Dinner recipes

Pesto zucchini pasta with roasted veggies

Hey everyone! Happy Indian Food Wednesday! Who’s celebrating?! The pilot and I ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning, trying to get Viesa acclimated to her new muzzle. It proved unsuccessful.. she HATED it. We got one of the nice mesh ones, and even cut it in half so she could…

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Shrimp with diced tomatoes, basil and feta

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good night 😀 I just had to ask myself what day it is, since my belly is not full of Indian food- it is full of shrimpies though, which is of course the next best thing! I’ll get my Indian fix in the next 48 hours so no need…

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Slow cooker chicken chow mein

Hey guys! Hope your day went well! I’m happy to say the insanity is over and I got through the two aerobics classes and five training appointments. The next crazy day is Wednesday and the rest of the week should be smooth sailing (I hope!). Congrats again to Lindsey on her cookbook victory and thank…

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