Wine date


I love when fellow blogger friends have posts like this, so I thought it would be fun to have another little virtual wine date.

So let me pour you a glass of red (Jam Jar Shiraz or maybe a mocktail if you’re not into wine) and here are the things I’d chat with you about :)

If we were having wine right now, I’d want to hear what you’re up to! What are your plans for the fall? How’s the fam?Anything exciting happening lately?

I’d tell you how excited I am about the DVD. As you can imagine, it was a lot of work -fun work, but still work!- and we are so thankful for everyone’s support. I’ll be linking to some of the amazing reviews in tomorrow’s faves post. Sasha and I planning our next projects, which also may include a regular class here in Tucson, so stay tuned for more info on that if you’re local (or a T-loc as we say).

If we were having wine right now, I’d tell you I’m a little stressed out about moving. I put on a happy face and focus on the positive aspects, but that’s not to say there isn’t a piece of me kind of freaking out. While I’d love to see a new place -I keep trying to ask if we could somehow end up in Italy- there are a lot of parts that make the PCS time (when we change stations) a little intense. It’s even more unstable with the fact that they’re likely getting rid of the Pilot’s jet. This means so many things are up in the air, and while change is fun and exciting and yeah yeah, it can still be a little scary. I’m used to moving around, I’m used to deployments, but I’m not used to doing it with a baby who loves her family so much. I can’t think about her living away from her nanas for too long or that ninja comes into the room and starts cutting onions again.

Speaking of onions, yesterday was a stinky onion of a day. (<– Trying to be better about language since my little parrot is soaking up everything I say.) It started in the morning, and ended when I ate some rotten eggplant for dinner. My mouth and entire face started burning, and it wasn’t from the chili pepper overload I had added as a “garnish.” Don’t ever eat a rotten eggplant.

If we were having wine right now, I’d tell you about some upcoming fall things. My cousin is getting married, we’re hoping to have the WHOLE family here for Christmas, and have some fun traveling planned. 

I’d try to control myself from talking too much about all the amazing things Livi is doing. Her dancing is the best ever -I’ll try to take a video- and she can sing so many of the little songs we’ve been singing since she’s been born. She also sings them to her baby dolls and my heart does this slow mo’ explosion out of my chest. I’d keep this all to a minimum, especially since I have my handful of close mom friends to share stories like that, but I wouldn’t be able to help myself from gushing over her just a little bit.

Pull up a chair, friends. I’d love to hear what you’re up to, how everything is going, or any exciting news <3



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  1. If we were having wine, I’d tell you that I’m SO glad it’s Friday. For some reason, this week was more rough than most! I’d also empathize with your fears about moving. The fiancé and I are considering making a big move so we can buy a house (we live in a VERY expensive area), but I love living here so much! I don’t want to move away from our support system but we want to make that big step of buying our first house. Decisions are so tough sometimes! I’d also tell you that I alternate every day between planning a big wedding and deciding to elope. Every time wedding planning comes up, I have the urge to skip the whole process and go to Vegas. :) I’d also love to hear about Liv and how she’s doing!

    Sharing a glass of wine is almost better than therapy, no?

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