5 minutes of fiery ab frenzy


Thank so much for all of your wonderful feedback on the new blog design. Cody did such an incredible job- I really love it. The blog has gone through a few facelifts as time has gone on and things have changed around here. Of all the changes I’ve made, I like to think/hope my photography […]

Toes in the grass


It was a day full of good things. First off, I found a new {air-conditioned!} place to take Liv during the day: the library. I had a card in Orlando since I loved to borrow books on CD for long commutes, but forgot to get one a new one in Tucson. We remedied that today! […]

Hawgs and Cakes


We spent our afternoon on base for a retirement party. Since it was the retiring pilot’s fini flight (final flight with the squadron), they did the usual “spray the pilot with water when he gets out of the cockpit” thing, food, libations, plus an official ceremony. Since it was very loud outside and Liv was […]

Pinch me


I own exactly one green shirt, and I wore it today… not about to re-wear it tomorrow after what it’s been through this afternoon Green isn’t a color I regularly purchase, and I feel like a St. Patty’s Day scrooge since it’s one of my all-time favorite holidays. Give this girl a piece of soda […]



I cheated on my high school last night. My bro, the Pilot and I met up with the fam (cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, nana) to watch my little bro’s football game. He plays varsity (and is only a freshman- impressive stuff!), for my alma mater’s rival school. So there were Kyle and I, sporting the […]

The whole canoodle


Look who I caught canoodling on the couch when I got home from work… So I did what anyone would do: cut in and stole her. Heh heh. She looks really happy about it Today was a doozy, but a good day. Breakfast and snack were frantically eaten in between classes (egg-rito, and later a […]

Fri Night Fish Tacos + NEW Ab burner


Hiiiii How are you? Hope you had a great Friday <3 Thank you so much to those of you who tweeted, texted and emailed to make sure the Pilot and I were ok after today’s events on base. Thankfully, he’s home here safe and all is bueno. Since the base was on lockdown until later […]

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