apple pie of my eye

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? 


Liv and I went to a midwife appointment Friday morning, and then headed to our favorite post-appointment spot: Whole Foods. Green juice seems to taste better if you don’t have to clean the juicer afterwards. 😉 


Our friend Lindy was in town for the weekend, so we met up for lunch at a newer spot in OB: the Little Lion.

Liv and lindy

The restaurant is aptly named because it is TINY. Even though there aren’t many tables -I bet it’s packed for brunch on the weekends- it’s a cute spot with vintage decor and an amazing menu. Anywhere that offers chia pudding as a menu option is a friend of mine.

The curry chicken salad sounded particularly delicious and I decided to give it a try. 

Curry chicken salad

It was perfect; not too mayonnaise-y, and beautifully spiced. It will be fun to take the Pilot to try out breakfast one of these days.

Saturday morning was soccer

Tom and livi

(tiny shinguards. I can’t get over them.)

and one of Livi’s friend’s birthday parties. It was at the bay with a jumping castle, and we ended up spending a majority of the afternoon there. Liv had a blast with her friends (and despite the fact that she played and jumped for like 3 hours straight, no naps. Naps have officially bit the dust.).

Saturday night was date night, wedding style.

W tom at wedding

(The wind didn’t appreciate the fact that I did wash and curl my hair haha. Dress borrowed from Whitters!)

Our friends Crystal and Brandon got married at a gorgeous park overlooking the ocean at Point Loma Nazarene University. It was my first time on campus, and I was blown away by the beautiful scenery. I’m definitely going to check it out again, especially since they have a lot of trails and walking paths. 

Signs at wedding

This never gets old.

Sunset at sun cliffs

After the ceremony -which was the perfect amount of levity and “I’m going to cry my face off”- we headed to the reception, which was held at the gym. C&B met at the club, so it’s a special place for them. I was excited to the transformation from functional training room to wedding venue, and they did such an incredible job. The TRX and functional equipment was cloaked in black and disappeared into the background, while the round tables glowed with centerpieces, featuring mirrors, soft green lights, and vases of water where goldfish swam.

They also had a live salsa band, which was such a fun change-up from the unz-unz (<— that’s my beatbox sound) of top 40s and “wedding music.”

Salsa band

They had a full bar and a variety of non-alcoholic options (cucumber water, berry tea and lemonade), and the food may have been the best wedding food I’ve had: marinated and grilled chicken, grilled veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus and squash), mashed potatoes, salad with vinaigrette, and bread. 

(I took a dark and blurry picture. Let’s just pretend it’s here.)

The dessert was cupcakes: vanilla and chocolate with buttercream + gluten-free options.

It was so much fun, and we were happy to celebrate with them. <3

After the wedding, we headed over to Soda and Swine, which is a bar.. with pie. (<— one of my biggest cravings of late)

I need you

We will be back for more of the apple pie, which they make from scratch and serve warm….

If you live in San Diego, just go. I promise you won’t regret it.

Workout-wise, I got in a couple of great workouts:

Saturday was a combo of T25 (with modifications) and PiYo (Drench; full review on the workouts coming soon), and Sunday, I took a barre class. I’ve found that I haven’t been super motivated with my own workouts lately, unless I’m reading and walking on the treadmill, so I’m thankful for classes and online options.

Belly at the barre

(Can you see her little foot sticking out on the left?)

This morning is something that’s weighed on my mind for a few weeks now: our fetal echocardiogram. Thank you so much for all of the good vibes many of you have been sending our way. <3 I’ll keep them with me during our appointment and will post an update on the family page this week.

Bell the blogger

(Bella: always willing to lend a blogging hand.)

Hope you have a very happy Monday.

See ya later today!



Something to do: This compound crusher! Work out multiple muscle groups at once for a higher calorie burn, and more bang for your strength training buck.  

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  1. Good luck with the tests! I’m about to head in for the 36 week round of pokes and prods!

  2. Hah that’s how I look in my soccer gear too, the team shirt is too big!

    Good luck with the test, hopefully everything is alright and looks good.

  3. Catherine says:

    Best of luck today!

  4. Good luck today! I’m sure everything will be fine. P.S. wouldn’t it be glorious if we could mix the desert and the ocean cities somehow? Tucsdiego!

  5. Stephanie W says:

    So much love and many prayers heading your and Pilot’s way for the test today! Dedicating my decade of the rosary today to you all for some good news! <3 <3 <3

  6. Sounds like it was such a fun weekend! I love weddings. <3

  7. All your pictures are so gorgeous! Sending light and love your way today! <3

  8. Love the little foot sticking out! Sending prayers that everything goes well today.

  9. Liv looks like a natural on the soccer field!

    Thinking about you and the baby today! Hope for good news <3


  10. love the pictures from the weekend , now all I want is some Apple pie ! though in Ireland we would call it apple tart 😉 Good luck with the test today sending good wishes your way <3

    • Fitnessista says:

      apple tart 🙂 i love it! i’ve been thinking about that pie every day…
      thank you for the sweet wishes, too. we appreciate it so much!

  11. Beautiful photos- I’m dying to try some of that curry chicken salad. Looks delish.

    Warby Parker x Pop-in@Nordstrom in San Francisco

  12. Good luck with the echo! Sending prayers your way!

  13. Sending positive vibes to you today! I can’t even handle the cuteness of the little soccer player!! That is adorable.

  14. Good luck with the tests! Love the little foot in belly!

  15. Gah! I love the little foot poking out. 🙂 Before I got pregnant I had no idea baby bellies were anything but perfectly round. I always thought it was so cool to “see the baby” from the outside!

  16. A wedding reception in a gym? Now that’s new! And that apple pie looks delicious. I’ll put it on my list of places to hit up next time I’m down in SD! 🙂 Happy Monday, Gina!

    • Fitnessista says:

      right?! it was amazing! i was curious to see how it would work out (<- pun? baha) but it was beautiful! hope you had a great weekend!

  17. Sending tons of good vibes your way today!! That little foot poking out is too sweet! 🙂

  18. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I agree that green juice does taste better when you don’t have to clean a juicer afterwards! That’s my favorite kind of green juice actually 🙂 Sending you and baby girl lots of love! Hope everything is okay <3

  19. Looks like such a nice summer-esque weekend 🙂 Love the dress you wore to the wedding and your daughter is SO cute swimming in her little soccer shirt!!

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you! haha the shirt is enormous on her. i need to do some side-tie action on it 🙂 hope you had a great weekend too!

  20. Looks like a lovely weekend and wedding! I can’t imagine a reception at a gym but that is a cool idea!

  21. So how are you dealing with the no naps?? Our guy is taking them some days but not everyday and I’m not quite sure how to handle it!

    • Fitnessista says:

      it’s slowly killing me. at first i thought i liked it, but now, she comes out of her room 1928374 times from quiet time. i’m not sure what to do, because i don’t want her to spend it watching TV, but she needs some down time or she’s so cranky!

  22. I stumbled onto your blog purely by coincidence. I was reading Apple Google alert and your apple pie mention brought me to your blog. I was taken in by your carefree writing and pictures you posted. I hope your results will ease your mind. I feel your concerns and want the best for you. My “baby” is 36 years old and I do not have grandchildren, but I feel compelled to read more of your work. I will tell my friends with grandchildren to read. Good luck and relax.

  23. Love Livi’s little shin guards. That pic of her and Pilot is PRECIOUS!!

    I love the view of the water from Cabrillo. Its one of the best views in SD. 🙁 Now I am homesick!

    Apple Pie?? mmm I love pie. Have you guys taken a drive to Julian Pie Shop yet??? You must! Then stop at Dudleys Bakery on the way and get fresh bread.

    I cant even lie. I love when you post scenic pics of SD. I miss home soo much.

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