Dinner Made Easy is HERE :)

Hi friends! Happy humpday! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning. We are doing the usual playing, errands, and hanging out around here, and I’m excited to catch a yoga class this afternoon. It’s been too long!

You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be sign and Yoga pose

I’m writing to you with exciting news today: our Dinner Made Easy ebook is officially here!

Dinner Made Easy healthy meal planning guide cover

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Remember when I mentioned developing new recipes and hinted at a fun project that was in the works? Behind the scenes, Julie, Brittany, Lindsay and I were creating a meal planning resource that helps to simplify the dinner routine and change up the recipe rotation. It’s so easy to get stuck in habits or ruts, so I always look forward to trying new recipes that I know I can make quickly.

Gina, Brittany, Lindsay, JulieThis ebook includes 4 weeks of healthy recipes, plus a full grocery list for each week, along with tips on prepping in advance.

When Julie first approached me about working together on this, I was like “YES!!!” Not only because I love creating healthy recipes, but also because this is something that we needed in our own kitchen. I’ve already made a handful of the recipes (they are SO GOOD) and am going to be making my way through the weekly plans now that the fall schedule insanity is in full swing. 

Busy fall schedule helped by Dinner Made Easy

I don’t know about you guys, but when I get dinner on the table nowadays, I want to run around high-fiving everyone. “I DID IT! I managed to scrounge up something and actually cook it in between working, teaching, keeping our adventurous baby from injuring herself and our preschooler entertained. WE MADE IT!!!” haha

Having a meal plan has changed my world. If I don’t take the time to plan out our groceries and meals in advance, it’s a quick downslide to takeout city. It’s only for convenience sake, because I prefer to make our meals at home. (They’re cheaper, they taste better/fresher, and you know what’s in the food!) This ebook really breaks it all down, and also has a ton of new, delicious family-friendly recipes. Liv has already requested Brittany’s Paleo chicken tenders again.

Here are the BBQ chicken tacos with stone fruit salsa:

Bbq chicken tacos with stone fruit salsa

and the black bean quinoa burger from my section of the ebook.

Black bean quinoa burger

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We’re offering a special intro price, just this week (until Sunday) for $9.99.

Get your copy here!!

Thank you so much to those of you who have ordered already. We put a lot of love into putting it together, and we really hope you enjoy it.



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