Almost like the real thing

To accidentally celebrate our Italy trip anniversary, we spent the afternoon in a spot we’re determined to visit more often.

Little italy

(Our travel agent commented on our Instagram that it was one year ago that we went to Rome and Positano. Some Italy tips are here, too! I’ve thought about it every day since; I’m itching to go back, and can confidently say it’s my favorite place in the world.)

I knew it was going to be good when I got out of the car and heard a group of men arguing and joking boisterously in Italian.

My immediate thought, “Where is the pizza?”

Right heeeeere.


There’s something truly magical about pizza with an egg cracked in the middle. In my mind, just for a little while, I could hear the live accordion music and remember the equally cheap and delicious house wine. 

We also got this salad to share:


(romaine, chicken, chickpeas, house dressing)

along with calamari and cannoli for dessert. Insert lame “When in Rome..” joke here. 🙂

While I was looking for a place to park, I saw so many incredible shops and restaurants. Our mission: to make our way through them over the next three years. 

The bay

We also had a great morning at the park with Whitney and Wynston (who just turned one yesterday!)

Livi swinging

and making Playdoh statues. 

I wanted to share a salad I’ve been enjoying lately, especially since it’s a refreshing twist on the usual lettuce salads. I like to have a large salad at least once a day, whether it’s for a meal or side dish. The other day, I picked up an awesome kale and dulse salad from the co-op and was instantly inspired to use the bag of dulse that’s been hanging out in the pantry,

Sliced cucumber  1 of 1 2

I sliced a peeled English cucumber into thin slices,

Sliced cucumber  1 of 1

and then added 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt, pepper and sesame seeds. Super simple, and very delicious. 

Dulse and cucumber salad  1 of 1 2

I ate a ton of dulse while I was pregnant -it’s very salty and a great source of iron- but it had fallen off the radar for a while. It was nice to be reminded of how great it is on salads as a boost of flavor and nutrients.

Hope you have a wonderful night!



Any Little Italy faves here in San Diego? Have you tried dulse before? Are you a seaweed fan or notsomuch?

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  1. I love that idea about going to the shops over the next three years, so cute! The pizza looks delicious too!

  2. I’ve never tried Dulse before, but I do love seaweed. Last time we were in SD, we ate at a place called Trattoria in Little Italy. Not sure if that was were you went, but it was delicious!

  3. I highly recommend Filippi’s- It’s really cheap and so good. Often times, there’s a line out the door… always a good sign!

  4. I am going to rome next month-do you recommend the hotel you stayed at?? Would love some more tips!!

  5. Gina this is great! I would actually lOVE to see a “week of salads” post similar to your fashion week round up. I think it’s SUPER helpful how you actually assemble salads on a daily basis – doesn’t have to be a fancy picture or anything!

  6. In little Italy I would recommend Buon Appitito. Fantastic. Outside of Little Italy is Cucina Urbana, probably my favorite restaurant in all of SD.

  7. You should try pomodoro in point loma. By far the best Italian restaurant I’ve found in sd. Great ambiance.

  8. I immediately thought of goodfellas when you mentioned the men arguing and joking in Italian. Lol. I love San Diego. I need to try Little Italy next time we visit 🙂

  9. I have never tried dulse! I made hour Greek chopped salad a while ago and it’s become one of my staples.

  10. Eggs on pizza are one of my favorite things ever!!

  11. I love me some sea veggies, but I rarely buy them for home. I usually indulge when we’re dining out and it’s an option. My favorite sushi place has a killer sunomono salad with seaweed, so I always go for that.

  12. I have never even heard of dulse… I wish I had of known what that was when I was pregnant. I needed a lot of iron and that would have been a nice way to get more in. Oh well… always a next time right??? 😉

  13. What kind of flavor does dulse have? I like nori and the seaweed that’s in miso soup, but I have a hard time with wakame (although I keep trying it, and I dislike it a little less each time, ha).

  14. Queenstown Public House in Little Italy is the absolute best! They have an adorable setting and the Portobello Fries are out of this world. Not to mention Extraordinary Desserts is in walking distance =).

  15. While I have seen it before, I don’t understand the egg on a pizza. I’m Italian and have never seen anyone eat egg on a pizza. I’m going to have to Google it to see when/where it started. Do they serve it that way in Italy too? (I’ve never been). I don’t honestly care for eggs so it doesn’t appeal to me anyway but I’m wondering how this got started.

  16. Gelato Paradiso is the best (and, ok, only…) place I’ve ever had gelato. I went to the Laguna Beach location, but I hear they’ve got a location in SD, too! The LB one at the end of the most adorable little alley called Peppertree Lane, and there’s also a chocolatier and a couple cute cafe/bar-type deals in there, so it may be worth a trip.

    But now you’ve got me craving salty goodness with that salad, so I’m torn. Sad panda haha 😉

  17. Stephanie K says:

    You have to go to Napizza on India Street! I went there on a food tour and got the nutella pizza for dessert. If you like nutella it’s amazing! I think they get the nutella from Italy (or so the tour guide said). Also their pizza dough is soooo good.

  18. Mmmm, dulse. I remember lightly frying it in a pan until it turns light brown/green … vegan bacon! It goes great on a BLT in place of the B. I craved mussels, of all things, when I was pregnant. I think also for the iron.

  19. Oooh! I’ve never heard of dulse! I love seaweed though, and do does my 2 year old. Where do you find it?

    • Fitnessista says:

      they have it in the international aisle of most health food stores, by the nori and other seaweed snacks. hope you like it!

  20. That picture of Livi with her heart sunnies! Oh my goodness. Be still my heart.

    So glad you’re enjoying Southern California. I moved here almost five years ago (I can’t believe that!) and it’s just the best.

    Always, Anita

  21. Awww, little Italy!! I lived there when I was in San Diego YEARS back for 3 months. Loved it!!

  22. Un-food related, Little Italy has the best shop called Vocabulary! It has amazing clothes, gifts and jewelry. Also Ironside Fish & Oyster has fantastic cocktails and seafood.

  23. I’ve never had pizza with an egg cracked on it but every time I see a picture of one it makes me want to try it! I love seaweed but I don’t think I’ve tried dulse before. Do you know if TJs has it or is it more of a Whole Foods product?

  24. I don’t like runny eggs but that pizza looks delicious! I really want to travel to Italy one day!

  25. I’ve never been to San Diego – I NEED to go! Also, that salad looks amazing!

  26. Eggs on pizza = primo!

    I grew up eating all kinds of seaweed–my mom used to make seaweed, tofu, rice soup for me when I got sick. It’s the Korean version of chicken noodle soup 😉

  27. your post just magically transported me back to italy. i completely agree with you – italy is definitely one of the best places on earth. i studied abroad in rome during my sophomore spring semester in college and have dreamed about going back everyday since. <3

    i have never visited little italy in san diego, but i did have an amazing pasta dinner in nyc's little italy a few years ago.

  28. I love dulse! Especially on salad. I haven’t had it in a while though…thanks for the reminder!

  29. Which restaurant did you go to? I feel like I’ve been to most of the ones in Little Italy, but they all start to run together! I’d love to try that pizza, I love eggs on pizza (Blind Lady Ale House does it and it’s sooo good!).

  30. Try Alexander’s on 30th in North Park. Great Italian food!

  31. OMG that salad and pizza look amazing!

  32. We were just in SD over the weekend and I wish I would have known about all of these great places! The pizza looks amazing! We went to Bencotto and it was really good. The pasta was homemade and delicious!

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