Family: Weeks 35-37

A little trip down belly memory lane: 8 weeks (when I thought I was totally showing already) 17 weeks: and now, 37 weeks and feeling…. Ready! Even though I think I still have at least another 1 1/2 to 2 weeks left.  Random thoughts/things that I’ve noticed: -I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions almost every night […]

Family: 36 week ultrasound + doula meeting

Friday was my last ultrasound appointment! Since we’re pretty confident that two kiddos is our max, I really tried to take some time to savor the screen and watching our baby move -who is currently smashed up in there, so it’s harder to determine what body part is which- and enjoy the experience. That is, […]


“Are we having artichokes tonight?” “Are you mad at me?” “No, I’m not mad.” “I can see it in your face.” “Succulents don’t cry.” “I can have sour worms because I’m a grown-up now.” [While sharing chocolate with me] “Mom, you have to close your eyes. It tastes better that way.” [While smelling her hair […]

Family: pregnancy snacks

It’s so hard to believe that we’re getting to the finish line (or starting line…)!  I’m starting to get nervous/anxious/excited, especially since I’ve been having some intense Braxton-Hicks contractions. They start in my stomach, which starts to cramp and becomes rock hard, and move all the way back to the base of my spine. I […]

Family: Weeks 33-35

And feeling…. Excited! And slow. I’m definitely in a third trimester slump right now. I feel completely normal, except that new normal is like a truck hit me. Doing basic tasks involve heavily weighing my options. (Do I really need to walk all the way to the kitchen to put this LaCroix can in the recycling? […]

Family: Hospital bag for baby #2 + big sister bag for Livi

Hi friends! It’s hard to believe that preparation time is finally here, and that we could be meeting our little lady anywhere between the next 4-6 weeks (give or take). Since the fall season tends to get super crazy -especially now that Livi has a schedule of her own with activities and preschool- I knew […]

Family: Weeks 31-33

Hi friends! Don’t forget to enter the Bitsy’s Brainfood giveaway here. All baby #2 updates are organized by trimester on the Family page tab above. <3 Big things poppin’ (33 Weeks) Random thoughts/things that I noticed:

Preschool lunch ideas

This post is sponsored through my partnership with Bitsy’s Brainfood.  The smell of sharpened pencils, textbooks, and notebook paper is in the air. Back to school season has officially arrived! While I admit that there are days where I’m SO thankful for the hot lunch option, for the most part, I enjoy putting together Liv’s […]

Fetal Echo Update

(When things are getting a little crowded in there!) Giant sigh of relief from yesterday’s appointment. Thank you again for all of your heartfelt comments, thoughts and prayers leading up the echo. We appreciate it so much, and I wanted to share an update with ya: Baby’s VSD is “very small.”  Our fetal echocardiogram was […]


  “Mom, where are we driving?” “We’re going home.” “WRONG! We’re going to get an acai bowl!”   (After a feral cat ran away when she tried to pet it.) “Cats hate people. It’s their job to hate people.”   “Last night I had a dream I was being chased by a tiger. I was […]

Family: How workouts have changed in the third trimester

Round 2! Heading towards the finish line (which is really the starting line…) Things are slowing way, way down over here. It’s a quick transition from second trimester honeymoon period to the third trimester slump. For motivation, I’ve been reminding myself of how good it feels to work out, and how great I feel afterwards. […]

Weeks 29-31

and feeling like I’m ready?! (Or at least as ready as I’ll ever be.) It’s weird because as much as I love being pregnant- even with the second pregnancy, which for me has hit faster and made me slower- every time I feel her kick, I just think “I want you to be here already.” […]

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