Miss P is 6 months old!

 Happy half-birthday to you, happy half-birthday to you,  happy half-birthday, Miss Penelope Rose, happy half-birthday to you.”  This little love bug, who fills our world with so much extra laughter and love, is already half a year old! I can’t even believe it.


“I like walking Caro. She’s nice and slow.” “This is my pet spider. His name is Chuy.” (Thank goodness Chuy was a toy.) “How long until Penelope is old enough to have fun with me?” “How old do you want her to be?” “Um, probably like 55.”     “I think I just want to […]

thoughts on two

When we found out we were pregnant with P, I was totally shocked and overjoyed. At that time, I had no idea that the sesame seed growing in my belly would end up an almost 11-lb cuddlebug who would complement and magnify the smiles, love, and laughter that Liv had already brought into our lives. […]

Preschooler eats (4 years old)

Hi friends! How’s your week going? Hope you’re having a great one. I’ve had some requests to share some of the kiddos’ meals on the blog, and thought it would be fun since I’m always looking for new ideas, too. A huge development in our house is that miss P started solids a couple of […]

Miss P is 5 months old!

And [*knock on wood*] doing so, so well. We majorly regressed with the reflux last month. It got to the point where I felt like we were back at ground zero, and was praying that this meant that we were getting near the end. All of a sudden, things started to turn up. I’d read […]

Beach baby

This time is finally upon us: beach season! Aaaand since we’re sadly not going to be in San Diego forever, I am determined to live.it.up. Especially since we can walk to the water. No excuses! When we go to the beach as a family, I usually wrangle the kiddos and carry beach totes, and the […]

Family: stickers for days

A couple of days ago, we brought back something that I’d been hesitant to implement: the good ol’ behavior chart. (We had tried it in the past with stickers, but didn’t really keep track of them because after a couple of days Liv lost interest.) It just feels weird to me to track behavior? I […]

Penelope’s 4-month update

4 months ago today, I was home from the hospital snuggling this sweet little lovebug. During my entire pregnancy, I had no idea what she was going to look like, or how her little personality would evolve. I knew her so well, and at the same time, knew nothing about her. 4 months later, this […]

When they’re 13 lbs…

(Sleeping Liv!) When Liv was itty bitty, and we were praying for the sleep unicorn to make an appearance, Tom was talking to one of his friends at work about it. His friend was an exchange pilot from France, and since he had 4 kids of his own, he always seemed to have awesome tips […]

The End of the 4th Trimester

At a point in time that once seemed SO.FAR.AWAY. Everyone tells me that they miss the newborn times and the early days. I smile and say, “Yes, aren’t they the best?” and then laugh in my mind because I personally think the newborn days are kind of terrible. Sure, it’s amazing to have a sweet […]


“I don’t know what Bell-bell’s going to grow up to be. I’m going to be a doctor.” “What kind of doctor?” “Um…. well, I want to be a dentist.” “What’s daddy’s job?” “To work out.” “Hahha. Does he teach people how to fly airplanes?” “Oh. Yeah.” “What’s mommy’s job?” “To work out. And clean up […]

Happy 3 months, Penelope! (+ an Owlet giveaway!)

Guess who is 3 months old? That’s a quarter of a year! I can’t even. Miss P is still smiling like crazy, babbling and cooing to her heart’s delight, and chewing on her hands like they’re a delectable treat. I’m convinced that she’s teething because she is always gnawing on her hands, but the ped […]