Healthy sleep, happy family (+ Liv’s new room!)

This post is sponsored through my partnership with Sleep Number. 

I mentioned before that we were having some sleep struggles. Liv wasn’t sleeping well in her bed, so we ordered a cot for her to use in our room. (The rule was that she had to go to sleep in her own room, but during the night, she could come into her cot quietly.) I didn’t want her to feel like she couldn’t come into our room if she got scared during the night, especially since I used to do the exact same thing and would sleep in a laundry basket on my parents’ floor because I wanted to be close to them. Well, guess what hasn’t been used much at all lately.
Yep, the cot.
And it’s all because of this right here.

Livis room 5

Livi’s room was due for a bit of a re-design. Even though she had lots of cute toys and furniture, it felt very dark and cluttered. The energy was “off” and her twin bed already seemed quite small for her long legs (and sideways sleeping position she’ll often assume).
Here’s the before picture:
IMG 9086
When Sleep Number offered us the opportunity to order a new bed, we chose one for Liv in hopes that she would sleep better. This means we would ALL be more well-rested.
She was so excited when her SleepIQ Kids™ bed arrived. She picked out new bedding and accessories, and we put everything together. (We = the Pilot. haha) 
Here she is “surfing” on her new bed before the rest of the bedding arrived:
IMG 9158 2
The finished product:

Livis room

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