Buff bride workout

Hi friends! how’s the morning going? Yesterday was a DAY. Of course we were sending last minute info to our accountant for taxes (#organized) and the SUV’s service light came on. The Pilot switched the carseats out to our other car, took the SUV to the dealership, and after they *fixed it*, it stalled and […]

Healthy baked breakfast cookie for one

This single serving breakfast cookie can be made in advance to enjoy the next morning. Just cook in the am and serve! For a larger batch of breakfast cookies, try these baked breakfast cookies or this single-serving overnight oats cookie.  I eat a lot of the same things for breakfast. There are a handful of […]

don’t make me go

I feel like all of my post titles for the next 9 months or so could be some version of “keep me here forever” haha. How was your weekend, friends? Hope you had a great one. Ours was magical, and definitely reminded us of our first couple of months here. We did a lot of […]

Friday Faves

 Hi friends! HAPPY FRIDAY and cheers to the weekend. What are you up to? Livi has a birthday party, we are having friends over tonight, a date night, and spring cleaning around here. The weather is absolutely amazing and I’m really excited to soak up an awesome weekend with family and friends.  In standard Friday […]

Preschooler eats (4 years old)

Hi friends! How’s your week going? Hope you’re having a great one. I’ve had some requests to share some of the kiddos’ meals on the blog, and thought it would be fun since I’m always looking for new ideas, too. A huge development in our house is that miss P started solids a couple of […]

current hair faves

Helloooooo. Happy almost-Friday! SO ready for the weekend. Anything fun coming up? We’re having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night and the Pilot and I also have a date night planned. We have no idea what we’re doing yet, but want to try something fun and different. If you’re from San Diego or have […]

random wednesday

Hi friends! How’s the day going? I’m glad you liked the musical strength workout. Let me know if you give it a whirl! It has been a fun week over here. Livi started swim lessons again so that the weather is warmer (she LOVES it), I’m still taking Miss P to her baby music class, […]

Musical Strength Workout

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. Thank you so again for all of your amazing comments on this post. Humpday is here! Anything fun planned? I think I’m going to grab some wine with some friends after dinner and getting the kiddos to bed. 🙂 I planned on having this post […]

things I didn’t know about marriage

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning. I’m off to an appointment, and then we’re going to head to the zoo later today.  Yesterday, we went down to Newport to watch the waves, and walk around for a little while. Check out the latest OB sand sculpture: Not bad so far, right? My sand […]

how to take a break from working out, without going crazy

Does anyone know the answer to this? Please kindly respond in the comments below. The end. Just kidding. But not really. 😉 Taking a break from the gym, especially when you’re finally feeling good/better and want to move, IS HARD. It’s hard when you have a baby and would love the endorphins and time for […]

the firefighter special

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one! We had some fun adventures with friends, spent lots of time relaxing at the house, and also got quite a few of the supplies for Livi’s new room. I’m excited to see it come together! Word to the world: Ikea on a Saturday […]

Friday Faves

Hi friends! HAPPY FRI-YAY! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments on this morning’s tattoo post. I’m so happy so many of you like the design, too. I love love loveeeeeee it. It’s a lot less sore today, and continuing to heal well. That fact does not make me think I want […]

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