Someone got a facelift

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday <3 Hope your week is going well! It’s all downhill from here. It’s been a great week with my favorite little sidekick, and it also feels good to be back in the swing of teaching after getting subs for the IDEA conference. I taught barre and hot barre last night and was shaking like a leaf!

Being silly

Thank you so much for those of you who have commented on the blog’s new look. She’s been feeling a little fancy lately and a little shy, hoping you guys like it. It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a revamp around here, and I’ve been waiting until I had some time to set up a draft design outline, organize posts (over 3000!) and find an awesome designer. (My previous designer has another full-time job and a growing family, so he was unable to do another revamp.) After looking around, I was referred to Julie at Deluxe Designs and was so excited with the vision she created for the site. (Just wanted to note that I didn’t get any freebies for my shout out; I paid for my redesign and wanted to spread the word about Julie’s baller design skills)

Some changes around here:

-Previous posts are easier to find. This was a major bummer -even for me, and I know exact keywords to use to locate an old post- because I felt like my posts disappeared into thin air after writing them. Now, everything is organized into categories that stream the posts into lists. Much better!

-Organized workout and recipe pages! The workouts are now organized by category (at the very top of the blog + the right sidebar), and the recipes are easy to search by dish. I do have to go back and re-categorize some (ok, a LOT of) recipe posts, but in the next couple of weeks, that page should be much cleaner. (I tagged posts as “breakfast” or another category even if I didn’t actually post the recipe, so I have to remove quite a few tags. Thanks for hanging in there with me.)

-No more “one post per page” when you’re scrolling back. If you miss some posts, it should be a lot easier to play catch up if you’d like

A look through the blog’s header history as it’s come a long way:

First: I couldn’t find my first header when I searched the Googles. All I’ll say is that it’s a prime example of why it’s sometimes a great idea to outsource things in life. I designed it myself… and that’s all there is to say about that.


Old header




Fitnessista main header

and the current one you now see above.

I really hope you like to new design and find it easier to navigate! Please click around let me know if you have any constructive feedback, or notice anything that isn’t working. Thank you to those of you who have been reading all of these years, and hi to all of my new reader friends out there <3 Newsletter subscribers, check your emails this afternoon for a little something, too.



See ya, 2013 + some fun news


2013, you were pretty good to us <3 It was the year I became more confident with my identity and abilities as a mama, continued to figure out our groove, and had an amazing time getting to know Livi as her personality continued to evolve and become more apparent. She has changed the most this […]

Gym intimidation + WSU news

pho w anne (1 of 1).jpg

Hi! I’m so glad you guys are loving the 10 days of giveaways! Apologies for the blog crashing last night, too. Turns out she was just excited about some Stitch Fix clothes. I wish I could do giveaways like this all the time- it’s been so much fun. The good news is that we’ll have […]

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Meet Caroline

caroline (1 of 1).jpg

As you could probably tell from our last pics of the day, we have someone very special to introduce Meet Caroline: Here’s a little info about the sweet girl, who joined our family on Friday. We picked her up in Phoenix from a foster family, who were taking care of her through a Cavalier King […]

Love and Lights


Last night, 14 of us met up at Winterhaven to check out the holiday lights. Winterhaven in a housing development here, and is known for their elaborate holiday light displays- I think it’s part of the Homeowner’s Association requirements. There are designated nights to walk or drive through, as well as horse-drawn carriages and trolleys. […]

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Hey friends! How’s your weekend treating ya so far? After some shocking baby news this morning –little nugget is actually a she-nugget!- I’ve been a little scatterbrained and distracted. I did hit up the mall to exchange baby clothes and be offended by the saleslady at Motherhood (it was my first time in that ‘hood, […]

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