Get more out of your leg workout

Hi! Hope you’ve had an amazing day so far <3

A pic of Bell, because she looked so pretty standing in the hallway:

Photo 181

We’ve had a great morning over here:

a Bodypump class, 

Photo 180

(found these printed Reebok leggings in the depths of my closet! On sale right now, too.)

Liv’s yoga class, and some errands that were left over from yesterday. 

It’s SQUAT DAY today :) How’s the squat challenge going? Keep it up with your awesome check-ins, tweets and Instagram pics. We’re halfway through the challenge already! Since I’ve received some requests for more leg workouts and tips, I thought I’d do a little post with some ways to get more out of your leg strength training session.

Kick up your leg workout

Here are some ideas to take it to the next level:

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Resistance band loop leg workout


(that’s a mouthful, eh?) The resistance band loop is one of my favorite barre tools. It looks so innocent, but it BURNs. It’s an awesome way to target your outer thighs (abductor muscles) and your glute medius. I also like that similar to other types of resistance bands, there are varying levels of difficulty. Once […]

Reader’s request: Lower body training tips


[Just’s a heads up, if you’re struggling with anything regarding body image, this may be a post to skip. What we read can affect our body and minds, so if you don’t think it would be a smart choice to read about lower body tips/strengtheners, meet me back here tomorrow with for crazy new green […]

Spring Legs Workout + Reebok ONE Cushion giveaway

spring leg workout.jpg

Hi guys! How’s the day treating ya? Is it the weekend yet?! I’m so happy to hear you liked the banana bread recipe. Our batch is gone, and a new one will definitely be made this weekend. Today, I thought I’d share a new leg workout in addition to an awesome giveaway from my friends […]

Legs and HIIT


Hi guys! How’s your day going so far?? We’ve moving and shaking over here One of my good friends described military moves by saying, “It’s kind of like The Grinch Stole Christmas. One minute everything is normal; the next: there’s nothing left except for a couple of wires hanging from the ceiling. Then a little mouse […]

Lean lovely leg burner


Monday: Not too shabby when you have Prosecco in the sink, (someone has to drink it, right?) and brownies in the oven! As far as the Prosecco goes, we had the genius idea to chill it in the freezer so we could enjoy it last night. Of course, we forgot about it and remembered our […]

Squat burner {video}


Hi! How’s your October going so far? I am so excited for: -More apple picking -Pumpkin carving party -Pumpkin painting party -Wildcat basketball Red and Blue game (I loooooove U of A b-ball) -Sweaters and boots -Halloween -Apple cider -Spending time with the fam -The cool, brisk air. It’s the last month before my half […]

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