Baby Can Zumba

4 1/2 weeks:


12 1/2 weeks:

tucson 006

There’s a legit baby in there 🙂


It was so crazy to go to today’s ultrasound and see a REAL baby. No lentil, no little bean… a baby.

And my experience with today’s ultrasound compared to the one I had almost a month ago: night and day.

No cold jelly (it was warm!), they gave me a lollipop beforehand so I’d have some sugar (which apparently, the baby was a fan of) and the technician was fantastic. So kind and thoroughly explained everything she saw.

The purpose of today’s ultrasound and blood test was for a genetic screening to test for Down Syndrome and anomalies. The test doesn’t detect everything that could possibly be wrong, and there is a higher false positive rate (around 5%). After talking to the Pilot about whether we should forego the test or continue with it (as it’s optional), we decided to just do the ultrasound and no blood test… until we got there. We had a good feeling about it and just decided to go through with the whole test.

The technician measured the back of the baby’s neck, which she described as “textbook” because it was a great example of what normal should look like- it was thin, which is a good indication that Down Syndrome is less likely. The combine the results of the ultrasound with the blood test, to determine a risk factor, which takes about 7 days.

The baby was ROCKING OUT.

Flipping, moving, arms and legs extending and flexing, hands by its face, waving “hi”… it was all over the place. I have no idea where that trait came from 😉 I also LOVED the fact that you could see the little heart beating and the cord pulsing. It was seriously incredible… I can kind of see why Tom Cruise bought an ultrasound machine, so they could see Suri everyday 😉

After the technician left, she came back in the room and said that she had mistakenly spelled my name wrong on the original pictures and asked if she could do it again and take some more so my name would be spelled correctly.

Um, yes please! I could watch that baby dance all day….

She gave us a boatload of pictures.


The baby was still dancing and flipping around, until it turned and faced the machine (which made it look rather alien-like) and looked like it pointed right at us!

baby (2)

Saying “Hey YOU. Stop interrupting my in-the-womb Zumba party thankyouverymuch

The ultrasound was a great experience (thank goodness) and blood draw hurt like a biotch. They prick your finger and drop blood onto 6 spots on a piece of paper, but the prick is basically like a retractable pen with an ice pick at the end, jabbed into your finger. It shocked me, it hurt so much. The tech was very sweet and we talked about Sally Hansen nail effects while she squeezed my finger to get the sample. The Pilot kept telling me to look away so I wouldn’t faint, haha.

We stopped to pick up some lunch for him to take to work, and it wasn’t until I dropped him off that I had my blubber moment. I made it through two stop lights before I had giant alligator tears rolling down my cheeks… my heart is very full.


Current cravings:

-smoothies! I can’t get enough. I always love smoothies in the summer, but especially now. Throwing in a handful of spinach is an easy way to get some veggies in my life too 🙂

-Fresh organic fruit

-Salsa or marinara, on anything

-ranch dressing (preferably from eegee’s)


-goat gouda (I went through 2 blocks last week)

-refried beans- I had refried beans with salsa and eggs for dinner almost every night last week


-Most vegetables, unless your name is potato (white potato, not sweet- so weird!). Good news is that salads are palatable again!

-Chicken and sometimes fish. I have to be in the mood for fish, and it can’t smell the least bit fishy, and have only have had chicken breast once… and then I got sick.

-Soups and most hot foods

*Last belly update

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  1. Awww, hi baby! And there is def something in that belly, and it’s not a sandwich! 🙂

    I’m pretty sure you’re baby is going to come salsa-ing out with all the zumba and stuff you do 🙂

    Also, nice score on the whole name spelled wrong = getting more pics thing. Nice!

  2. So cute! Congrats! I never had a 12-week ultrasound, I’m incredibly jealous. 😀 Mine just went from a little bean at 8 weeks to a full-blown human baby at 20 weeks, haha. I might get another at 26 weeks to check his growth!

    Your tummy is very cute by the way! They say when you’re fit it might take longer to develop a big bump, since your muscles are so tight. But then, everyone’s different! At 24 weeks I can now finally balance drinks on my belly when sitting down. Best perk!

  3. awwww so cute, yayy!!

  4. How amazing! It’s crazy how fully formed the baby already is. I guess they couldnt tell the gender yet though?

  5. I love that you write about your cravings because unless you ask, it seems people don’t normally tell you! It’s also frustrating when you have a friend that says, “I don’t really have cravings” haha

    Sounds like an awesome day – you almost make me want to have a kid…almost 🙂 And girl, you look friggen fantastic for 12 1/2 weeks….SO good! Your bump is super cute. Thanks for sharing all of this xo

  6. Great news, congrats! It’s crazy how little it is but still looks like a human! I can never get over that in ultrasound pics. I hope you can worry a bit less now 🙂

  7. I can only imagine how amazing you and the Pilot feel right now <3

  8. YAY! I’m so happy everything is good! I’m totally going to see if they hav any new baby onesies when I go to the Zumba Convention next week! Last year they had ones that said, “Join the Party” and “Mom WHy am I so Dizzy?” but they were a not so pretty orangey yellow colour. If they have new cuter ones I’m totally buying you one!! 😀

  9. Christie says:

    This makes me so excited for my 13 week ultrasound coming up in a few weeks! We also opted for genetic testing and I think what really swayed me was that I get an extra u/s. I liked the first u/s but on yours you can really see that he/she looks like a little tiny baby!

  10. Amber L says:

    <3 this post – so sweet!

  11. A REAL BABY! It truly is amazing to think they we can have life growing right from within us. A miracle for sure.

    Do we know if its a pilot or a fitnessista yet?!?!?!

  12. My big blubber moment, for both pregnancies, was at the same moment….when the tech announced “It’s a boy!” and “it’s a girl!”. In that moment s/he BECAME a he and a she and I felt even closer to the baby than I already had. And I bawled like a little child while my husband beamed away. LOL

  13. so exciting the baby was dancing!! atleast you know if it’s a boy he’ll have quick feet and be a football star or if she’s a girl she’ll be a famous dancer 😉

  14. You look beautiful Gina! So excited to share in this journey with you and your (seksi) Pilot!

  15. Wow, what a beautiful gift! The baby is so precious; you’re going to be a great mom!

  16. Awwww, look at that baby rockin’ out in there! I would expect nothing less than a head-boppin’, Zumba dancin’ little one in there. 😉

  17. Wow Gina – you are gorgeous inside and out. It is fun following this amazing journey along with you guys. What was the Pilot’s reaction to seeing your actual baby-looking baby in there the first time? I’ve heard my friends say their guys are anything from stunned as in “wow this is real and a big responsibility” (in a good way) to awe to immense excitement and pride to surprisingly emotional. LOVED that the baby already loves to Zumba – so sweet!

  18. Aw so exciting my dear! Congrats!! Looks like you have a little dancer/athlete in there!!

  19. That’s incredible! I’m so happy for you. And I blubber when I’m happy too. 🙂

  20. Yay for ultrasounds!!! Baby is looking good over there! I just went with my sister to her 4D ultrasound on Sunday – it was absolutely amazing to make out the babies features!

  21. Hi Gina,
    Where are you finding this fabulous pasteurized goat cheese? I’m ten weeks pregnant and craving it but was told it was on the do not eat list?? Suggestions?? Thanks.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i find it harder to find NON pasteurized goat cheese… pasteurized is everywhere! whole foods, trader joe’s, sunflower market, standard grocery stores… i’ve had an easy time finding cheese to eat. also, you only have to worry about soft cheese- hard cheese (like the goat gouda) should be be totally fine

  22. Aww a dancing baby!

  23. * I guess he/she takes after it’s mama. 😉

  24. Great news. Makes me have a lump in my throat. So so happy for you both; everything will be fine!

    • I know you think it’s a boy. With me Sj all weight was in my stomach. But with my second a boy I gained more weight in my hips and booty. So excited for you.

  25. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU THAT ALL WENT WELL!! That must be such a huge weight off of your mind. Those pictures are also amazing! You were not kidding that your technician was good! I am just so happy for you. You deserve all this goodness and more. love!

  26. So glad to hear that you had this wonderful experience and what a beautiful little baby! Of course it would be active and dancing around for your first look 🙂

  27. Hello baby! So excited for you! Your baby bump is adorable 🙂

  28. The baby pictures are the CUTEST!!!!

  29. Ooooh, baby pictures! Aren’t they so much fun to have!? The first it-looks-like-a-baby! moment is an amazing one…and I love that you got that sense of “my heart is full”-ness. There really isn’t anything like it…and just wait…it really does get better. 🙂

  30. Awe, Gina! Couldn’t be happier for you! I can feel the excitement through your words and can almost imagine being there to witness your joy! God bless you! You guys are in my nightly prayers!

  31. This post really made me smile 🙂 of course your baby would be doing a Zumba dance! 🙂 I’m so happy that everything is going well! <3

  32. My heart kinda melted when I saw the ultrasound photo…. awwwwwwwww!

    Your belly is just growing like crazy! Sounds like you had a very awesome day : D

  33. You look so adorable as a little baby mama!!! Congrats on a great ultrasound!! Are you going to find out the gender when its time??

  34. It’s crazy a baby grows that fast!!!

  35. ohmigosh! Ranch dressing as been a staple and must-have for me for the last eight weeks!!!! =)

    I am so glad to hear everything went well..i knew it would!!!! Reading your reaction post-drop off The Pilot had me in tears! You’re such a sweet, beautiful soul and I know exactly what you are feeling and going through (you had a tough time wanting to get preggers while in my case, i kept loosing them. 🙁 It’s so hard when those of us who want our babies so badly are challenged to get them..but you know what, when we do, well, you are’s such a blessing and appreciation and I like to think our love for our babies are 100x more overflowing then, well..yeah)..anyway, SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO (and a half!).

  36. what an incredible photo. it’s simply amazing that there is a little human inside of you.

  37. I love the pictures. I remember when we got our first set, we couldn’t stop looking at them. The baby is an addiction for sure.

    It’s funny you say it b/c we had the same experience when the baby turned and faced us – the doctor even said, “Yeah, it can look a little creepy.” LOLOL!!!

    But ours was a kicker too! 🙂 We’re thinking soccer player as it stands right now.

  38. Petrice says:

    I had my 1st scan last week at 13.5 weeks. Here in Australia for the blood test you have to give 6 viles of blood, which means 6 needles!!!!! This is my first baby too. My baby kept on opening and closing its mouth and the dr said it was drinking the fluid, so cute!!!! Liked your previous post about ‘worrying’, could totally relate. My mum has banned me from the pregnancy magazines and all the forums now! We just have to try and enjoy it as much as possible.

  39. Hi Gina! I had the same test done recently too! and the test results came back that all is well 😉 I liked how you can finally see the baby “kickbox” as my husband said.

    I invested in the BeBand for my baby bump. its AWESOME!

    congrats on the great pics and healthy pregnancy!!!

  40. You look amazing and I love the lil belly bump, you’re such a cute pregnant lady! I love the baby pics too, so adorable 🙂
    Question – on your “Things that Helped Me Post”, I meant to ask you that once you went off the pill, whether it took you awhile to get your period after being on the pill for so long? I went off it in March and still haven’t gotten a period yet…we wanted to start trying now but looks like we won’t be able to since it’s best to start once you’ve gotten a period 🙁 Wondering if you experienced the same dilemma too?

  41. Hey Gina!

    I actually just ordered an FT4 heart rate monitor from the same place you ordered your new heart rate monitor. I was curious because in the pic you have above, it looks like your monitor is tracking your daily caloric expenditure. Do you have to wear the strap all day long to do that? Or am I missing how to turn on that feature?

  42. Well, thanks a lot for putting tears in my eyes, Gina!!! Not your fault really… I am a total sap and someone else’s happiness brings me to tears on a regular. Just want you to know you are not alone in all this. I remember singing 2 songs to my belly(ies) when I was preggers (2x): What a Wonderful World and You are My Sunshine. I could cry just thinking about it and my boys are 10 and 8 already!

    What a lucky little bean you have growing there! You will be a wonderful momma!!!

  43. Your little Pilot is so cute. God Bless you both.
    As a mommy of 3, the raw veggies in the beginning is hard, Carbs were better, but the drop in blood sugar would again make me sick 🙁 A lot of the food I craved pregnant and the food I avoided are basically the foods my children like and dislike!
    Also, beware of PICA, I had a craving with my last child of ice. I would go into any fast food stand (which I avoid) and buy a drink but only put in ice. I was constantly chewing craving ice. OK I thought it is summer and hot and humid in NJ. However, it was an iron deficiency, I don’t know how ice and iron are related, but I also hear some women crave chalk and other weird things…haha, least mine was ice in the summer:)
    Great bags they have, I still carry mine as a handbag, get compliments all the time on where did you get that, they are shocked it is a diaper bag! Congrats to you and the pilot on the little pilot 🙂

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