2nd Trimester

We found out

This morning = best $70 I’ve ever spent. I’m 15 1/2 weeks along and have been DYING to find out whether the little nugget is a “she” or a “he”. For almost my entire pregnancy, I was 100% convinced it was a boy, but most recently started to doubt that and think maybe it’s a…

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Oh hey, belly

Big difference this week! 4 1/2 weeks:                                                                         10 1/2 weeks: 12 1/2 weeks:                                                     15 weeks:     Oh hey, belly! One thing I’ve noticed is that my belly is positioned very high on my torso. My friend (who is due a week before me!) is having a boy and her belly is LOW and tiny. I…

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Making Strides

I feel like besides cramming my brain full of as much information as possible, I haven’t really done anything to actually get ready for the little nugget’s arrival. I’m extremely superstitious, and this entire time I’ve been afraid to buy anything baby-related, or do too much to get ready, in case I jinxed it. And…

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Awkward Pregnancy Moments

This whole gluten-free bun baking is awesome. 100% amazeballs, and 100% better now that the ill feeling has gone away (for the most part). I love thinking about the little nugget growing inside of me, researching baby items, getting together nursery ideas, skimming through the books I’ve read for more info and talking to other…

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July 5: A sigh of relief

In my dream world they would have a huge [pink?] sparkly stamp on each of the first-time moms’ medical files. It would read “First time mom. Please at least try to be nice".” Source                       I hadn’t heard back regarding our genetic testing and it…

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“Dad, When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Fighter Pilot"

And I’ll have to say, “I’m sorry, [son or daughter], but you can’t do both.” Is this a picture of what our future youngin’ can expect to be subjected to on a routine basis?  (Source) Yes…Yes, it is. Hey, blogworld – pilot here. How are you guys? There are no words for how excited I…

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They were telling the truth

I feel NORMAL again 😀 As in, my energizer bunny energy is back, my cravings for salt and vinegar chips, dairy, and Veganaise on everything are gone (veggies are back!), and I don’t feel like I’m on the verge of tossing my gluten-free cookies all day. Everyone kept saying that the second trimester is amazing…

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See ya later, first trimester

Today, I’m 13 weeks 1 day into the whole pregnancy thing. The good news is that chance of the “m” word has dramatically reduced (which I’m so grateful for) and the sad news is that I’m a third of a way through. As much as there have been some not-so-fun parts (like the feeling like…

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