Barre BLAST HIIT Combo workout {video}

Hi! Happy almost-Friday! Livi and I are on our way to Tucson for the weekend. The Pilot had some work travel, and the timing ended up being perfect for us to make a little AZ trip: it’s my brother Kyle’s last weekend in Tucson before moving to Massachusetts. He was offered an amazing job opportunity -Chef de Cuisine at the age of 24, no big deal- and I’m excited to hang out with him and see them fam before the big move. I’m really proud of my little bro. 



Kyle and eric  1 of 1

(with my Uncle E; we have two amazing cheffers in the family!)

Sine we’re traveling today, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a new video workout: another Barre/HIIT combo! For now, I’m calling it Barre Blast -it needs a catchy name!- I’ll send a goodie package along to someone who helps me think of something. 😉


Some tips and disclaimers for this workout:

-As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes. Honor your body; modify and rest as needed!

-Those with hip/knee/joint considerations should be mindful of these exercises as they include deep flexion at the knee and hip joints. If you have significant knee, joint or hip considerations or past injuries, this may be one to skip. If you need to, modify the exercises, or potentially decrease the range of motion.

-The intervals in this workout are low impact, but high intensity. If you’d like to add impact movements (jumping), I give some guidelines for that, too.

To get in a full workout, combine this video with last week’s Barre/HIIT combo and this barre strength workout.

Hope you enjoy!!



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  1. Thanks for the barre ideas. Always looking to spice things up!

    Men that cook? Love it!

  2. Love these workouts, thanks so much for posting them!

    As far as a name, it may be a little cheesy but I like “grin and barre-hiit”

  3. What do you mean by low inpact but high intensity? I always thought they were the same thing, impact and intensity?

  4. Hiit the barre 🙂

    (It’s early, that’s the best I can come up with haha)

  5. So cool about your brother, congrats to him! Yay for young people pursuing what they love =).

  6. Hiit and barre it. Kind of like grin and bare it.

    Congrats to your brother, boston is an awesome city, it just gets to cold for me.

  7. Wow, congrats to your brother!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats to your little bro!! I live in Massachusetts would love to know what restaurant he’ll be the Chef at if your allowed to say!

  9. Good luck to your bro! I grew up in Mass and it is a great place to live (except for the cold winters!). Love the video!

  10. Congrats to your bro!! That’s so awesome!

  11. Hooray and congrats to Kyle! So exciting. 🙂

    I am also super excited by this workout! When I strength / cross train, I usually like to keep it low-impact to balance running, but those types of workouts are so often low intensity and don’t make me feel like I am truly working. I’m quite sure this one will be different!

  12. Aw, congrats to your brother! Enjoy the weekend with fam <3 I like HIIT the barre that someone posted above 🙂

  13. Bar Biitch …. :o) I’m LOVING these, btw!!!!

  14. Congrats to your brother, what an awesome opportunity/achievement! I like the idea of HIIT as it gets colder and I’ll need some indoor home workout options.

  15. What about calling it the “BIIT” workout? 😉

    Congratulations to Kyle on what sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I hope he has his warm clothes ready because it’s starting to get a little chilly in New England (but still absolutely gorgeous with the foliage). 🙂 Let me know if you’re ever visiting and want to come down to CT…New Haven Pizza=you won’t want to eat anything else. lol.

  16. congrats to your bro!! what restaurant in MA will he be a chef at? I live a little north of Boston and would love to check it out. Also does this mean when you visit him you’ll guest-teach a class in the Boston area?! 😉

  17. Girl I think you’re onto something with this Barrre Blast idea! Just sayin….
    Have fun in Tucson and congrats to your brother!

  18. love the thanksgiving plan! thanks – passing it along to others (:

    HITT the Barre is the first thing that came to mind.

  19. I was thinking “HIIT the Barre Workout” as well… 🙂

    Or add “extraordinaire” on the end – ha ha

    Have a great time visiting family in Tuscan! You’ll have a wonderful time I’m sure!

    Stevia Giveaway:

  20. I LOVE HIIT the Barre! you got some clever commenters!

  21. I’ve got it! Call it a “Barre Necessities” workout. It’s all the strength and quick cardio you need to get your heart pumping and muscles burning for an efficient workout!

  22. What a great video…I hope I can squeeze it in tonight after work 🙂 I loved the last one you posted!

    HIIT Barre – taaay

  23. How exciting for your brother! I hope you have a great trip. And thanks for the new Barre ideas. Looks like a good one!

  24. Congrats to your brother!! What an incredible opportunity!

  25. Yay for family time. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  26. Love the Barre video. That purple top is super cute.

    Have fun with your family, gotta love having a brother who cooks. 🙂

  27. Take it to the Barre! Love the guys cooking. 🙂

  28. Thanks for the workout.


  29. Wow! Congrats to your bro! Very impressive…I know you must be so proud. And what a fun place to have an excuse to visit!

    Thanks for the barre/HIIT video! I vote for barre and HIIT it!

  30. Have him check out chocolate springs in lenox mass, my sister is a chef there and it is life changing chocolate.
    Love the baare I’ve always wanted to try a baare workout.

  31. Congrats to your brother! Such an amazing opportunity at a young age, and a new spot for you guys to vacation 🙂 Have a safe trip!

  32. Last week I did your barre blast and loved it, but have been sore since Friday on my left outer thigh (IT band?) just the left side. If this normal DOMS do you think, or does it mean I had poor form?

    • Fitnessista says:

      are you still sore today? i would definitely take it easy with your legs until it’s not bothering you anymore. doms shouldn’t last this long; it could be from a variety of things (weak quad muscles, incorrect form, etc). hope it feels better soon!

  33. how bout, “hit the bar, HIIT the barre!”? a bit festive? haha

  34. Congrats to your brother – you must be super proud of him! Thanks for the workout video!

  35. Thanks for the video – I LOVE barre and HIIT combinations!

  36. I love all your at home workouts! I always save them on Pinterest for when motivation to go to the gym wanes.

  37. Congrats to your brother. How about Barre-Blaze.

  38. From someone who is insanely obsessed with everything culinary related…that is a huge deal for your brother, congrats to him!! What is his cooking style? And I’m so happy you posted the video! I haven’t joined a gym since moving and I’m loving at home workouts like this!

  39. Congrats to your brother! That is such an awesome opportunity!

    How about Barre-ly Able to Walk?! 🙂

  40. i think your brother is so cute!!! i wish i lived in MA so you could set me up! =)

  41. Yaara Leve says:

    Congrats to your brother! That’s so cool! Love the barre/hiit! And thank you so much for low-impact! Looks great! Have fun this weekend with the fam

  42. Have fun!!!

    ooh, I’m thinking ‘HIIT the Barre’!

  43. Where in Mass for you local Massachusetts readers :)? That’s so exciting and would love to try some recipes first hand rather than drool over them! Best wishes to him!

  44. barre starzz thanksgiving special

  45. Such a coincidence! I am traveling to see my family for the weekend, too, while my other half visits some friends from college 🙂 Since I don’t have access to a gym where my parents live this video will be great for the trip! Thanks so much! Love your videos, especially the barre ones!

  46. How about, “Your thighs will be barre-king”?

    Alright, alright just having a little fun! 😉

  47. I did all three barre videos you suggested in this post last night, and WOW my legs were SHAKING by the end. Jamaican Beach vacation in 10 weeks, must be ready! Looks like you and Liv are going to have an AWESOME weekend with family 🙂

  48. What if you called it HIIT the barre?

  49. How about Ballet Fire? My legs are on fiiiire! Loved this.

  50. I did this video with another one of your HIIT barre combo videos. I love this combination. It’s perfect. I hope to see more like them. Thanks!

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