looking at the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area due to the massive health center there (aka, job opportunities for me as I work in the medical field), and it actually seems really cute. I have a friend who lived there and said there is an awesome yoga studio!
          My husband doesn’t have many options for bases with his helicopter, and none in Europe:( so Hawaii was the best we could get. Trying to just be grateful that we got it!:)

      • Fitnessista says:

        good luck with the move! i actually really liked fayetteville. the base is incredible, raleigh and wilmington (+ carolina beaches) are only about an hour away, and we had a blast there.
        one of my friends was in hawaii and had a baby before her husband’s 12-month deployment, but absolutely loved it. i would love being stationed there!

    • Fitnessista says:

      that would be amaaaazzzziiing
      i wish the same- i would love to live in europe
      good luck to you, too!

  13. My husband and I will be moving to in about 8-9 months but I am so ready! We are far away from family and it is hard. We are looking forward to getting into a city that is more activity friendly and isn’t snowing 9 months out of the year! BRING IT ON! :)

  14. Hi – I recently found out I was pregnant. The nurse told me to avoid my protein powder (Sunwarrior) because of the raw ingredients. Did you use it while you were pregnant or do you know of any powders that have been deemed ‘pregnancy safe’? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

    • Fitnessista says:

      i didn’t eat it very often- it was a rare treat. i didn’t eat a ton of protein powder in general because it didn’t sound as appetizing to me, but i did use sun warrior or vega in smoothies. vega might be a good option- i would ask!

  15. It’s so great to hear that you handle moving so well! My family has moved from California to Kansas, and now we’re here in New York. So we’ve literally been across the nation! Best of luck for the plans to come!
    And that fudge looks so good.

  16. You two are so inspiring. I can imagine being a military wife is tough, but you seem to take it all in stride!

  17. Tucson definitely seems like it has been good for you, especially having Livi there. I hope where ever you move to it is a positive experience. You and the pilot seem to make an awesome team and that is a wonderful foundation that will make any transition so much easier!

  18. PCSing is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! I grew up near Eglin/Hurblurt so maybe one day we’d like to go back there. We’ve been to Germany and now Seymour J. NC.. I think we may try out West next! Good Luck to you :)

  19. Hi, new reader alert! I’m excited to find another military wife out there, although mine is enlisted. We are batting around the “stay in and PCS or get out and move home” debate right now. I can’t wait to use your blog as inspiration after this baby is born!


  20. When do you find out where you move to? I smell Miramar :) Good luck!!

  21. I can only imagine moving around a lot, but I suppose that ‘home’ is wherever your little family is! I hope that you get placed somewhere you’ll love – keep your positive attitude <3

  22. I move to a new country every year and with it comes excitement but learning how to live in a foreign land can be difficult especially when you do not speak the language! I know how much you love living there and having set up shop makes life much easier especially when raising a family! I do love the excitement of meeting new people though :) Thanks for sharing Love + Shine CourtStar

  23. well not matter what, we’ll be there to support and follow! My good friend got married to a military man and moved to fayetteville last year. I wonder where she’ll go next!

  24. Ah, so bittersweet! I’m sure your family will miss you as much as you’ll miss them. Getting the Tucson assignment in the first place sounds like a stroke of good fortune. How many bases are available for the pilot? Probably only bases with a primary fighter mission? I got lucky and had a bunch of good bases available for my rank and job, so we are off to Aviano next week. I’m scared but excited. It’ll be fun to see where you guys get and how you like it!

    • Fitnessista says:

      aviano!!! ahhhhh! i could only dream, haha
      we had about 10 places to choose from. a couple of amazing ones -not saying anything because i don’t want to jinx it- and a few horrible ones
      good luck with your move!

  25. My brother in law is in the Air Force and is being PCS’d soon! It’s sad… we’ve gotten so used to them being back for the last 3 years! I need to try this protein fudge!!!

  26. It has been a dream come true to have you, Livi, and Tomas here. I will miss the regular visits, dinners and Livi sitting. That being said, for who you and Tomas are and what the two of you do, where ever you live, you’ll be forever close in my heart. Skype don’t let me down!! ily, Madre

    • Fitnessista says:

      you know you’re coming with us, right? haha
      your comment almost made me dinosaur cry. love you so much, madre

    • Mrs. Gina’s Madre, this was the sweetest thing I have ever read. So nice to see how much you support Tom and Gina and their lifestyle and so nice of you to help them out with Livi. It is nice to see such a close-knit, loving family

  27. Aw man. I’m not ready for you to go yet!!

  28. I love to hear about your life as a military wife! Living here in Switzerland we don’t know anything about a life like this. I cross fingers for you that you will get to be in a place you love!

  29. This is the first time I’ve left a comment but I can relate. I’m also a military wife and know what it means to PCS. We’ve just recently moved overseas and it was stressful and exciting all at the same time. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear where the military sends you next. Where ever it is I know it’ll be great for you all.

  30. You know you’ll have to leave Liv in Tucson…..or pack your mom and nana and take them with you!! Haha

    I’ve only been reading your blog since you’ve been in Tucson so it’ll be different to read about your life in a new place. I pray you guys get to go to one of your top picks! :)

  31. PCSing is always bitter sweet. We get so excited for the change and the move, then we move and I get sad and miss the familiarity and comfortability we had at our last base, then the awkward phase passes and I learn to love where I am, and then it happens all over again :-) Good luck! Let me know if you move to Dayton, Ohio ;-)

  32. Gina, as a (future) military life living through a seperation right now, I love when you post about these changes because you so easily show that they can be challenging but also exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  33. It’s always very interesting to hear about your journey as your a military wife, I know it must be tough but you seem to do such an awesome job at keeping positive.
    Good luck with everything!

  34. Although I know you said you get the “itch” to move and that means to new states, cities, etc, I totally get the itch to move too…even if it is just down the street haha. I swear since I’ve met my hubby, we’ve moved at least every year. This is actually the longest we’ve been in a place for (just over a year) and I’m like, ugh…. when is the next move?! It just happens that way (not like we feel the NEED to, but just that things work out). Hopefully you get assigned to an awesome location next!

  35. I spent a summer in Southern Pines, NC two years ago to help my sister out with her three little ones while her husband was on assignment. Coming from the west coast it was a totally different environment and I loved the experience! From conversations I’ve had with my sister and other military wives, I think your thoughts on PCS and the “romantic” side of it ring true for a lot of women out there :)

  36. I work in the development/humanitarian assistance field, and have always wondered what it will be like to move from place-to-place for my job, and how difficult it must be for a couple to do this together. It is amazing that you two have such a solid foundation that you are able to go many different places but still live a happy and full life. I hope you get your first choice!!!

  37. I grew up an Air Force brat (and actually, both of my parents were from Air Force families too), as my dad went from the Air Force Academy to retiring a Colonel. None of the kids opted to pursue military careers (I would probably die at boot camp… yelling makes me shut down and want to curl up in a corner… can you tell I didn’t grow up being yelled at much?). Even so, my husband and I met here but have plans to move in a few years to a place we feel better aligns with our vision of family life (for us, a big chunk of that is to get four seasons… I think all kids should get to experience snow days!).

    I lucked out in that we lived in Northern Virginia for a good chunk of my childhood (my dad switched assignments, but it was all commute-friendly so we could stay in the same house), moved away for three years, and moved back. Nevertheless, we did move around a bit (only in the U.S.) and I LOVED it! I learned to “sink or swim’ in many situations, and feel that it really helped my character. I adapt quickly to changing situations and don’t get too set in my ways, which I think is a good thing. I can say living in Tx now, I know people who have never left the state (Texans LOVE Texas), who have never seen snow or a true Autumn season… and to me, that’s part of life and I’d be sad to miss those elements. I was technically born here in Tx, but left before I could walk, so I don’t remember it, but everyone assumes I was “born and raised” Texan… despite my moving history. I think from the perspective of family, you can’t give your kids anything like the experience of growing up in military life. It really will enhance their personalities in so many wonderful ways – and while deployments are tough, there is a sense of family and independence that is unriveled. Even now, that sense of nomadic nature is within me, and I get restless! When I was 18, I moved to FL for college because … well, because I was 18 and could. When I graduated college, I found a training program and moved to NYC, because it was a great opportunity. I don’t think I would have been nearly so brave to do these things without knowing a soul, if I hadn’t been raised military. The BEST part about military life? I know people everywhere. I love that when I travel for work, I probably know someone nearby. When my flight got delayed leaving me overnight in NC, I called an old friend and had some company for dinner and a place to stay the night. If I know someone moving to a new city, and I already know someone in that city, I just make a call and they will happily reach out to the newbie. That’s military life. It’s amazing.

    I love when people say “you know what you’re getting into” with military life – because really, all you know is that you’re getting into the unknown! Best wishes and fingers crossed you get a top pick… but if not, you seem like you will do fine adjusting and making the most of your siutation – and know that it’s just another temp assignment and soon enough you’ll be on your way!

  38. My family has been going through a lot these past 6 weeks (My grandfather passed away and 6 days later we found out my dad has cancer) and I say to my Madre all the time “the plan is that we dont have a plan.” I’m sure for you it is very similar with not knowing when or where you are moving. The unknown sucks. Plain and simple

  39. Moving is exciting! How exciting that you could go anywhere! Adventure abounds, new friends to be made!

    I recently had to reconcile to myself that as long as I am with my guy, I’m stuck in one place, the ONLY place the Navy has his jet. As a former hobo, this was difficult to come to terms with :-\ However, it’s an adventure of a different sort.

    Hope you end up somewhere good ;)

  40. Christina R says:

    crossing my fingers for you, you get one of your top picks! if not, i know you will make the best of it :)

  41. Gosh, reading this brings me back to my childhood as an Air Force brat. We were in Germany for 4 years and that was my favorite, my parents’ favorite too. So much fun, and you can take weekend trips to other countries in Europe..amazing. Olivia will have such a great experience getting to live in different places. Being a military kid definitely shaped me as a person! Good luck, I hope you get somewhere good :)

    • Fitnessista says:

      all of the military kids i’ve met have been extremely well-rounded, kind and friendly. it must be really hard for them, but definitely has a positive impact as well
      thank you, and thank you to your family for your service!

  42. I am intrigued by the military lifestyle. Have you ever watched Army Wives? I’m just finishing up season 1 and I love it! Not sure if it’s a realistic portrayal of the lifestyle some of you ladies lead, but it sure is good tv :) I’m sure wherever you end up you’ll make the best of it. You seem like that type of person.

  43. Love this!! <3

  44. Although I’m not a military wife, we are currently on our first assignment for my husband’s job (engineering project manager) in Australia. So, I completely identify with some of the emotions that you have! It’s definitely a huge challenge having a baby and living far away from everyone you love. Our family JUST met our little guy last month at 6 months old when we were at home for a visit. You have to give up a lot to live this lifestyle, but always remain positive and appreciate the experiences that you otherwise would never have! <3

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