Turkey day in the desert

(+ Caro, the secret escape artist)

Hi! How’s the day going? LOVE all of the giveaway entries flooding in. Keep ‘em coming! Plus, we have 11 more awesome giveaways on the way. So excited for them all! I can’t believe I have 3 posts up today. Flashback to 2010. 

Anyone else reuniting with vegetables today?

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I made a giant kale salad (with plenty for lunches the next couple of days) with curly kale, manchego cheese, lemon vinaigrette (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic and Dijon), red chili flakes and chopped anchovies. Then I had some more peppermint bark. Balance. ;)

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Our weekend in Tucson was a blast as usual. While we’re extremely happy with all of the wonderful things do to in San Diego, I miss my Tucson family and friends. It’s always a special treat to catch up with them when we visit, and this past weekend was no exception. Family and friends are the best, and while the beach is a nice distraction, it doesn’t make up for how much we miss seeing them regularly. We’re fortunate that they’re only a drive or short flight away.

As usual, my madre’s table was filled with delicious foods and surrounded with laughter.

With my dad’s family, the usual shenanigans occurred: we had a beautiful meal at my aunt and uncle’s house, the boys played golf, there was the annual Thanksgiving poker, and the kids played while the girls chatted. We also had a wonderful night at my dad’s house, eating pizza and watching the Alabama football game.

I wanted to do something just for Liv since she was so amazing for the car ride and during the back and forth of holiday festivities, so after a morning of tailgating at the U of A,

Wildcat family

(Wildcat family!)

we went to the Children’s Museum to play. 

Here she is making me a smoothie.

Making a smoothie

We also met up with some friends and their kiddos at the trampoline park,

Jumping bean

and enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Hub.

And then, there was Caroline’s great adventure. She somehow got out of my mom’s backyard and a kind couple found her walking around the neighborhood. They were driving around looking for her owner, and my mom was also driving around looking for her, and they found each other. It was the best possible scenario (thank goodness), and they even fed her a meal of chicken, rice and sweet potato, which Caroline told me she would appreciate from now on.

We were worried sick about her, and so happy she’s back home safely.

Caroline  1 of 1

Time to start packing up all of the Kale Yeah shirts to be sent out tomorrow!

Have a lovely night <3



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