Nana’s famous egg dish

Creme brûlée French toast and Easter adventures. :)

It was a great Easter this year. <3 I remember last year, when we had just moved here and had yet to meet anyone. We had a blast with friends (and were so thankful to them for taking us under their wings), but at the same time, we definitely missed our families. This year, it was so nice to have some Tucson visitors in the house, and our cousins who recently moved here. When we lived in Tucson and Valdosta, we had parties at the house allllll the time. It’s one of my goals for this year to get back into it and have friends over more often! It felt so good to break out some of the serving ware and have a full table again. :)

Madre and I had a cooking extravaganza, and made deviled eggs, Nana’s famous egg dish, creme brûlée French toast, fruit salad, rosemary potatoes, vegan banana pudding, a cheese board, and picked up a ham from Honeybaked Ham. 

Cheese board  1 of 1 2

Deviled eggs  1 of 1

Potatoes  1 of 1

Fruit salad  1 of 1

Creme brulee french toast  1 of 1

Egg dish  1 of 1 6

Banana pudding  1 of 1 2

The spread: 

Easter spread  1 of 1 2

(Recipes at the end of this post!)

I always love celebrating Easter, or any holiday with the fam, and holidays are 102938x more fun with a little one. Liv was so excited that the Easter bunny made a stop (though she was very concerned that a large rabbit would be coming into the house. We promised her that we would open the door for him and let him out after he’d left her little treats.).

Easter basket

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fun in the Sandy Eggo


Hi friends! How’s your morning going? I hope that whether you celebrated Passover, Easter, or a glorious weekend, that it was a great one! We got to spend our holiday weekend surrounded with some of HOME. My madre, stepdad and little bro came to stay with us, and we had so much fun taking them around […]

The acai of my eyeeeeee

cafe by the bay pb bowl.JPG

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Love your awesome comments on my last post! <3 The day involved a little bit of this = proof that it was a good one. This is my 2nd favorite acai bowl in San Diego, from Cafe by the Bay. I’m very serious about acai bowl evaluation, from the […]

Tuna salad stuffed avocado


Hiii! How’s your St. Patrick’s Day going?? To get into the spirit, I played two St. Patrick’s Day-ish songs during spin last night: 1) “Whiskey in the Jar” (standing climb with tempo work)   2) “Lord of the Dance.” This was the last song of class, and everyone seemed to get a kick out of […]

cheers to the v-day weekend


Hiiiii How’s the day going? Hope that those of you who are off work today are enjoying the holiday! I taught BODYPUMP this am, Liv had her gymnastic class, and I’m hoping we can make a little beach stop. We can never stay away for too long. Valentine’s weekend was filled with the good stuff. […]

Friday Faves


Hi! Happy Friday! How’s your year going? 😉 We spent New Years Eve together as a little family. I feel like New Years is so different each year: last year, we were at a friend’s party; the year before, I was uncomfortably pregnant and SO ready to meet Liv; and the two years before that, […]

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Hope your 2015 is filled with good health, family, friends, happiness, and love.   (went to check out Zoo Lights for our New Year’s party)  I am so thankful to have you here! See ya in the morning with Friday Faves <3 xoxo Gina Planning your New Years changes? Here are some […]

Show me your [inspiration] board


Happy almost New Year! 😉 I love this time of year for many reasons; and selfishly, I really love it because my classes at the gym are extra packed.  Some of favorite moments of 2014: -Moving to San Diego (See you again, one of these days, Tucson house!) –Livi’s second birthday -Traveling to Mountain Trek […]

Christmas in the desert


  Hi! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. We had a beautiful Christmas here in the Tucson with the fam; it’s been amazing to see everyone, eat a thousand tamales and Christmas cookies, enjoy warm hugs, listen to a combo of Livi’s giggles intermixed with the Michael Buble Christmas soundtrack, and watch the puppies […]

Merry and bright

merry christmas.jpg

Sending lots of love to you all this holiday season! Thank you for being a part of my life; I’m so thankful to all of you! <3 Hope you spend the next couple of days with family, friends, perhaps some eggnog in there, and filled with happiness. See you on Friday. <3 xoxo Gina (The […]

Turkey day in the desert

kale salad (1 of 1)-16.jpg

(+ Caro, the secret escape artist) Hi! How’s the day going? LOVE all of the giveaway entries flooding in. Keep ‘em coming! Plus, we have 11 more awesome giveaways on the way. So excited for them all! I can’t believe I have 3 posts up today. Flashback to 2010.  Anyone else reuniting with vegetables today? […]

Shrimpsgiving, Black Friday and Faves


Hi! Happy Black Friday. I hope that those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday enjoyed a beautiful holiday. Ours started off with breakfast at the madre’s, and then we spent the day and evening with my dad’s side of the fam, then back to madre’s for mulled wine and dessert. We loved being with our […]

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