Total body barre burner

Hi guys! How’s the day going so far? I’m excited to finally get this barre burner posted after my crazy YouTube tech issues. This video took me about 20 times to upload so please give a little thumbs up if you give it a whirl and enjoy it :) This would be a great component to legs day, after cardio, or any time when you want a quick workout.

I haven’t found a good space yet to film videos to share, but I figured in the meantime, I’d film them exactly where many of you would be doing them: in the living room. This way, it really feels like we’re working out together. Since I’ve really fallen in love with barre again -and am thankful that I can enjoy it as part of my weekly routine!- I thought I’d share a total body barre-based workout today. This one is 15 minutes and split up into 3 sets: warmup, legs/booty, and core. 

Total body barre burner

Make sure to warm up before giving it a whirl, and also check with a doc before making any fitness changes. Those with knee, hip, and joint considerations may want to skip this one (lots of small movements and flexion at the knee), but as always, honor your body. It will tell you what it needs and what it can do: it’s just up to us to listen.

Have fun! Let me know if you give it a try and if there are any video workouts you’d like me to post in the coming weeks. Hard to believe that Summer Shape Up is almost here, too! 

See ya soon. <3



the best fruit salad and a new Zumba video


Hi guys! How’s your day going so far? Don’t forget to enter the White plum giveaway! Lately, boatloads of fruit have been consumed in our house. This is a fruit salad that I’ve been making fairly often for the past few weeks. Livi goes crazy for it, and it’s the same salad I took over […]

New Dance Cardio Combo {video}


Morning! How’s the day treating you so far?? Last night was a Zumba night! After class, I headed to the madre’s, where the family was enjoying a giant feast to celebrate Michaela’s b-day. There is nothing like shredded chicken, homemade beans, sliced avocado and sangria after a sweaty Zumba class. We cheered for the Wildcats […]

NEW Core on Fire Workout {video}

WSU logo.jpg

Morning! How’s your day going so far? Exciting news: Winter Shape Up officially starts this Monday! If you’re joining in the fun, the intro post with your meal plan, grocery list and workout calendar will be up tomorrow so you can set yourself up for success this weekend. I’m so excited!! This morning, I have […]

New stability ball workout {video}

stability ball workout.jpg

Good morning! Happy almost-Friday <3 Zumba went really well last night! I had three ladies, who take Zumba classes often together, and they were a hoot. They followed along extremely well, so I threw in a couple of my more complicated dances towards the end. After not teaching for a while, and only being used […]

All-new Tabata circuit {video}

strength and tabata.jpg

Hi friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far <3 We’ve been laying low after yesterday’s birthday events. It’s been nice to enjoy the cloudy day, playing and relaxing. I love the little tradition we’ve started with having a low-key pizza night at our house the night of her actual birthday, and her official […]

New Zumba video: Salsa Choke

Salsa Choke.jpg

Hi! Hope you’re enjoying your Friday so far! Since Sasha and I are both moving in the next few months, we got together to film a ton of new videos for our YouTube channel. It’s a bummer that we have to be apart, but we have some fun projects planned while we’re in different locations. […]

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