7/12: Friday faves

-Goat’s milk Greek yogurt!

Yogurt  1 of 1 2So delicious and an awesome amount of protein.

Yogurt  1 of 1 3

Lately, I’ve been enjoying it with fresh berries, almonds, a drizzle of local honey + lots of cinnamon.

Yogurt  1 of 1 4

-Handmade dresses. Remember my airy fairy yoga friend? She made this dress! She brought in some of her pieces to work, all dyed and sewn by hand. Here’s the one I purchased:

Dress  1 of 1 2

Check out the back! It will be an awesome swimsuit coverup,

Dress  1 of 1 3

or I’ll wear it out and about with sandals and pray I can pull it off 😉

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Solar Ignition

Hey guys! Happy Indian Food Wednesday! Who’s celebrating?? *Raises roti in the air* You know I am 😉 Thank you so much for the awesome feedback on the Booty Sculpting reader’s request post. Send any reader’s request ideas my way: fitnessista at gmail dot com 😀 So have you heard about the new Beachbody program? […]

The End of Insanity

Hey everyone! How’s your Indian Food Wednesday going? Holler to Bree, who enjoyed Indian Chicken and Lentils in honor of this special day 🙂   (This is her photo) I happy to say that it’s the end of the car insanity. I’ve been running around like a chicken for the past 3 days, old car […]

Shaun T. Envy

Hiiiii 😀 How’s your Saturday been? I’ve had a pretty awesome day with the puppers and pilot 🙂 We just got back from the dog park 😀 I love taking pictures of the pilot chasing the dogs around Little nuggets 😉 Earlier today, we hit up the gym- I did legs and cardio then came […]

Flip Winner + Gahhhlicky Dinner

Hiiiii 🙂 Happy Indian Food Wednesday and happy Garlic Gifting Day (more on that in a sec) 😀 First things first: the winner of the Flip giveaway– thank you so much to those of you who entered!!! <3 (I used the pilot number generator and asked him to pick a number between 1 and 707) […]

Memorial Day Mushies

Hey guys! How was your day?? Ours was bueno 🙂 We were both off work, so we did Insanity, cleaned the casa, walked the puppers and went to a BBQ at the commanders house. I was patriotic in my sailor shorts 🙂 and made a pasta salad to take to the BBQ at the commander’s […]

Make it green

Hey everyone! How’s your Friday been? Ours has been pretty lazy, and pretty glorious 😀 I started the day with a chocolate cherry bomb: a training appointment and then the pilot and I had an appointment to go to. After that, we decided to get some juice from my favorite place (I got the supergreen […]

Horchata in the Casa

Hey hey hey 😀 What’s up, bloggies? How are those Summer Shape Up workouts going? Anyone pleasantly sore from yesterday’s speed workout? Also, keep those bids coming on Angela’s Shop 4 a Cause! Ya’ll know when I say I’m sending macaroons that I’ll really throw something else in there, too, right? 😉 Maybe some cookies… […]

Fill it with Millet

Hey guys! How are ya? Happy INDIAN FOOD Wednesday! Who’s celebrating?? You know I am 😉 Last night was pretty chill… unlike Glee, which was INTENSE. (I changed the channel from Biggest Loser to Glee…. Personal trainer, but I was a musical theatre nerd loooong before I got into fitness. Gotta stick to my roots, […]

Kale Creeper

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Here’s hoping today is a thousand times better than yesterday 🙂 It was so fun to hear your money-saving food tips and comforting to know that many of you spend a ton of money on food, too. The way I feel about it is that food is an investment in your […]

I dream of frijoles

Hey guys! How are ya? Hope your day is going well <3 Thank you so much for the awesome feedback on the Summer Shape Up so far! Please keep cheering each other on and posting your workout triumphs and how you’re doin’ in the comments section 😀 Today has been a weird day. I think […]

Salad Attacker

Hi guys 😀 Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful and relaxing morning. It’s been a pretty amazing weekend in Orlando <3 To be honest, I almost didn’t come. We just got back from the Bahamas last Wednesday -our house is a vacation tornado- and traveling will suck the life out of ya but it […]