A photo an hour

Hi friends! Happy almost-the-weekend!! Hope you’re enjoying the morning so far. <3 Don’t forget to order the book and cookies giveaway! Book. Cookies. All you really need in life.

So last time I was going to do more of a “day in the life” style post, I gashed the heck out of my hand. Since I’m superstitious about weird things, I stayed away from this type of post for a loooong time. Instead of a full day, I thought it would be fun to do a photo an hour type post, since I’ve been asked to do more daily type stuff.

Here we go. 🙂

6:30am: nowadays, most mornings begin like this. Our tiny human alarm clock comes into the room to say “good morning” and I come out to the den to turn on a show for her until I can transform into my human, non-zombie, state. We snuggle on the couch and watch Super Why before I head into the kitchen to make breakfast.


7:30 banana egg and oat pancakes party with almond butter, berries and maple syrup. 

Banana cakes

9:00 selfie in the living room before Livi heads to school. She goes a couple of half days each week and absolutely loves it.

Me and noodle3

It’s her time to enjoy playing with other kids, create art projects that I’m not crafty enough to do here, and learn from her wonderful teachers. I have a solid block to get some work done and teach any morning classes I might have that day. Quick cleaning blitz throughout the house and head out.

10:00 barre thirty! Serious thigh quake today.


11:00 Conference call and writing blitz at Crown Point, with a berry and wheatgrass smoothie.

Crown point

12:30 back with my favorite girl, dunking basketballs and blowing bubbles.

Bubbles and basketball

1:30 playtime and stories before nap. I didn’t want to take my phone in to snap a pic, but we played with her My Little Ponies and then read, A,B,C, Just A Little Love, and The Giving Tree. Random note: when I first read her The Giving Tree (which was one of my favorites when I was little), quite a few months ago, I called my mom because it brought tears to my eyes. “And the little boy takes everything the tree has, and the tree gives until it has nothing left, and still says it was happy, and it’s just heartbreaking…” and my mom said something like, “how blessed to be able to give.” She is so wise.

2:30 work stuff round #2. I crank through emails, write my little heart out, schedule conference calls, and study. Bell and Caro are starving (because their last meal was HOURS AGO) and barking at me to feed them. I make them their Honest Kitchen, have some lunch, and get as much done as I can.

Hungry dogs

4:30 Pre-spin snack: apple with almond butter and chug a green juice.



5:30 packed and sweaty spin class!


6:30 dinner at Tender Greens with Livi:


We share a carrot cake, too. 🙂


7:30 Livi helps me in the kitchen and we pack up our food for tomorrow. I usually like to have lunch and snacks ready to go, especially if we’ll be out and about. I make her an almond butter and jelly wrap with raisins, and star-shaped zucchini.

Livi lunch

8:30 bedtime rituals and stories. We read Daddies, a Pinkalicious Book, Olivia, and Maria. 

9:30 Watching Friends, reply to comments and last round of emails.

10:30 Kindle. Bed. Glorious.

Kindle in bed

Hope you’re enjoying the morning! Do you have a set routine or do your days change by the day? I enjoy the structure of a routine, but most days, I fly by the seat of my pants, which is fun, too. 😉 

See ya later today with a booty workout.



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  1. The Giving Tree is such a great book. In my family each child is gifted the book from their grandparent. Such a beautiful story and I love that I received the book from my grandma which includes a beautiful note in the cover.

  2. I did love this!!!!!!!!! And yay for star shaped zucchini 😉 great idea love

  3. I love this post, thanks for sharing!! My favourite picture is definitely the one of you two cuddling on the couch in the early morning — too cute for words! I also like to have a set routine but it rarely ever goes according to plan..boo hoo 🙁

  4. I’m so jealous you’re outside playing in the sun! It’s snow and ice here!

  5. I love day in the life posts, such a fun way to see how others spend their time. I don’t know if you know this, but the website Health Mag, has been taking your last few posts word for word and posting them there. http://www.maximumhealthandfitness.net/a-photo-an-hour/ and http://www.maximumhealthandfitness.net/skinny-confidential-book-giveaway/

    I just thought it was kind of weird and if it was me I’d want to know. 🙂

  6. That carrot cake is so cute! I want warm weather! If I tried to blow bubbles here right now they’d freeze!

  7. I love The Giving Tree! It’s one of our favorites to read for bed time…my son requests it frequently

  8. I tend to have the same routine M-F since I’m in an office for eight hours out of my day but I like to try and switch up my nights! I teach Jazzercise regularly a couple of nights a week but, on my off nights, I try to make a date night with the hubby or do some home improvement projects!

  9. Whatcha studying for? Could’ve totally missed a post where you answered what for. Just curious. That’s all 🙂

  10. So do you typically work out twice a day? Just wondering….

  11. Love this challenge! And love the looks of that green juice. Still crossing my fingers TJS comes to canada one it these days 🙂

  12. I love this type of posts! It’s so fun to see what people spend there days doing. I also love how much you spend time with Liv and seeing your picture together is so precious! She is one lucky lady 🙂

    And I’ll have to agree I’m gonna go look for that green juice next time I’m at Trader Joe’s!

  13. I love posts like this! And, are those ‘The Elephant Pants’? I have a pair and LOVE them, so darn comfy!

  14. I try to have some sort of structure around my days but life on the road makes that difficult sometimes (read: most of the time). But I usually try to start my day by tackling my inbox because otherwise it just stresses me out until I can clear out the non-important stuff.

  15. Love the star shapes! I think I need to start trying shapes with veggies like that. We’re stuck in a roasted broccoli and raw carrot phase.

  16. You guys are just too cute! So, ‘most’ of my days are routine as i work full-time (outside the home) and have a 3-year old as well…but on the weekend we “fly by the seat of our pants” which is a nice switch from the rush-rush week days:)
    Great idea with the zucchini, gonna try that out!

    It it tough for you to get sitters for when you teach at random times?

    • Fitnessista says:

      Usually I teach when liv is at school or Tom is home. If he has to work late or is out of town, we have awesome gym childcare. Barre doesn’t have childcare so I’ll get a sitter or a sub if Tom is out of town

  17. those star shaped zucchini! love that idea.

  18. Where is Liv when you teach your PM spin class? I love these types of posts.

  19. This was fun to read! I’m more of a routined person, but because of my phase of life right now (SAHM + group fitness instructor), each day is totally different. So, we kind of have our little routines for each day, and then there’s 1-2 weekdays that are more spontaneous with not as much planned. It works for us! 🙂

  20. Love these types of posts, I am nosy!

  21. I love that you cut her food into little shapes. It is so hard to get kids to try new foods and like vegetables, so it’s nice that you are making it fun for her!

  22. Your daughter is such a cutie! I love that you can fit in two classes in the day, with time with your daughter in between. That literally sounds like a perfect day! I can’t wait until I have more flexibility with my schedule. Working on it =)

    Latest Post: Does Non-toxic Nailpolish Actually Last? I Tested 3 Brands!

  23. Star shaped zucchini is genius! I want some in my lunch.

  24. Can’t go wrong with carrot cake!! Enjoy the sunny weather!

  25. Courtney C says:

    I love the star shaped zucchini! I am now browsing Amazon for vegetable cutter shapes – guess I really am a little kid! But, having it in a cute shape makes it less boring to eat!

  26. Your food for Liv is seriously too cute! You need to bring it down a notch for the rest of us mere mortals.

  27. You have no idea how envious I am that you are in a tank top outside!! I live in MA and we have over 7ft. Of snow right now!! Soon we will be in shorts and tank tops too!!

  28. I love these day in the life posts! It looks like you had a productive, yet fun day and spent lots of quality time with your little sidekick. 🙂 The star shaped zucchini is so cute, by the way!

  29. I want to join a Barre class. I was thinking of buying a membership & doing it online. I don’t have work hours that permit me to join an actual class, which is sad, Your daughter is adorable! I hope you guys are having a great day!

  30. What time does Liv nap until and does she nap everyday? I have a daughter about her age and naps always seem so late now and then she is up until 10! Have you had any issues with her trying to fight naps?

    • Fitnessista says:

      we start the naptime routine around 1:30 and she’s usually down by 2 and gets up around 4-4:30. for a while, i wasn’t putting her down until 2, she wouldn’t fall asleep until 3, would sleep until 6, and then didn’t want to go to bed until 11 haha. we had to bring it back down! we haven’t had as many nap issues (knock on wood) as bedtime. she was coming out of her room A LOT and we had quite a few 11pm nights.

  31. I had never heard of “The giving tree” until recently. And I definitely teared up when I read it. What a beautiful thought from your mom though. I feel like that will keep me thinking for a bit.

    My days are a mixture- I work everyday, but what I’m doing at work can vary a lot depending on clients, and staff mix I have working for me. I live in Southern UK (Cambridge), and this week alone I’ve been to Northern UK, London, worked from home, and out to a couple of rural areas for client locations. I like the change!

  32. Love this kind of post! Also have a nap/sleep Q: how many hours does she usually sleep at night? And how long is her daily nap? I have an almost 3 yo son.

  33. I love the selfie of you and Livi–so gorgeous! I work better if I have some sort of schedule that I stick to. I love the mornings that start with a Pure Barre class because I feel so strong and motivated for the rest of the day. I’m waiting for this snow to melt though because I’m itching to spend more time outside (I mean in the sunshine…without snow on the ground). Have a good one!

  34. Ahhh The Giving Tree….so many good things to say about that book. Your mom is very wise indeed!

    I definitely live by a set routine although it’s different on weekends vs weekdays. I just think it makes life easier!

    Loved this post!

  35. yay love these daily posts, loved seeing what you eat on a daily basis 🙂 and what your mom schedule is! x

  36. Love these posts! Where did you get your barre socks? They are the cutest!

  37. I love reading these kinds of posts 🙂 …beacause I am nosy, too! :)….

    OK kind of random, but would you consider doing a house tour type of post?? I totally understand not wanting to give too much away in terms of details where someone could find the house, but I always notice little accent decorations or furniture in your posts, and always think you have great house style! I think it would be really great to do a sort of “this is how I decorate while living a military lifestyle that I might have to pack up and re-decorate a new house in a few years” type post. As someone who is in a serious relationship with a military man, I definitely see that in my future! So it would be cool to hear from you about your experiences 🙂 <3

  38. Fun post, Gina! Looks like you got through it with no injuries. By the way, I LOVE Tender Greens and there is one right near me. And my routine really depends on when I’m working at the gym teaching classes, I try to fit in real life stuff and as much writing/blogging as possible between those times. Happy Thursday! 🙂

  39. What a day! You are a busy Bee! Love those elephant pants! <3

  40. Ah this is so fun! Love that juice from TJ’s.. actually, love everything from TJ’s.

  41. looove the workout outfit you had on – the black crops and purple tank. Where are those from? I am assuming the crops were lulu.. but the top?!

  42. Faye Holloway says:

    I was wondering if you had lunch on this day or if the smoothie was your lunch? I’m such an eat every three hours kind of girl ☺️ Also, the you made looks awesome – did you out anything else in it besides almond butter and jelly?? It just looks so full…

    • Fitnessista says:

      the smoothie was a midmorning snack- it was so good! lunch was an egg scramble with avocado and a big salad
      for the wrap, it’s just almond butter and jelly, but i packed it pretty full 😉

  43. Shaina Anderson says:

    oh I’m totally a routine girl and, not surprisingly, my day looks very similar to yours haha

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