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Hey! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a great one so far <3 I just finished up a morning stretch, an awesome breakfast, and am ready to enjoy the day’s adventures.

I feel inspired with recipes lately. It’s certainly a mixture of a few things: the fall produce (gimme ALL THE SQUASHES), enjoying new dishes, and the fact that I’ve had a couple of awesome new cookbooks to enjoy. New cookbooks always help me to think outside of my usual habits, and they’re an enjoyable way to take down time when you’ve been working on creating your own recipes. It’s comforting to breeze through a recipe knowing that someone else has carefully tested it for you. My two latest faves are even better because they were written by very good friends.

The first one is this PTV: The Part-time Vegetarian Smoothies and Juices, which was written by Tina

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I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Tina quite a few times, and she’s become one of my closest blogging buddies. (I still haven’t met Murphy though, and am borderline obsessed with that pug cuteness.) Tina is also a new mama, a CrossFitter, and writes an awesome blog if you haven’t checked it out. 

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To write this book, she had to create and test over 140 smoothie recipes in two months (!!!!). When I received my copy, I was amazed by how beautifully it came together. Not only are the recipes incredibly creative (so fresh and vibrant!), but the full-page color photos are gorgeous. There are so many awesome smoothie and juice combos in here, and it’s really encouraged me to step out of the usual rotation. I tend to make the same smoothies and juices over and over, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been using quite a few of Tina’s amazing recipes.

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A brilliant IDEA

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Hi guys! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday! Packing mountain is currently in effect, since I’m heading to Anaheim for the IDEA World Fitness Convention and BlogFest!  Are you going to be there? I’m stoked to take new (and fave!) classes, and signed up for some fascinating lectures (mainly focusing on […]

Orangetheory Blogger Fitness Class

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Hi guys! How’s your day going? I’ve really loved your comments on this morning’s carb cycling post; keep ‘em coming!  My legs are begging for sweet mercy today. (Sorry legs, you’ve got two classes to teach later.) After teaching barre yesterday, I headed over to OrangeTheory Point Loma for a blogger fitness class. I’ve become […]

Blog friend date part 2 + last week’s workouts

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Hi guys! Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend been? We started ours off by spending Friday morning with these lovely ladies: (Janae and Brooke!) I was so excited when I found out they’d be here in San Diego, especially since I LOVE Janae’s blog. The first time I emailed to ask her to guest post, I […]

Sun’s Out, Guns Out Arm Burner


Hi! How’s your day going? Excited for the weekend?  Last night, I had a fun blog friend date. A lovely lady by the name of Rachel G., who has been leaving awesome comments on the blog for years, told me she was going to be in San Diego. So I did what anyone would do: […]

The Choosing Raw Cookbook + Raw, Vegan, Blueberry Cheesecake


Oh friends, do I have an awesome book to tell you about. I was so excited about this one for a few reasons:  1) It was written by one of my dear friends, Gena Hamshaw from Choosing Raw (If you haven’t heard of her blog before, please click here and enjoy) 2) I knew it […]

Everything and nothing


Happy Wednesday! What are you up to today? Don’t forget to check in with today’s workout here (<— click to comment) and enter our Skyscapes giveaway! Last night, we didn’t have anything on the plan, so that called for one thing: beach We quickly learned that taking a toddler to “put our feet in” means […]

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