Almost like the real thing

To accidentally celebrate our Italy trip anniversary, we spent the afternoon in a spot we’re determined to visit more often.

Little italy

(Our travel agent commented on our Instagram that it was one year ago that we went to Rome and Positano. Some Italy tips are here, too! I’ve thought about it every day since; I’m itching to go back, and can confidently say it’s my favorite place in the world.)

I knew it was going to be good when I got out of the car and heard a group of men arguing and joking boisterously in Italian.

My immediate thought, “Where is the pizza?”

Right heeeeere.


There’s something truly magical about pizza with an egg cracked in the middle. In my mind, just for a little while, I could hear the live accordion music and remember the equally cheap and delicious house wine. 

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Plan and prep: salad in a jar


Hi! How’s your day going?? I’m so glad that you’re excited about Summer Shape Up! Thank you to those of you who have already tried out the workout, too. I’m happy you liked it! Be sure to keep checking in by commenting on this page (<— click to comment) — our first giveaway from Reebok […]

Clean Eating Tuna Salad


This recipe is inspired by the tasting tiki hut at Trader Joe’s. I’m thankful that they manage to give me a quick little snack when the munchies hit, and they also tend remind me of things I love that have somehow fallen off the radar. Case in point: tuna salad. We were getting our weekly […]

Back at it + a new Zumba playlist

pho (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Afternoon pho. The best kind Pho hack: I saved some of the broth from takeout -they always give us extra- and added cooked chicken, more cilantro, sriracha, and boiled TJ’s rice noodles. Speaking of the chicken, it’s probably the best chicken I’ve ever made. This is the recipe. It’s super easy, makes the house smell […]

Homemade enchilada sauce


Enchiladas are the beautiful type of meal that is hard to mess up. This is why they’re a gem for cooking newbies; just wrap something in a tortilla, cover it with sauce and cheese, and bake it. It will be delicious. It’s kind of like a stir fry: you add whatever you want, and somehow, […]

What’s in the way of your goals?


Hi friends! How’s your day going? It’s been a great one over here. I started off the day with a GPP workout in the garage. It looks easy when you first glance at it, until you realize that you have to do 15 burpees in between every strength set. And then you do that all […]

Sweet potato chicken salad


For having a husband who flies planes for a living, I don’t really love flying. I see it as a necessary evil, and while I don’t have full-blown panic attacks or anything like that, it’s not my favorite thing. With every sound I’m convinced that something will happen, and each flight usually involves at least […]

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