Our next move


The military is a funny thing. Just when you think you have your life “kinda” planned out, they have an interesting way of rocking the boat When I first married the Pilot, it was my first real glimpse into the military lifestyle, as no one in my family had been in the military. I had […]

BBQ kale chips


I know, I know. Kale chips are so 2010. They’re right up there with quinoa, chia seeds, and… all those other things I really like. I just can’t help it.  And now that it’s Monday, I figured I’d hope back on the vegetable train after a weekend of blueberry mojitos and cake. It was quite […]

Wine date


I love when fellow blogger friends have posts like this, so I thought it would be fun to have another little virtual wine date. So let me pour you a glass of red (Jam Jar Shiraz or maybe a mocktail if you’re not into wine) and here are the things I’d chat with you about […]

Our moving destiny


Hi friends! How’s your week treating you so far? I apologize for the blog downtime this morning! Hopefully everything is back to normal around here. Thanks again to Ryan for helping out with the crashes. Here’s what we’ve been up to: I went for a nice easy run,  we’ve been playing outside with the sand […]

Favorite Glee Workout Songs


Hi friends How’s your week been treating you so far? Ours has been kind of lazy, but really wonderful. Lots of time at the pool, hanging out/reading at home, homemade dinners, (spice-rubbed salmon, potatoes, balsamic mushrooms and zucchini) fresh juices and smoothies (hooray farm box!) and a lovely yoga class with a friend. There’s a […]

Welcome to Week 4 + when you’re too sore to work out


Hi friends! I can’t believe this is the last week of Summer Shape Up! You’re all doing an amazing job- let’s finish with a bang. Thank you so much to everyone for your hard work and participation — don’t forget to send in your progress pics and stories this week. If you send yours along […]

6/14: Friday Faves + your awesome pics


-I’m legally allowed on base again. My base ID has been expired for a while, so on the rare occasions we’ve been to base since then, the Pilot has had to get me a visitor’s pass. Liv and I went down there to get a new ID today, and the camera seems to have removed […]

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