Kombucha Cocktails

Hi friends! Happy almost-Friday. How’s the morning going? P and I went to the gym -I got in an awesome upper body workout- and now I’m back home getting some work stuff together while she naps. I just took out my planner and can’t believe how the weekends are filling up from now until December. 

This holiday season is going to be a hectic one. Once everything is settled, and we’re in a house, and all of our stuff has arrived (you know, the stuff that isn’t lost or broken in the process), I’m looking forward to:

decorating! (I always have a blast decorating a new space)

rediscovering our favorite spots while exploring new ones,

and entertaining!!

We’ve only had small get-togethers here in San Diego (usually a couple and their kiddos for “family dinner”) but in Valdosta, it’s going to be back to full-fledged dinner parties. The Pilot’s work community out there is pretty connected, and I’m looking forward to meeting the families and enjoying weekends together. When we moved to San Diego, we were kind of on our own as far as making friends go, and we have met some incredible friends who have become our family out here. 

Before we leave, we’re finally having a party with all of them, to celebrate P’s first birthday and to celebrate our friends who have been so wonderful. On the menu: tacos (catered by the taco man, who comes out to grill fresh street tacos to serve with rice and beans), sangria, fresh horchata, and something a little different for my fellow kombucha-loving friends.

Kombucha cocktails.

Kombucha cocktails

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