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Hellooooo! How’s the morning going? Hope your day is going well! Since today is a traveling day, I thought it would be fun to post this survey that Julie did on her blog last week. I always love reading these types of posts, and am excited to read your answers to the questions, too. 🙂

Household chore I actually enjoy

Cleaning  1 of 1

This is weird, but I actually really like cleaning the house. It’s almost meditative for me, and it feels so good (and I feel like I can be more productive) when everything is sparkly and clean. I like I like doing the wood floors the most, because I put towels under my feet and “ice skate” (=dance around strangely) to dry them.

Biggest house disaster

Laundry. I feel like it NEVER ENDS. Even when I do a load a day to stay on top of things, there’s that whole issue of folding and putting said load away. I joke that laundry is the bane of my existence, but at the same time, I know one day I’ll miss the teeny socks and jammies. Thinking of that puts it into perspective, and I don’t seem to mind it as much. 

Before company comes, I hide…

Liv’s toys. We have toy bins strategically placed throughout the house, and I’ll grab any stray toys or books and put them away.

Most recent music download

“Nota de Amor” (this is what Zumba warmup dreams are MADE OF), “All or Nothing” (Riton iPad Remix) by Elliphant and “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. I have a random mix of songs I love and teaching tracks on my phone. 

The last thing I bought online

Clothes for liv

Some spring clothes for Livi! I hit up an awesome sale at gap and got her some adorable dresses (this one, and this one), some play shirtsshorts and the sweetest little romper.

I hate to shop for…

Bras. I never take the time to try them on, and regret it the second I get home. 

Favorite family ritual…

Walking around Belmont Park, eating a churro, playing arcade games, and riding the carousel. It’s pretty much a weekly tradition, and we all love it.

At mission2

I sleep in… 

Sleep shorts and a tank top or a romper. Current faves are some cute shorts and tanks from VS (I can’t find the link to them; got the via Semi Annual sale a couple months ago), and this romper.

I have a style crush on…



Jessica Alba. I think she has such a great classic style, and always looks gorgeous.

I’m currently reading…

I’m currently reading The Book Thief and What Alice Forgot. The Book Thief is sad and melancholy so far, but the writing sucks you in and I can’t put it down. As far as What Alice Forgot goes, it’s part of my mission to read all of Liane Moriarty’s books, since I’ve really enjoyed the other ones I’ve read so far (The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies).

How did I ever live without…

My Erin Condren planner– it makes planning each day so.much.easier. Since I like to write notes and scribble down memos, it works much better for me than a phone app or Google calendar. 

Erin condren  1 of 1 3

Please join in the fun and play along in the comments section! I always like reading and learning more about you guys 🙂 

Who do you have a style crush on?

Is there a household chore you enjoy?

What’s the last song you downloaded?

Something you can’t live without?



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  1. Who do you have a style crush on? — Blake Lively!

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? — Vacuuming and Changing my sheets

    What’s the last song you downloaded? — “Begging for Thread” by Banks

    Something you can’t live without? — My home office! It’s just a little nook, but it’s the only place in the house that’s always 100% organized (read: off limits to my kids) and where I’m 100% productive. It’s my sanctuary!

  2. Who do you have a style crush on? – Kate Middleton, she can do no wrong.

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? – Making my bed…don’t do it every day, but I really feel better when I do

    What’s the last song you downloaded? – The Last 5 Years Soundtrack!!

    Something you can’t live without? – My iPod….at the gym, at the office (open desks), public transportation….the introvert in me would be so drained at the end of the day without headphones

  3. What do you use to clean your floors? Are they sealed hardwood? I haven’t found anything I like to clean mine……

    • Fitnessista says:

      yes! i sweep, use a dust mop, and then spray bona spray and use a towel mop (or towels under my feet) to dry/buff. the bona is AWESOME; it leaves them clean and shiny without streaks

  4. The Book Thief is such an amazing book! I’m sure you’ll love it. Have you seen the movie?

  5. Oh my word, the Moriarty books. There just isn’t a bad one – they are all so so amazing!!!!

  6. About two weeks after my grandfather passed away, I went to visit my grandmother and she said something that I will never forget–she said that she went downstairs to do the laundry but realized there wasn’t any to do since it was just her now. I think about those words often especially when I’m putting away my husband’s dishes and such. 🙂

  7. Yaara Leve says:

    Style Crush–Jennifer Aniston–she looks amazing in everything and Rihanna–I know she’s a bit risque–but she is so gorgeous and just rocks everything she wears too.

    I hate cleaning! That is all. I like the end result but blah. I just don’t like it. I do it cause I have to–lol.

    Last song downloaded– OPP–loooove! I’m on a 90’s kick lately; “I knew you had a heart attack”–Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato mashup–from soundcloud–sooo damn good!

    Can’t live without iTunes–I download several songs a day. It’s an addiction that I need–music just fuels my life.

  8. my best friends got me an erin condren planner and i am obsessed!

  9. Nicole Gardner says:

    Style Crush: Blake Lively–Everything she wears is so effortlessly chic but not overly pretentious. If I only had the money…

    Household Chore I Enjoy: I really enjoy cleaning, mainly because I love when everything is organized and clean.

    Last Song I Downloaded: I honestly have no idea…I haven’t downloaded a song in so long! Spotify=Life.

    Can’t Live Without: Jawbone UP24–I’m a little addicted to the tracking.

    Love these posts! And need that sleep romper!

  10. I need one of those planners. My life is insane these days!

  11. the last song I downloaded was Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song”…I love it! here’s a cute video of her newborn listening to it:

  12. I hate bra shoppin’ too, blah.

  13. Style Crush: Jessica Alba because she makes casual clothes look fancy

    Household Chore I Enjoy: vacuuming

    Can’t live without: Getting my eyebrows professionally waxed.I have Kim K eyebrows and hated them when I was a kid but I love them now 🙂

  14. I have a style crush on diane kruger

  15. Who do you have a style crush on? – Kate Middleton, she can do no wrong.

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? – does cleaning my car count? 🙂

    What’s the last song you downloaded? – Taylor swifts new album!

    Something you can’t live without? – my ipad! I have used it sooo much since I’ve been overseas!

  16. What a gorgeous romper! And I love that Zumba song! My style icons are Diane Kruger and Emma Watson.

  17. Who do you have a style crush on? Gwen Stefani. She is so modern and feminine at the same time. Also, It helps that she is absolutely gorgeous.

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? Vaccuming. The house seems put together when you do this one simple act.

    What’s the last song you downloaded? James Blunt, Deluxe Edition. I love the guy.

  18. After resisting for weeks, I *finally* downloaded “Shake it off” to include in my next barre class. I am grateful to have “Nota de amor” in the rotation now, though–each week’s playlist includes at least two canciones en español, and this is a wonderful addition! Thanks!

  19. Ahhh I just finished The Book Thief! It’s WONDERFUL. It’s quite a long book, but really worth the read. I hope you love it! P.S. Isn’t Death as the narrator kind of amazing too?

    The last song I downloaded was “Work” by Lil’ Jon…danced to it in Zumba last weekend 😀

  20. A household chore I enioy: does cooking count? You clean, I’ll cook!

    i also can’t live without my iPod while cleaning, as i tend to listen to podcasts then.

  21. Glad to know I am not the only person that still loves a paper daily planner! I do not like using the calendars on my IPhone at all! I make a calendar on Picaboo or Shutterfly every years with personal pictures and birthdays too! I like it old school!

  22. I have a total style crush on Blake Lively!!

  23. I wish I loved to clean!

    Style crush- Kate Middleton (casual look)

    Household chore- Does Meal planning count? 🙂

    Song- Sugar- Maroon 5

    Can’t live without- My Vitamix!

  24. I actually LIKE doing laundry…i know i know but it doesn’t bother me. Mind you, i DO NOT do my husbands, only mine and my son’s…hee hee.

  25. Fun survey, Gina. I like to tidy and organize, but I don’t like to actually clean. But now that I have wood floors, maybe I’ll turn my cleaning sessions into ice-skating like you do. And I can’t live without bananas. I have one every single day. 🙂 Hope your trip is going well!

  26. I love Liane Moriarty’s books! I finished Three Wishes and am almost done with The Last Anniversary. I love her writing style. Little Big Lies was definitely have favorite!

  27. Hi Gina – love, love your blog! Keep up the amazing work.

    Ma survey:

    Who do you have a style crush on? — Miroslava Duma. This petit Russian is so daring yet chic!

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? — Prepping and planning for the week ahead. Love my 4+ hour Sunday ritual of planning meals (new recipes to try!), workouts and wardrobe for each week.

    What’s the last song you downloaded? — “Wild, Wild Love” by Pitbull (thanks to your Val Day playlist recos)

    Something you can’t live without? — My family. Am so grateful for them every, single, day.

  28. Style crush- I don’t have a style crush.

    Household chore- I enjoy vacuming.

    Song- Jordi Breakers – Bipasha Basu

    Can’t live without- Exercise.

  29. Who do you have a style crush on? Kate MIddleton! I even subscribe to a style blog.

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? Laundry! I can always keep on top of laundry. I hate cleaning my wood floors! (Opposite of you, Gina! LOL)

    What’s the last song you downloaded? Survival by Eminem. I’ve been using several lines from it as mantras throughout my day to keep me eating healthy and staying strong with my work outs (Picture me quitting/Now draw a circle with a line through it) Just have to get past the language or get the clean version 🙂

    Something you can’t live without? Probably my iPhone. I mean…I guess I COULD live without it, but I love it.

  30. Style crush: Jessica Alba too!

    Household chore I like: Laundry. Its just so nice to fold and hang fresh clean clothes.

    Last song download: “Hollow Tune” by Brick + Mortar

    Item I can’t live without: My foam roller! I wish I’d discovered it years ago, it has helped so much with a tight back and muscle soreness.

  31. I’m the opposite– I dread floor care the most and don’t mind laundry at all!

  32. I couldn’t agree more about laundry! It seems so simple to just throw the dirty clothes in the washer and dryer. But ugh, the folding and putting away. Not to mention our new washer is constantly giving me this “uneven” reading. Of course I don’t check on it and it takes an hour longer, lol!

  33. Style Crush – Halle Berry who makes everything look so effortless AND Kim K (pre-Kanye) who’s casual style is still on trend and I always love a good body con!

    Chore I like – Ironing…I hate wrinkles. I like a good heavy iron that pumps out good steam. I literally borrowed an iron from a local I met in Italy because they charged ridiculous prices for ironing at the hotel.

    Last downloaded song – I spotify but found an old song…Bend Ya Back (Spanish Remix) by Mr. Renzo & Dulkfyah

    Can’t Live Without – Target…I need to go every week and my fave time is super late at nite when it’s not crowded…but it’s a black hole…you go in for dish detergent and leave $50 later.

  34. I’m currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now (I know… I’m late to the game!). The last song I downloaded was “Sugar” by Maroon 5! I can’t get enough of that song! 🙂

  35. ahhhhhhhh love getting to know you, love!!!!!!!!!!!!! cleaning is so meditative for me toooooo!!!!!!

  36. milania dela cruz says:

    Jessica Alba is my style crush too!!!! love her!!! I hate doing the dishes but I love cooking! btw, that song is amazing!! love it!! Can you make a playlist of spanish songs?? with daddy yankee, don omar, etc. etc. etc..

  37. style crush? Reece Witherspoon.

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? None at all, but I’ve been enjoying getting rid of stuff lately!

    What’s the last song you downloaded? Woodkid, Run boy Run

    The Book Thief is such an amazing book. It has stuck with me since reading it over a year ago and the movie was very well done also. The last page of the book totally rocked me.

  38. I love this type of posts – reading your answers and everyone else’s in the comments 🙂

    Who do you have a style crush on? — Solange Knowles – I love her play on colors and silhouettes – and Tamu McPherson (I’m probably spelling her name wrong)

    Is there a household chore you enjoy? — Folding things! Can I come over and do your laundry? :p I’m so anal about having the final shape come out looking nice, plus, I love the feeling after folding and putting things away and seeing either clothes neatly stacked or folded throws nicely hanging over the couch.

    What’s the last song you downloaded? — I mostly stream music, that being said, last song was Ms. Swift’s “Shake It Off”

    Something you can’t live without? — floss and chapstick. I keep them everywhere and feel mildly panicked if I realize I have none on me.

  39. Style Crush: Lauren Conrad… always so classy and feminine 🙂

    Household chore: Sweeping! it’s rewarding to me to see all the junk I get rid of!

    Last song I downloaded: Ellie Goulding “How Long Will I Love You” – HIGHLY recommend for a something to listen to in the car.

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