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NEW 5-minute Ab Workout

Lots of the usual suspects…. Standard breakfast: Work clothes ready to go,  and getting things together for the morning.  I leave tomorrow for my race -plus a special short trip that’s been included on top of that, more details to come- and I haven’t done anything to get ready. In standard Gina fashion, I’ll be…

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5 minutes of fiery ab frenzy

Thank so much for all of your wonderful feedback on the new blog design. Cody did such an incredible job- I really love it. The blog has gone through a few facelifts as time has gone on and things have changed around here. Of all the changes I’ve made, I like to think/hope my photography…

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Toes in the grass

It was a day full of good things. First off, I found a new {air-conditioned!} place to take Liv during the day: the library. I had a card in Orlando since I loved to borrow books on CD for long commutes, but forgot to get one a new one in Tucson. We remedied that today!…

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Pinch me

I own exactly one green shirt, and I wore it today… not about to re-wear it tomorrow after what it’s been through this afternoon 😉 Green isn’t a color I regularly purchase, and I feel like a St. Patty’s Day scrooge since it’s one of my all-time favorite holidays. Give this girl a piece of…

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I cheated on my high school last night. My bro, the Pilot and I met up with the fam (cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, nana) to watch my little bro’s football game. He plays varsity (and is only a freshman- impressive stuff!), for my alma mater’s rival school. So there were Kyle and I, sporting the…

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The whole canoodle

Look who I caught canoodling on the couch when I got home from work… So I did what anyone would do: cut in and stole her. Heh heh. She looks really happy about it 😉 Today was a doozy, but a good day. Breakfast and snack were frantically eaten in between classes (egg-rito, and later…

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Fri Night Fish Tacos + NEW Ab burner

Hiiiii 😀 How are you? Hope you had a great Friday <3 Thank you so much to those of you who tweeted, texted and emailed to make sure the Pilot and I were ok after today’s events on base. Thankfully, he’s home here safe and all is bueno. Since the base was on lockdown until…

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GPE + Monday Ab Burner

Hiiiii friends! How are ya? Hope you’re having a great night <3 My day was full of GPE: Gym Productivity (productivity smoothie with quinoa milk, avocado, banana, blueberry and Sun Warrior) and eegee’s 🙂 (outfit deets are *here*) I walked on the indoor track for an hour with a magazine [side rant: I’m not a…

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Spring Abs Workout

Hi friends! How’s your morning going? Someone is moving a little slowly today… but after a walk, she was ready to beg for food start her morning 😉 You guys won’t believe this- we heard from the realtor last night! Apparently the bank is thisclose to accepting our original offer. The house we put an…

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