Light Mojitos with honey simple syrup

Hi! Happy almost-Friday :)

Did you know tomorrow is National Mojito Day??

Light mojitos

Regarding “food holidays,” I think some are pretty awesome (Chocolate Pudding Day!) and some are kind of boring. Apparently one day last week was National Eat Beans Day. Eat Beans Day?! This is where everyone in my [Hispanic] family (including yours truly) collectively shakes their head and says, “Everyday is eat beans day.”

But National Mojito Day? I’d like to celebrate that :)

Light mojitos2

The Pilot is the king of mojitos. He uses powdered sugar, so you can’t taste the alcohol, and they’re minty, sweet, and will punch you in the face if you know what I mean. 

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Salted Bailey’s chocolate truffles


Good morning <3 How’s your day going? Anything fun happening this week? Today is going to be a bit of a whirlwind with packing, last-minute errands, subbing Zumba and getting the house photographed. There’s a discussion post going up on the family page this afternoon (would love to hear your thoughts!!) and in the meantime, […]

The great block of cheese + your two words

cheese (1 of 1).jpg

Morning! Happy Humpday to ya It feels weird to be getting back in the swing of things on a Wednesday. Whenever we have company staying with us, I feel like I’m on vacation, too Today, it’s back to the usual to-dos and the mountain of laundry I’ve neglected.  In other news, I’ve also been trying […]

7/26: Friday Faves


Hi friends Happy Friday! I had a What I Ate Thursday post in progress for you, but taught 4 classes yesterday and it became impossible to remember to take photos of all my bites. In fun news, I got to team-teach a super sweaty Zumba class with Sasha at BreakOut Studios here in Tucson. The […]

Something outta nothing + a new arm burner

salsa (1 of 1)-3.jpg

After a weird couple of days -sorry again for the server issues!- we’re back to blogging action It was so strange to not be able to post, but I am so thankful to Cody and Ryan for their hard work to get the blog going again. Every post for the rest of the summer: we […]

In my practice + a new Zumba video

bfast (1 of 1)-7.jpg

What do ya know? I actually have some food pics for ya today. I was going do to a What I Ate Wednesday post, but got home from yoga too late, so here’s a What I Ate Wednesday on a Thursday Breakfast: 2 eggs + brown rice tortilla (with sriracha that I took to work) […]

5/10: Friday Faves


-Dancing with some of my favorite girls last night! It was our recital for dance week at work (some past dance week posts + video are here and here), and I choreographed two pieces for the occasion: one for the fitness staff and the other was for another department (where Meg works!). I also performed […]

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