7/19: Friday Faves

-First things first: it’s nana’s birthday! We love you and are all so lucky to have you, nana. (Or in Liv’s case, “NANI!”) Happy, happy birthday! <3

Nana and liv

(I can’t believe how itty bitty Liv is here)

-Pho to-go!

Pho  1 of 1

Since our fridge didn’t have anything of dinner quality when we got back -just left some basic staples for the house/pet sitter- we decided to get takeout instead of making anything. There’s a wonderful place called Ha Long Bay in Tucson that I didn’t even know existed until recently. I like to think I’m making up for lost pho time… we’ve gone twice since their reopening and absolutely adore their food.

Pho  1 of 1

-The Yes To CC cream. Quite a few of you asked for an update about how I liked it, and I’ve been using it instead of my usual Juice Beauty tinted moisturizer for the past week. I’m IN LOVE. It goes on extremely light but still gives a little coverage, smells divine (like fresh grapefruit) and has SPF. I wish the sun protection was higher (it’s only SPF 15) but the fact that it hasn’t made me break out is a miracle, as I have sensitive skin. I’ll definitely be using it from now on.

Cc cream  1 of 1

-Glass containers:

(this pic is all of the ones I brought home after taking them to work full of food for the day! Aka they’re not clean, just rinsed out.)

Glass containers  1 of 1

I’m trying to totally nix the plastic containers this month and have been doing well so far! The only bummer is that glass containers take up a ton of space and are heavy to lug around. It’s fun to drink smoothies and eat cereal out of jars, though.

-Thick headbands. Perfect for hot yoga:

Headband  1 of 1

-Organic turkey jerky. I’m on a jerky kick right now– it’s an awesome portable high-protein snack.

Jerky  1 of 1

World to the world: I tried the salmon jerky from Trader Joe’s and it tasted like sadness. I’ll be sticking to the turkey variety for now (forever).

-Mickey Mouse rice crispies. Why are they SO good?!


This post has been getting a lot of love this week! Thank you to those of you who have been sharing it <3 It makes my heart happy to hear that you really enjoy certain posts or workouts. xo

-Thank you also to all of you who entered the Rodan + Fields giveaway. Congrats to the lucky winner:

Stephanie, who said, “I’ve always loved trying out new beauty products (Sephora is a dangerous place for me to go!) but one of my all-time favorite, tried and true products – and probably the one thing I’ve used consistently for 10 years or so – is Cetaphil cleanser. It’s super gentle and never irritates my skin. These products sound great – I’m on a constant quest to improve my skin. Thanks for the giveaway, Gina!”

Send me your info (fitnessista at gmail dot com) and we’ll get your prize on the way!

-FRIDAY! Shortest week ever. Totally ok with that 😉



What are you up to this weekend? Any fun fitness plans? If you’re looking for some workout ideas, check out the row and run workout or our latest barre burner! I’ll have a new video, circuit and playlist up for you next week, too.



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  1. Love think headbands ever since I bought my first Buff Band a few weeks ago, I can’t get enough! Eating out of glass containers is so much fun, especially for smoothies! I wish I could find better reasonable priced Mason jars though, having trouble with that.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Nana!
    That picture of her and Olivia is SO cute.
    My Sister is totally in love with Pho – but I still haven’t tried it yet! I feel totally late on the band wagon.
    Very interesting about the CC cream. I’ve heard good things about it – but haven’t tried out that brand yet. I’ll have to keep a lookout. Although, I’m pretty in love with the foundation I have now, but I do love to try new things.
    Have a beautiful Friday!

  3. I need to get rid of plastic containers as well! I keep saying it i just need to do it now. Shortest week here to, p.s love your videos! I hope to get a long run in and maybe some weights;)

  4. Mhmm I love pho! Vietnamese food is probably one of my favorite cuisines :).

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get your headband? I love the thick ones since they don’t slide off!

    You and the Pilot are such a beautiful couple ;). No wonder Liv is such a gorgeous little gal!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Nana!

    Wow…I didn’t know Yes To sold CC cream. I have sensitive, acne prone skin, so I definitely need to check it out!

    Yup, I wanted to get rid of plastic containers too! I haven’t gotten any glass ones yet, but they’re definitely on my “Need to Purchase” list.

  6. I’ve switched to glass containers too and agree that they are heavy to lug around. BUT they wash easier depending on what you put in them (some of my plastic ones would stain or smell a little funky even after excessive scrubbing – eww). You gotta go with what works though!

  7. I just started using the Yes To CC cream this week! I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and the only thing that doesn’t make it break out is certain Clinique products. I haven’t broken out with the Yes to CC product yet, but it’s only been 5 days so we’ll see! I really like it though. It’s a good switch up from just moisturizer and powder foundation and yay for SPF. I will say that it was a little heavy this week with 100F temps and 90% humidity but I think it will be perfect when this heatwave is over!

  8. I just received my Say Yes to giveaway box out here in Alaska. Wow, thank you! I can’t wait to try all the amazing full sized products. I love it!

  9. I love thick headbands! They definitely are awesome for hot yoga- wider = more room to soak up sweart! 😉

  10. I love the Say Yes products! I’ve been using the dark spot corrector on leftover acne scars and love it

  11. I’m so happy its the weekend! Also hooray for a new circuit but I definitely plan to try the bar burner too!

  12. Ha! The Jerky tasted like sadness.
    I have been in to the glass container thing, too. I loathe my Tupperware cabinet!

    Cool headband. Is that LuluMon?

  13. Where is the cool headband from??

    Good to know about the salmon jerky! I almost bought some the other day but hadn’t heard any reviews.

  14. Beverly Aragon says:

    Awww, feliz cumpleaños to your cute little nana! Enjoy the weekend 🙂

  15. Hope I get to live a healthy long life like Nana! We share the same bday.
    I love turkey jerkey too; wanna make my own.

  16. Loved reading about your Disney adventures with the family – it even made me a little sentimental thinking about going with my future kids 🙂

    Since you asked, I actually have very fun fitness plans this weekend! Teaching my normal 2 Saturday AM classes (BodyPump and TurboKick) then team teaching at a 2-hr workout party! 5 instructors, all cardio, mix of Turbokick, BodyCombat, Zumba, and Ujam – it’s going to be a blasty! (I’m slowly reading through your archives and love that you use this word so much :D)

  17. Headbands never stay on my massive noggin, it’s sad.

  18. Thanks for the review of the Yes to CC cream – I have been hearing about these and wouldn’t mind giving it a try. At the moment I mix my touch of sun Olay moisturizer with Almay skin balancing tinted moisturizer, which also has SPF 15 (why aren’t they higher???) and it works, and JUST about doesn’t make me break out, but I’m like you, so glad that the Yes one is working out. When my Almay runs out I will try that one next!

  19. Love the thick headband. I go to a Yoglates class regularly & the temp is mid 90’s. I used a wide band but this one looks way better! Tomorrow is a rest day & then a 10K Sunday.

  20. will have to try that jerky. my husband loves jerky & i’m always trying to find “clean” jerky for him!

  21. Check out Lunchbots.com! I take food everywhere I go, and they’re so lovely. Very lightweight, excellent size, sturdy, dishwasher safe. We switched away from plastic and had the same issues with the heavy glass. I now have a collection of Lunchbots and basically don’t know what my husband and I would do without them anymore!

  22. queenoffitness says:

    TWO big thumbs up for glass containers and for pyrex (MADE in the USA)! i made the switch in 2005 and have never looked back. we still have some plastic containers but we never store anything hot in them or foods that will be reheated (we have never ever put them in the dishwasher either). i agree with you and other commenters that they do weigh more but it doesn’t bother me. my co-workers call me the glass container queen.

  23. That CC cream looks awesome. I have really sensitive skin, so I may need to check out those products. We’re going boating with some friends this weekend so I’m pretty excited. Happy Friday!

  24. I totally need to try the Yes-to products! I’ve been hearing such great things!

  25. I just love that first picture of Liv! So sweet!! It’s ridiculous how quickly they grow and change…

    Happy Birthday to your Nana!

  26. Where is your headband from?! I love it. I too have fallen victim to the false allure of Trader Joe’s salmon jerkey. But their turkey jerkey is my favorite of all time.

  27. “It tasted like sadness” <<haha! I did not even know that they had salmon jerky but I certainly won't be purchasing it anytime soon 🙂

  28. You have got to try the turkey jerky from Costco! I think the brand was Krave and they were giving out samples when I was there. It’s amazing!

  29. Someone has a pho addiction 🙂 Welcome to the Pho lovers club!

    We nixed out all the plastic containers in our house. The glass ones are way easier to clean and are also safer to microwave in. But yes – they are bulky!

  30. I also tried the salmon jerky.. it was only so-so jerky-wise, but the after smell was just atrocious. I actually sent the bag with my fiance while he’s on his best-man’s bachelor party trip… no reason those men need to smell good. 🙂

  31. Maybe I am so out of the loop here..but why are you nixing all plastic containers? Is it because of the chemicals? I often store my leftovers in them so if you have any information for me I’d love to learn more! Maybe it’s a habit I need to break!

  32. I need to try my Pho to go! I absolutely love that dish, and I never get it anymore because I simply don’t have the dime to dine out as often as I’d like to! Thanks for the idea! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  33. PS I loved your “You Don’t Have to be Good” post! Thank you for the motivating words!

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