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A taste of Italy

I would like to dedicate this post to everyone who told me that my favorite Italian olives (Castelvetrano) are at World Market. Not only did they have the olives, some beautiful anchovies and my favorite Duplo bar (uhhh and about a thousand decor items I’d like to purchase), they also had beautiful pasta, olive oils and espresso. Be still my heart! 

Italy goodies  1 of 1

The experience of eating a Duplo bar is a liiiiittle different when you’re hastily shoving pieces down your face without letting the little one see, instead of wistfully enjoying it with a small cup of espresso in the Vatican. (It was right before dinner and while I understand that I’d still need to eat vegetables after that, trying to explain that to Oliv doesn’t quite work yet. Once you get her sweet tooth going, there’s no turning back.) 

I was even inspired to make my first Italian-ish meal since we’ve been back: some turkey quinoa meatballs. 

Meatballs  1 of 1 2

While Livi was eating lunch, I prepped everything and browned the meatballs. I used Jessica’s wonderful recipe, and the house smelled divine.

Browning meatballs  1 of 1

(Livi kept saying, “Delicious! Eat?” while they were cooking because they smelled so wonderful)

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When your spouse or significant other isn’t into fitness

Hi friends! How’s your day going so far? The Halloween bug is slowly taking over our house and I’m so excited to get up some holiday decor. I spent last night drinking a glass of wine and painting pumpkins: (I have awesome plans for the last pumpkin.. just need to replen my puffy paint supply) […]

Fueling for fitness classes + training

Hi friends! Hope you’re enjoying the morning. I started mine off with a short run in our brand-spanking-new brisk weather. It’s amazing what a little cool breeze can do for an outdoor workout! I’m determined to savor it as long as possible. I did 3 miles and then came home for a short stretch… it […]

9/29: Some weekend pics

9/29: Meals and fitness for the week

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! I’m hobbling through the world today… nothing could save me from yesterday’s run and teach extravaganza. I braved the cold dip -alternating between cold and hot for 20 minutes- taught a stretch class, which forced me to stretch, and still: very sore. Even though it was a doozy (10 miles + […]

Conquering lateness + an awesome giveaway

  [This is a sponsored post from BlogHer through Citi, which includes an incredible giveaway opportunity. As always, all opinions are my own] I’d always been one of those “late for everything” kind of people. I know it’s rude, it’s embarrassing, but unless it was a job interview, you could pretty much guarantee that I’d […]

9/27: Friday Faves

Floral denim. I got this pair at Old Navy (they’re $19 now!), and they’re perfect with a chambray button-up.    Justin’s nut butter single packs. I always have one in my work backpack or purse, just for emergencies. The hazelnut chocolate rocks my world.  This exfoliating cleanser. I went into LUSH to pick some up, […]

Healthy and hearty chili

Ok, not really… it’s still shorts and tank weather. But it’s always a good day for a huge bowl of chili and chips. Yesterday afternoon, Livi and I didn’t have anything going on, and I figured the weather was too nice to stay inside. We called Kyle and Meg to see what they were up […]

Turning over a new leaf

Or cactus? 😉 As we’ve already established, I’m all aboard the cliche blogger fall train. We tend to get a little excited about these things, especially when it comes to the pumpkin love fest. No shame. In addition to wearing boots and sweaters even though the current coolest temp is 70, and that’s for about […]

The latest ‘fix

If I’m wearing an outfit some would consider “fashionable,” there’s about a 90% chance that StitchFix picked it out to me. The other 10% comes from the fact that I really, really like Nordstrom Rack. It’s hard to believe that I started doing StitchFix boxes almost a year ago, and they’ve just continued to get […]

Fancy feet {+ a new Zumba video}

Hiiiii 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the week so far! Livi and I had a great day yesterday and last night, I met some friends for yoga. It had been forever since I’ve taken a class, and mannnn, did I need it. My tight hips and quads were crying a little, but some namaste time has […]

Sprints or steady?

Hi, how’s your day going? I’m so happy you like the breakfast casserole recipe. Let me know if any of you give it a try! It was fantastic this morning topped with salsa and wrapped in a tortilla. Mmm. Some things to tell you this lovely afternoon: 1) Sriracha, olive oil and tamari may be […]