The anni

Hi friends! Happy almost-Friday! The weekend is in sight! Is it just me, or has this summer flown by? It’s crazy to think that we’re already back in school season. My fitness classes this week have been PACKED since everyone is getting back in the swing of things after vacations and school breaks. I love it!

Today is our anniversary!

Here we are 9 years ago,

IMG 2106


IMG 2112

IMG 2108


IMG 2110 (we were so tanned… and rested. haha)

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Anni celebration and faves from the week

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend?? We are attending a friend’s wedding, going to a kiddo’s bday party, soccer lessons, and the farmer’s market. I also think a barre class and some beach time are in order. 😉  In standard Friday Fashion, here are some faves from the week and around […]

Happy Anniversary

to the love of my life. We’ve had some pretty crazy adventures: Moving, traveling, amazing times together, (which, by far, made up for those long times apart) and babies! (Of the fur and human varieties.) Thanks for falling out of the sky and into Starbucks.  😉 Through the frantic, the mundane, the tough, the thrilling, for […]

Lucky number 7

Hi guys! Happy Monday <3 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m back here in San Diego after an amazing time at the IDEA World Fitness Conference. IDEA has quickly become something I look forward to, and I have a couple of posts coming your way with lots of pics!  Today is our anniversary! […]

anniversary <3

Yesterday was our anniversary. It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago, totally unfamiliar with the military lifestyle, I was entering into a new life filled with so much uncertainty. Where would we live? Would I be able to find work? What about deployments? Would it be hard to make new friends everywhere we went? […]

5 Years

You know this thing we have going on? I kinda like it.  The way you smell like jet fuel when you get home from a flight, the way you know to catch me when I jump into your arms, the way Olivia smiles at you and kicks her feet because she’s so happy to see […]

8/17: Friday Faves

-Wedding weekend! Our anniversary is tomorrow- I can’t believe so much has happened in the past 5 years. 3 military moves, 3 deployments, a house, a baby, traveling, adventures with the pups, hard times, amazing times, shenanigans. It feels like yesterday I was checking him out in between glances at my accounting book in Starbucks […]

Just Fondue It

Hiiiii 😀 Happy Friday! Anything fun planned for this weekend? I pretty much disappeared from the earth yesterday (hardly tweeted or facebooked!)- I was under the weather, and so was Bella. I left the house to take her to the vet –she’s much better now- but spent 90% of the day crawled up on the […]

For the past 4 years

You’ve been my #1 <3 You stuck with me while I finished out school, and supported me as I figured out what I’m supposed to do in my life, and I stuck with you while the military made our major life decisions. I didn’t get to see you quite as much as I’d like to, […]

Date Night

Heyyyy 😀 How are you?? Thank you so much for all of the beautiful anniversary wishes. It was a great day 😀 I took the night off blogging to celebrate with this guy…. Swooning allowed… and necessary 😀 He took me to Two Friends for dinner, which was the first restaurant we ate at 3 […]

Three Years Ago

I was kind of worried about the weather. There were a lot people that I didn’t want to get rained on… and I was wearing a long white dress. Three years ago… I knew there was someone that would be waiting for me. We’d hold hands as the pastor talked about watching the same hands […]

Always eat dessert first

Hey hey hey 😀 WHOA everyone- thank you so much for all of your heartfelt and wonderful anniversary wishes! My madre even commented! So cute <3 I’m a very lucky girl to be married to the love of my life. And yes, I met him at Starbucks (the “Bizzle”) so I’m a huge believer in […]