Friday Faves

Hi friends! The weekend is here!! What’s going on this weekend?? Anything fun? There are so many holiday events in San Diego, that we have to make our picks for the weekend adventures. I’d love to take Livi ice skating and also check out December nights at Balboa. Tonight we’re off to dinner with friends, and meeting up with our cousins on Sunday. The Pilot’s research paper is due, and PBB original and advanced are headed off to the designers this weekend. We’ll probably be opening a little celebration vino after everything is turned in! (But let’s be real, celebration vino happens most nights over here.)

I hope you all have a fun, festive and enjoyable weekend ahead!

In standard Friday fashion, here are some faves from the week and around the web. I’d love to hear what you’re enjoying this week, too, if you’d like to shout it out in the comments section.

The sandwiches from People’s deli. I kind of overdid it while I was pregnant (#tempehbacon), but finally grabbed a sandwich again. Gluten-free bread, avocado, mustard, tempeh bacon, vegan mayo, tomato and lettuce. I want this every day.

IMG 0008

Why hip flexion isn’t bad and why stretching isn’t always the answer. Here’s part 2!

This RX bar flavor is my fave so far. It’s salty, and maple-y and has awesome ingredients. The only bummer about RX bars is that they’re pretty chewy. I wish they were a little softer, but I’ll definitely keep buying them.

Maple rx bar

Tooth and Gum Tonic. While this isn’t the most *fun* Friday Fave, it definitely deserves a spot on the list because I LOVE it. I’ve been using this tooth + gum tonic for the past couple of months, especially since I have some gum recession and wanted things to be as healthy as possible. I was also looking for an alcohol-free and flouride-free option, which can be tricky to find, and came across rave reviews for this. It contains clove oil, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender, and makes my teeth feel amazing. It’s also super minty, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that there are no artificial flavors. (Obvi check with your dentist before changing anything.)

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Thanksgiving Weekend in the Desert

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Turkey Day in Tucson

Hi friends! Happy Black Friday. I hope that those who celebrated yesterday enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving! Today is where I usually stop in to start the Friday Faves party, but my biggest fave of the week was traveling to Tucson. So instead, I’d love to share a little recap from our turkey day.  Our drive […]

Easy Garlic-Lime Salmon

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Olé all day

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Friday Faves

Hi friends!! The weekend is HERE. Oh yessss. Is anyone else super pumped about the weekend? I get so excited for the weekends is because the Pilot is home and we all have time to chill as a family. The weeks are a scramble, and we’re usually high-fiving as we switch off taking care of […]

Friday Faves

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my second time on the reformer

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Friday Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend?? Any fun plans? We are going to spend some time relaxing here at home, take the girls to Lego Land or somewhere fun, and meet up with friends. Nothing too crazy, and I’m looking forward to a down weekend after two weeks of celebrations. […]

this and that

Hi friends! How’s the day treating ya? I’m so happy to hear you liked the Knockout November workout! I got in two rounds today + 3 sets of heavy barbell squats.  Anyone else moving a liiiiittle slowly after Halloween?? I had to wake Liv up for school! P on the other hand is still partying […]

Friday Faves

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weekend things + happy birthday, pilot

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