not this time (February 2, 2015)

So I was feeling anxious and took a pregnancy test last week. When I took my pregnancy test with Liv, I didn’t go to the store with the intention of getting a test. I was in Target, buying a bunch of random things (in true Target spirit) and a pregnancy test found its way into […]


liv with chocoltae bunny.JPG

    “I am a human. But I am a princess.”   Liv: “I want a godmother.” Me: “You have a godmother, silly. Auntie Meg is your godmother!” Liv: “But why doesn’t she have wings?”   Liv: “I just love to nap every day.” Me: “Me too. Naps are the best! “ Liv: “They’re just […]

a secret (January 17, 2015)

Even though we only just started not-not-trying, I forgot what it felt like to have this little hope, and feel like you’re carrying a really exciting secret. I’m not even sure what will happen this month, and don’t have high expectations since we’re just now TTC, but I’ve been thinking about baby #2 and how […]

thoughts on two (January 15, 2015)

I can’t even believe I’m writing these posts right now. Every time I type, think, or start to imagine baby #2, I get flooded with emotions, which is usually a mix of giddy excitement and a little bit of fear. I say the last part, because -I’m sure many of you have experienced this- we […]

we love our doula


It’s National Doula Week! I was so excited to see these images floating around social media, with an extra opportunity to celebrate doulas around the world. (Source) Even though Liv is three years old, I think about her birth, our birth team, and our fabulous doula at least a few times a week. I feel […]

Preschooler eats

w tom at hodads.JPG

First of all, it feels so weird writing “preschooler” instead of toddler. They say time flies… and it totally does! Liv is definitely a little person with unique preferences, and a very strong opinion about what she’s in the mood for. 😉 Every day it’s a blessing to watch her grow, learn, evolve, and surprise […]

Lactation cookies for new mamas

Lactation cookies to boost milk supply. Perfect little gift for new moms!

When a friend or family member has a newborn baby, I’m always excited to stop by and take them a meal or some snacks and goodies. Some of my favorite baby meals are here, and here are two items that usually make an appearance: Mother’s Milk tea and lactation cookies. When Liv was first born, […]



  “I love you more than lollipops and marshmallows.”   Me: “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.” Liv: “I want to be a doctor. No, a robot.”   “Let’s go shoot some ladders!” (= play Chutes and Ladders. I think she thinks chute is “shoot,” because play basketball fairly […]



    [Pointing at a bush] “Oh, that looks like holly! Holly makes me JOLLY!”   Me: “My little noodle!” Liv: “I’m not a noodle. I’m a girl.”   Tom opens the door to the pantry, where Livi commonly hides, and finds her with the honey jar. It’s open, and she’s dipping her finger into […]

Princess and the… no

When Liv was born, there were only a handful of things that I really wanted for her. Of course, I wanted her to be healthy, feel safe, and grow up surrounded by love. I wanted her to become a compassionate, kind, polite, and confident individual. And I wanted her to love books (ok, and Broadway […]



  “Patience means waiting without crying.” We were waiting in line, and Livi started to fuss a bit (saying she wanted to leave and pulling on my hand). I asked her to please be patient, and she said, “Ok. Patience means waiting without crying.” (I later find out that Tom has been telling her this […]


rain boots.JPG

    Girl at the car repair shop: “Where did you get those beautiful eyelashes?!” Liv: “Disneyland.”   [Another moment of realization that she is indeed my heart walking around outside my body] “Oh, I JUST LOVE sleeping! Sleeping is the best.”   [As we’re walking out the door to leave] Me: “Bye dogs. Bella, […]

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