Bring on the madness

March Madness is officially heeeeeeere. I look forward to this all year, and it always go by so quickly! Trying to savor it. I’ve spent some time this morning working on my bracket, and do this every time a Sportscenter announcer says they believe Arizona will make it to the Final Four.


(This is my favorite band member and he has the SWEETEST dance moves. Never graduate.)

Today was pretty chill. I taught BODYPUMP -and switched it up by using some older tracks- and took Livi her gymnastics class.

This is the latest Suja obsession: it tastes like a creamy dessert. I’m going to try and replicate it at home. 


Breakfast this morning was leftovers from last night, which turned out 283748x better than I anticipated. I mean, if you’re going to put goat cheese and egg together in a dish and bake it, it’s destined to be tasty, but this was amaaaaazing.

Green chile egg casserole  1 of 1 3

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Is Zumba dead?

begging dogs (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Hi friends! How’s your evening going? Tuesday nights are a little treat because I don’t teach; it’s just a fun evening to hang out with the fam. We went to take Bell and Caro to the dog park, but we couldn’t find Bella’s harness ANYWHERE. After searching high and low, the Pilot and Liv set […]

National Margarita Day + Meals and fitness


Hi friends! Happy Sunday, and Happy National Margarita Day. I’m never really into those national food holidays… unless they include chocolate or cocktails. The Pilot and I enjoyed this sweet and spicy concoction last night: Frozen strawberries with a jalapeño-infused honey simple syrup, fresh lime, triple sec, and tequila. Quite the fiesta in your face. […]

Healthy Cinco de Mayo recipe roundup


Good morning! <3 Hope you’re having a lovely day so far. One week from today is a beloved holiday: Cinco de Drinko Mayo.  Despite our Hispanic background, my family has never been big into Cinco de Mayo celebrations. (16 de Septiembre is higher on the significance totem pole.) It wasn’t until late in college that […]

The best medicine


Hi friends <3 Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on yesterday’s post. It means so much to us, and we appreciate your love as we continue on. It’s always going to be weird no longer having her here, but I’m blessed to have someone to miss this much. During this time, […]

Homemade enchilada sauce


Enchiladas are the beautiful type of meal that is hard to mess up. This is why they’re a gem for cooking newbies; just wrap something in a tortilla, cover it with sauce and cheese, and bake it. It will be delicious. It’s kind of like a stir fry: you add whatever you want, and somehow, […]

all things good


Hi friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday wishes! It was a perfect day spent with everyone I love so much. Madre came over to the house this morning and cut my hair, which was a special treat. I was going to stop by her salon with […]

Hey manchego


We finally bit the bullet and ordered one of those cool hanging hammock chairs from Rue LaLa. (My friend Julie got me hooked, and I may or may not check the app every morning when I wake up.) I want to live in the chair! When Liv is sleeping, I’ll make an iced rose tea […]

Around T-town


Hi friends Hope you’re having a great morning! I’m still on my motivated high from the IDEA conference and even though it looked doubtful, I made this week’s longer run happen. My friend Monica set up a training plan for me, and when I saw 5 miles on the agenda for Sunday, I knew there […]

Plank burner


I’m not sure if you guys remember the plank fail video of 2013. If you don’t remember, that’s probably a good thing haha. It was for Winter Shape Up, and I really wanted to make a plank ab burner. I went to my usual filming spot -a private studio at work- and saw that they […]

Row and Run Workout


Last night was taco night! We also celebrated a certain special someone’s 1/2 birthday. The last couple of times I’ve made tacos, I’ve made them the “restaurant way” (browned ground meat in a crispy or soft corn tortilla shell) which isn’t usually how we eat them in our family. My mom, aunt, nanas, everyone all […]

2,4,6,8,10 Treadmill Workout


Whenever we have family or friends staying with us, it makes me feel like we’re on vacation, too. It’s nice to slooooooow down for a second, sometimes play tourists in our own city, and just enjoy being together. Yesterday afternoon, we all went swimming:   (little fish was very busy eating a bagel chip, hence […]

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