Deep Chocolate Lurve

Hi friends Smile How are you???


The dogs are thoroughly confused because packing extravaganza began last night.

They’re wondering why this is already happening again…. I told them the post would be up Tuesday morning Winking smile

In between packing up boxes that I took home from work, listening to music and practicing my Dance Trance dances, I also tweeted the following:


The famous cupcake:


Vegan double chocolate. I die.

My work friends gave it to me last night –well, actually they had a mannequin hand it to me and then we all hugged and took pictures. They said they would sing too but didn’t know what song to sing- and instead of eating it at work, I wanted to have enough time to concentrate and give it the love it deserved.

Moist, chocolaty, perfect frosting to cake ratio:

cupcake (2)

A cupcake will almost never do ya wrong.

It also won’t deploy.

Kind of reminds me of this:

Brownie Husband

Hahaha Smile

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of uncooked oats with almond milk, Sun Warrior and 1/2 crumbled cashew Larabar + cinnamon


Now I’m at Bizzle, doing the blog thang and planning out my life for the next couple of days.


There’s a lot to do, but also last-minute shenanigans to enjoy Smile 

Have a wonderful day <3



Le Sigh

Hi friends <3 Just wanted to post a little how-ya-doin’ and let you know I’m gonna take the night off tonight. It was a cuhrazy day I’m gonna chill for a second, get tomorrow’s WMOW post together, and call it a night. See ya in the morning! xoxo

Kickin’ the List

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Pre-work shake

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My frosting runneth over

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