Happy 3 months, Penelope! (+ an Owlet giveaway!)

Guess who is 3 months old? That’s a quarter of a year! I can’t even. Miss P is still smiling like crazy, babbling and cooing to her heart’s delight, and chewing on her hands like they’re a delectable treat. I’m convinced that she’s teething because she is always gnawing on her hands, but the ped […]

end of a swaddle era

I think the time has finally come, because we have a Houdini on our hands. To be real, I kind of suck at swaddling. You’d think that by kid #2, I’d be almost pro level, but no. I wrap her up like a delicate flower and 4 seconds later, arms are out. I’ve gotten a […]

Things that have helped

Hi friends. I wanted to say thank you again (SO, so much) for all of your kind comments on last week’s wine date post. The prolapse situation has felt extremely isolating, and I have been sad about it since I was first diagnosed at the ER. I had no idea that it was something that […]

two and through

This post was inspired by my friend Emily’s post, Thoughts on Three. They’ve been debating about adding another kiddo to their family. While I would love to have allthebabies, we’re two and through over here. 😉 It’s funny because as soon as you have a baby, particularly when both of your kids are the same […]

Coping with baby’s reflux

Drink a glass of wine and pray to reflux gods. The end.  If only it were that easy… 😉 One of the questions I’ve received quite a bit lately on our journey with P’s reflux has to do with the emotional side of the situation. It’s usually a variation of the following: “How are you […]

Penelope is 2 months old!

Hi time, where did you go? It’s hard to believe that that what was once a tiny, snuggly squish has already emerged into her own person, with a distinct personality, smiles for days (!), and is so much fun to have around.  Here’s what’s happening at 2 months:

Breastfeeding round 2

Is officially over. This is something I have mixed feelings about. For one, I’m really happy to be able to eat food again, but it sucks (<— pun?) when you can’t feed your baby the way you would in an ideal world. All in all, I’m thankful that I have the resources and medical help […]


“Let’s read my non-infection book.” “Your non-infection book?” “Yes, the one about butterflies.” “You mean your non-fiction book?” “Yeah, that’s it.”   Me: “Let’s get something for P. She looks cold! Her teeth are chattering.” Liv: “Mom, she doesn’t have teeth.”   [drops something] “Son of a nutcracker!”   [At the petting zoo] “Goats don’t think […]

My PDB (Post-Delivery Body): Round 2

Quite a few of you have asked if I’m going to write about my post-delivery body this time, since I wrote about it with Liv. Here we go; although I can’t guarantee how regular this series will be. 😉 I haven’t really had a lot of time to think about my body post baby. I’m […]

Family: Happy 1 month, Penelope

It’s hard to believe this little lady has only been out of my belly for 1 month (+ some change) when it feels like she’s been in our family forever.  It’s been one of the most challenging months, but also one of the most fulfilling. Even though it’s a bit of a blur right now, […]

Home for the holidays

Hi friends <3 Hope you’re having a great morning and enjoyed a wonderful weekend.  In the spirit of keeping it real… (Sweet snuggly baby, blotchy eyes from crying, and a cold sore because my immune system is officially giving me the middle finger)

Things that surprised me about pregnancy #2

-How quickly things happen! It seemed like the day after my positive pregnancy test, my belly sprouted overnight and the weight gain avalanched on. It felt like things started to physically appear before I could really get used to the fact that I was indeed pregnant. There are also some pros to this, including the […]

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