My name is Gina- I’m so happy you’re here.

On this blog, I like to share some daily happenings, as well as quick, effective workouts and healthy recipes.

Lunge and lift

I started writing The Fitnessista when we were living in Valdosta, Georgia. I was in maintenance mode after losing 40 lbs, but healthy options were pretty scarce. Going to Whole Foods in Orlando was a vacation in itself, and the little things, like being able to harvest my own organic produce made me scary excited. The blog was a little way to share healthy recipes and workouts with some of my personal training clients and since the beginning, a lot has changed:

Caprese salad

-My eating style. I started off the blog eating “diet foods” and eventually transitioned to more whole, unprocessed foods. I also experimented with pescatarianism but went back to eating chicken a couple of years later. Today I like to focus on lean protein, fruits, veggies, grains (I prefer to eat gluten-free), chocolate, wine and all the fun stuff sprinkled in.

-Our location. Since we’re military, we travel and move fairly often and are currently stationed in Tucson, AZ. Our next stop is San Diego, CA! Being a military wife has its challenges (we’ve been through 3 deployments and who knows how many TDYs), but it’s exciting at the same time. Oh, and the honeymoon feeling? It never goes away.

Us at airport

-Our family. We started off as The Pilot (my husband, an A-10 pilot and the love of my life I met at Starbucks), Bella (our maltipoo) and myself. In January 2012, we welcomed our daughter Olivia into our family. After dreaming about her for years, meeting her and having her in our life was even better than we imagined. You can read more about our family adventures, the pregnancy, birth, and musings as a new mom over on the family page.


-My jobs. Since we move so frequently, I’ve changed jobs along with our location. I currently teach group fitness classes at a world-renowned health resort, in addition to being a full-time mom, puppy wrangler, wife and blogger.

Liv and mom



AFAA certified group fitness instructor

NASM certified personal trainer

NASM weight loss specialist

Zumba licensed, Aqua Zumba licensed and ZIN member

Level 1 Raw Foods Chef (105degrees)


I try my best to respond to every comment and email I receive. If I happen to miss yours, please leave a comment on a recent post, send me a tweet or hit me up on Facebook! I apologize that I’m unable to create personalized workout training plans and provide nutritional consultations at this time. If that’s what you’re looking for, be sure to seek out the help of a local personal trainer and/or registered dietician. My workouts are designed with the average gym-going Jane in mind- if you’re injured, or just starting out, please be sure to modify/omit exercises as needed.

Occasionally I will do sponsored posts or giveaways on the blog if it’s a company/product I truly love. Sponsored posts are rare, and if a post is sponsored, I will clearly label it. As always, all opinions are my own. You may see some Amazon affiliate links or ShopStyle links on the blog. These do not affect the purchase price and allow me to earn a very small commission. Thank you so much for supporting this awesome community <3 

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  1. Hi Gina, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and think you totally deserve it! If you’re interested in participating, just visit my post and read the rules, I look forward to reading your post!! :) http://asunshinyday.com/inspiring-blogger-award/

  2. Hey Gina,

    I’m just starting my blog ( with a two month old! What am I thinking!?). Any tips? You’ve got a great blog here and I see that you post very frequently and consistently. Thought you could give me some good advice!


  3. Leilani Chavez says:

    So inspirational :)

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Gina-Is there a way to send you a PM? Today I saw a recipe that was so similar to your berry chia jam recipe that I wanted to be sure that you knew about it in case there was some un/intentional sabotage of the recipe. Thanks! Mary Beth

  5. If anyone is going to the fitness conference in Anaheim, I’m looking for a roommate. Please let me know. Thanks!

  6. Hi Gina — I was wondering if your AFAA group fitness certification is what allows you to be a spin instructor? I am interested in becoming certified to teach, but there is an overwhelming amount of stuff online and varying ways to be certified. It seems like AFAA would allow me to teach other classes, not just spin? Thanks for the info!

  7. Hi Gina :) I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the handy info in your recent ebook. I stumbled upon it initially through Erin Motz’s website as I haven’t had much time to catch up here in a while. I read through it last night and am finally more excited than daunted at the prospect of overhauling my own and perhaps most importantly, finally finding some time to get it and myself out there. Yours has always been a great inspiration to me! Congrats on all your success! You deserve it.

    oh and the new look is fab:)

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you so much, rebecca! i’m so thrilled you enjoyed it :) thank you for the sweet comment and hope you have a lovely week! xoxo

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