Indian Food Wednesday!

Chicken tikka masala, it’s been way too long.

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Tuesday night, while setting out the ingredients for Wednesday’s slow cooker destiny, I thought to myself, “This could totally become a regular thing again!”

And then I started making everything and very quickly changed my mind.

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Anyone else get a little intimidated to see more than 15 ingredients and a very long prep process?

At the same time, it actually felt very luxurious to take my time and actually cook. Meals have been so fast and furious lately -10 minutes or less to prep is the standard- it was almost a form of meditation to measure components, grind cardamom, peel and grate fresh ginger.The Pilot was watching TV, Liv and the pups were fast asleep, and it was just me, some chicken and a whole heck of a lot of spices.

I prepped the marinade:

Marinade  1 of 1

Marinade  1 of 1 2

then made the masala.

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Smack in the middle

curry sauce.jpg

Most of the time, I love to cook.  I can’t wait for a chance to try out a new recipe or make an old favorite for dinner (all while singing “Bringing home a baby bumblebee,” doing a ridiculous dance or orchestrating a Tupperware drum solo). Other times, I want my food delicately placed on the […]

Indian Spaghetti


Rainy night, Indian food on the couch = not too shabby. We made a little stop at Saffron to get takeout for dinner, and per usual, it was everything I could wish for. I’m so excited that we found an Indian restaurant in Tucson that we LOVE. Chicken tikka masala, dal mahkani and chicken vindaloo […]

Indian-spiced Chickpea Cakes


Our date night mentality has changed a little. The Pilot would ask me if I wanted to go out to eat or see a movie and sometimes we’d be too tired and end up chilling at the house, and other times, we might spend part of dinner on our cell phones. Now, since date nights […]

Indian food dreams

curry and dosa

Sometimes you have to count on someone else to help out with the meals. Like Joe the Trader. Something about swimming –or bopping around holding a heavy baby- makes me so hungry. The Pilot was also starving when we got back home, so he did the bedtime routine with Liv while I whipped up a […]

A little too lifelike


Look who scared the life out of me: At work, they’re always adding new decor, and that statue is newest addition around the corner by the water fountain. I thought it was a real, nekkid man and it frightened me a little. World beat was a lot of fun this morning. The drummers and my […]

“What are you doing New Year’s


New Year’s Eveeeee?” If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s super cute. They just belong together. Something to look forward to in the New Year? More INDIAN FOOD   As you guys know, my beloved cuisine has taken a backseat to Thai since we haven’t really found an Indian restaurant in Tucson that we’re […]

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