Friday Faves

 Hi! Happy Friday! Hope you’re enjoying the morning so far <3 I’m off to take a BodyPump class and enjoy the cloudy morning with my favorite little sidekick.

Some faves from the week and around the web:

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A guide to eating intuitively from my friend Anne. She provides a lot of valuable info that you can start using right now.

Toms deodorant. This is an interesting *fave* but I got a free sample in my Yoga Journal swag bag, and even though I’ve been loyal to Secret for years, I crossed over. I’m a fan of natural-based (and some not-so-natural) products, but natural deodorant has always freaked me out. There is no time for experimentation; it needs to work, especially when you teach fitness classes and sweat quite a bit. ;) The Toms version is surprisingly awesome, so looks like that will be the new go-to.

An amazing date night at PrepKitchen. Loved the vibe and interior; Mason jars everrryyyyywhere.

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The chocolate bundino with salted caramel gelato was especially noteworthy…

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50 things you probably didn’t know about Sex and the City. The one about Mr. Big and the Catholic school girls cracked me up. 

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Virtual wine date

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(this early in the morning? Let’s just roll with it haha) If we were having wine right now, we’d probably have to be in Little Italy. I’ve only been once and am already obsessed; can’t wait to go back. And the REAL Italy. I think/wish about going back every day. The urge is real, friends. […]

The soup to my soul

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Hi Hope you’re enjoying the morning and had a wonderful weekend. It was a great one over here: the perfect mix of relaxing, friends, teaching and random adventures with our little family. Some weekend pics: A fruit cup (cucumber, watermelon, mango, pineapple and jicama) while walking around Old Town, topped with fresh lime juice, salt […]

Friday Faves

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Hi! Happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Some faves from the week and around the web: Taking Liv to see her favorite singing mice. The show was a lot of fun -she danced for maybe two hours haha- and my Zumba friends (the ones who were in she show) invited us to a […]

Almost like the real thing


To accidentally celebrate our Italy trip anniversary, we spent the afternoon in a spot we’re determined to visit more often. (Our travel agent commented on our Instagram that it was one year ago that we went to Rome and Positano. Some Italy tips are here, too! I’ve thought about it every day since; I’m itching […]

On the horizon


Hi guys! Hope you’re enjoying the morning <3 I’m pretty excited to be writing this post with real internet, as ours mysteriously stopped working and I’ve been depending on my iPhone as a hot spot for the past couple of days. It’s the little things, right? Thank you so much to those of you who […]

Friday faves

drum head.JPG

 Hi! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun adventures or fitness events? I’m teaching this morning, and then we’re off to the beach with some friends. Some faves from the week and around the web: Playing dad’s head like a drum The appetizers at Aroma in La Jolla (this pic is […]

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