“Barre so hard” leg workout

Hi friends! How’s the day going? I feel like the week has flown by, but am definitely excited for the weekend ahead. 

Some latest adventures include a CORE40 class, which left me shaking like a leaf:


a coffee date at Better Buzz with a friend:



(a decaf almond milk latte. Adore the cute stickers on the lid.)

and detox cookies. I learned a valuable lesson today. Detox + cookies are two things that should never be related. I should have made amazeballs or brownie batter bites instead.

They look pretty, and taste like death. 

Detox cookies  1 of 1

Today, I have a new barre blast workout to share with you! It emphasizes lower body muscular endurance (lots of reps!) with an inner thigh and glute emphasis. There are cardio blasts in between the segments to increase your heart rate and torch wicked calories. I highly recommend completing the video twice through (once on the left side, again on the right side), which will only take 17 minutes out of your day! Skip this one if you have any knee, hip or joint considerations, as they may be aggravated from the small pulsing movements. As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes.

Barre so hard workout

Here’s the video!


(top is from lululemon and crops are Nike)

Please let me know if you give it a try!

This would work well with this barre strength video and this barre ab burner.

Hope you enjoy. <3 Barre thirty for this girl over here, too!



LAST CALL: Enter your “HIIT It!” fave things giveaway here, and local residents (SD and SF), enter for a free month of CORE40 here! Winners will be announced in the am.

Barre BLAST HIIT Combo workout {video}

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