“No Place Like Orange” workout

+ Friday Faves! 

Hi! Happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? We have lots of holiday cheer on the agenda: zoo lights, cookie decorating party, holiday party, and getting ready for Tucson travel adventures. Here are some faves from the week and around the web! As always, I love to hear your faves, too, so please shout it out (and feel free to link away) in the comments section.

A day date with this handsome guy.

Us at balboa  1 of 1

Balboa  1 of 1 7

Balboa  1 of 1 8

Tom and balboa  1 of 1

We spent the morning exploring Balboa park. It was the Pilot’s first time and I’ve only been once. We were excited to check it out together and pre-scan to see if Liv would enjoy it. There are so many fascinating exhibits and gorgeous natural surroundings.

Cue the Jurassic Park music.

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Liv cafe. They’re located in Hillcrest and have awesome fresh juices, salads and wraps. Their prices are reasonable, especially for juices; $6 for a large green lemonade with extra ginger.

Liv cafe


Oat, egg and banana pancakes. Two eggs, one small mashed banana, 1/3 cup oats, cooked like pancakes.

Pancakes  1 of 1 7

 (with berries, maple syrup and peanut butter)

Katie’s “HIIT It!” shout out! She also included one of my favorite cookie recipes, which is perfect for the holiday season. I’m so thankful to those of you who have helped me spread the word about “HIIT It!” Don’t forget, it’s the last chance to pre-order and get your free eBook, packed with family-friendly bonus recipes and workouts.

These new jeans, which arrived in my Stitch Fix box. I’d been needing a new pair for a while, and these fit perfectly!

This treadmill/rowing workout. If you’re wondering what types of workouts we do in Orangetheory, here is an example from Sunday’s cardio! The goal of Orangetheory is to spend more of class in the green and orange zones (71-83% max heart rate, and 84-90% max heart rate) and this workout definitely does the trick. It went by so quickly, too! I know I’ll be giving it another whirl when I’m looking for cardio inspiration.

Orangetheory workout

25 must-see wedding photos of 2014. 

Where does your fat go when you lose weight?

I have way too much fun braiding Liv’s hair.


This cute pine-y arrangement that the Pilot picked up.

Piney  1 of 1

Thumb news. I haven’t written much about it on the blog, but my hand has still been bothering me since I cut it; my thumb is still numb, and very weak. I can do most things, but it bothers me quite a bit during the day. I had an ultrasound this week, and turns out I did indeed cut entirely through a nerve and also cut my tendon. The good news is that I don’t need surgery (veryyyyyy relived to hear this), am going to have nerve testing which I’m kind of dreading. I get to be pricked by needles and then electricity goes through the needles? (The doctor lost me at “we’re going to put needles in your arm and hand.”) As a giant needle phobe, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. We will rebuild.

What happens when your groomsmen are professional dancers.

22 best movies of 2014. I’ve seen about 5% haha. Looks like a movie night needs to happen. :)

 I’d love to hear your faves from the week! What’s on the plan for this weekend??

Happy happy friday!



Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Maple-Dijon Dressing


This post is sponsored by my friends at Canada Pure Maple Syrup. Liv’s school holiday show was last night! It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. As we watched her shake her maracas and sing “Feliz Navidad” on stage, I’m pretty sure I could feel my heart beaming outside my body. […]

My fave beauty products


Hi! How’s the morning going?? Any fun plans tonight? I have a couple of barre classes later, and am excited to make cookies with Liv for cookie decorating tomorrow.  In addition to the fitness questions I get for the blog, I also get a ton of makeup and hair product questions. Since my faves have […]

My fitness game-changers

swing (1 of 1).jpg

Hi friends! How’s the day going so far? Liv and I had a fun morning at the park, and then stopped by Trader Joe’s to get supplies for a cookie decorating party. Our house is going to be an avalanche of chocolate chips and sprinkles, and it will be glorious. So I got this comment […]

Holiday Barre Blast workout


Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a lovely morning! I got in a super early Orangetheory class, and while waking up was a bit of a challenge (especially after a fun girls’ night last night!), it was awesome to get in a morning workout. I have a new Orangetheory-inspired treadmill workout that […]

The Pilot’s famous lasagna


Buddy the Elf! I KNOW HIM. (The Pilot took that pic while Buddy was screaming in my face, and I was laughing hysterically. He then hugged me and asked, “What’s your favorite color?”) We went to check out Winter Wonderland at Petco Park, and had a blast. Liv was totally awestruck by the gorgeous light […]

Maple chocolate kiss cookies (gluten-free)


The holiday frenzy is officially here, and I kind of love it. There’s something invigorating about a schedule full of events (like parties and Liv’s holiday show), sneakily wrapping gifts during naptime, and baking. Oh, the baking. I look forward to it every year. I think I’ll always remember our first year in Valdosta, when […]

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