Owl cupcakes + that Zumba mojo

Hi! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a great one so far <3 A little later blogging today, because there’s been some behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve been working on. An exciting update: the blogroll page is back! Quite a few of you let me know that you missed it, so it’s back in action on the menu bar under “Friends.”

Our morning adventure:

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Owl cupcakes!
Before you think I’m creative, I must tell you that they were a total copy of the ones on the Family Circle cover. (PS I’m not sure how or why we get Family Circle, but I do like some of the recipes!) My favorite baking buddy saw the magazine on the table and said, “We have to make these owl cupcakes! They are so cute.”

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So, we took a walk to the store, grabbed the essentials and headed home to make some.

Pretty flower/succulent garden seen on our walk:

Photo 191

I really love that Liv enjoys cooking and baking, as it’s obviously one of my favorite things. It’s pretty easy to think of little things she can do to help; usually it involves adding cupcake liners, stirring the mixture, or adding the ingredients.

Photo 190

(We’re also pros at “testing” the batter haha)

For the owl cupcakes, I just used a box mix of organic chocolate (spiced it up with some vanilla extra, butter and applesauce instead of oil, and almond milk instead of water) and made a simple chocolate buttercream.

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Buttercream  1 of 1

We added Newman’s O’s with chocolate chips for the eyes, and an Annie’s gummy bunny as the nose. They were very simple to put together, and I love how festive they turned out!

So I wanted to ask you guys about Zumba mojo. For me, it’s directly correlated by two things: the energy of the class, and the music. Music is the only thing I can directly control -as I can obviously help elevate the energy of the room, that’s more subjective- and I haven’t heard any good new Zumba songs lately. We listen to the En Vivo station in the car, and I’ll Shazam anything awesome that I hear. Nothing lately. If you’ve heard any great Zumba songs, please send them my way! :)

Hope you’re having a lovely afternoon <3

See ya in the morning!




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