Slow cooker detox chicken

Hi friends! How’s the day going? It’s been a great one over here, most of it is attributed to the fact that it’s warm and glorious. 

Quick trip to the beach:


Some more adventures from lately:

Liv asked for pancakes before she went to bed last night, so I had fresh Mickey face ‘cakes waiting for her when she woke up. (I make extra and freeze them for easy breakfasts.)

Cake batter

Made some raw brownies (and will post the recipe after I add the finishing touch!):

Raw brownie mix

walking and reading on the treadmill before training a client last night:

Tread reading

(I am thisclose to finishing Big Little Lies and just got to the crazy plot twist aka the moment I’ve been waiting for. I may have gasped audibly on the treadmill haha.)

and this enormous salad + Caroline’s “I want all your chicken” face.

Leftover salad

Our little detox is going well for the most part -I’ve already cheated and had half-caf coffee twice because of the bedtime battles we’ve been experiencing- and this salad was almost pure leftovers from dinners. One of my favorite things about having lots of roasted veggies, protein, and homemade dressing on hand is that it’s so easy to put together a delicious and satisfying salad. Greens on the bottom, roasted veg on top, chicken, balsamic dressing, and lunch is served. When we have a ton of options to choose from, it’s so much easier for me to get quality produce and protein (aka eat like a PRO) alltheday. 

Here’s what I did for the chicken last night! It was so quick to put together and turned out awesome:

(also don’t let the name of this post fool ya. There’s nothing particularly detoxifying about this chicken. I made it in the slow cooker, and we ate it during out detox haha.)

At the bottom of the slow cooker, I added one large sweet onion (rough chopped), 4 carrots (peeled and rough chopped), and one bag of peeled and cubed butternut squash from Trader Joes. The veggies got a quick salt and pepper shower:

Crockpot chicken  1 of 1

I cleaned out the chicken (organic whole chicken, also from TJs), and patted it dry before placing it on the top of the veg. Inside the chicken, I added one halved mayer lemon, one head of garlic (cut in half lengthwise), and a palmful of fresh thyme. To season the outside of the chicken, I used salt, pepper, smoked paprika (LOTS), garlic powder, and a bit of onion powder. Two little cuts of butter went on top, and it cooked for 4 1/2 hours on high (and was falling off the bone). The veggies were so beautifully seasoned from cooking in the broth, and with roasted garlic broccoli, it was an awesome dinner. 

The “before” shot:

Crockpot chicken  1 of 1 2

Time to get ready for spin and Zumba! Hope you have a lovely night <3 See ya in the morning with a quick and dirty bodyweight circuit.



Something to talk about: What’s one movie or show that you watch EVERY TIME you see that it’s on? I currently have My Best Friend’s Wedding on in the background, and have seen it at least 18263 times. 

Dessert: these Paleo almond butter lava cakes :)

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