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Hi friends! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one! I’m so happy to hear you share my excitement for the new lotus tanks! I wanted to apologize for the confusion about ordering sizes and colors. Check out all of the info here, and to order click here. If it doesn’t give you the option to select a size and color combo, just add a note in Paypal (note to seller) or respond to your confirmation email with your size and color, and I’ll get it. 🙂 Let’s make the goal to feed 2,000 meals!

Some fun from the weekend:

Friday evening, Liv wanted to her scooter around, so we took it to Liberty Station,

Livi scootering

Livi on the scooter

Livi scootering w tom

and ended up having dinner at Panera. My beloved power chicken hummus bowl is off the menu, but the employees at NTC are awesome and sometimes will make it anyway if they have the ingredients on hand. 

Just chicken, hummus, cilantro, lemon wedges, and veggies, 

Chicken power

+ their fall soup. SO good. 

Fall soup

Afterwards, we met up with friends at Menchie’s. 🙂

After noodle went to bed, I did the Cardio Fix workout from 21dayfix, and also practiced some BODYPUMP. I am so excited for the new release, especially since I’ll get to teach this one! I’m practicing with super light dumbbells for now, just to get the hang of the cueing and choreography, but I think my first real class back, with an actual barbell, is going to be humbling to say the least. 

Saturday was my sleep in day -the Pilot and I take turns waking up with Liv on the weekend, and it’s amazing- and then we headed to Livi’s ballet class, and back home for our doula to visit. It’s getting close…

I had a meeting at work,

pumped some iron after a short treadmill walk,

Lifting weights

dinner was burgers on the grill, and Sunday started off with a barre class.

Barre 37 weeks

Barre is definitely getting more challenging. I’ve been modifying the heck out of the core series for a while now, and yesterday, I couldn’t even bend down to get the resistance band loop around my knees. I had a vision of myself toppling over, tangled in the resistance band, and decided to forego it. Wise choice haha.

This weekend, we also went to a festival at Liv’s school that she’d been looking forward to all week. It was a lot of fun, and reminded me of the fall festival they have at my stepmom’s school -she teaches kindergarten- in Tucson. There was a food truck, popsicle truck, 

Popsicle truck

jumping castles, face painting, a petting zoo, games, and a cake walk. The Pilot and I see cake walks as a sport, and will usually play until we win something. 🙂

Pilot, FTW.


(Livi picked out this one! How cute is that little bird?)

Our contribution to the cake walk was these cake batter rice crispies!

Cake batter crispies

They seriously took 10 minutes to make, and turned out so well. This is definitely going to be a new go-to dessert recipe for get-togethers. 

Cake batter crispies 2

Working on her sleeve:

Livi arm paint

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. 


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! It’s breakfast time over here and then a midwife appt. I’ll see ya later today with an update on the Family page!



Workout of the day: this arm burner! It includes some of my favorite upper body exercises for lean, strong arms. 

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  1. Love that you’re still working out this far into the pregnancy! <3 One of my very good friends who has an almost 3 year old told me that the day I choose the couch over a workout, that'll be it for me (she was speaking from experience). I got up at 5:45 this morning and got in one of last years SSU workouts, and have plans for Zumba, prenatal yoga, and weights this week. That's probably my proudest accomplishment so far during this pregnancy. 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      haha that is so true. i feel like i just need to keep going because it makes me feel better, and if i stop, i’ll REALLY stop. that’s amazing you got in such an awesome early workout!

  2. Haha that thing with resistance band is something I would do & I am not pregnant.

  3. okay that cake is THE cutest. good choice Liv!!

  4. The area you live is so beautiful:)

  5. I was actually surprised by how well my first BODYPUMP class went post-baby. While I was obviously no where near the same amount of weights I did pre-pregnancy, I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it through before class and I definitely made it! I guess it is a good perspective to have for newbies who are just starting out. 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      ok that makes me feel better! i’ll definitely go much lighter, but was worried i wouldn’t make it through the whole class

  6. What a fun weekend!! Dumb question but what is a cake walk? I’ve never had that at a school festival!

  7. Oh my gosh, a cake walk! How fun. I haven’t done one of those since I was a tiny kid! I love the one Liv picked out and your contribution looks delish!

  8. Love Livi’s sleeve so cute! Sounds like an awesome weekend! And impressed you are still able to work out so much!

  9. It’s so inspiring to see you workout through your entire pregnancy! I hope I’m like that too when I get pregnant someday. I can’t wait to try your arm workout too! Looks like a good one.

  10. I didn’t know what a cake walk was either until I read your description- sounds so fun!!!

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